The Advantages and Disadvantages Of Playing Computer Games

The PC is my favorite game platform. Playing on the computer nowadays is becoming an addiction. This I think clearly can’t be positive since many teenagers are in a time where they have to take advantage of their time and not be all the same playing on the computer. The games can be very addictive and on top of that, in my opinion, those who play think that they are satisfied with long-term fun, but in reality, it is not so.

One can satisfy the fun by going to play soccer or doing something outdoors, but I think playing computer games is something that you enjoy but that deep down does not make you feel less stressed. This is something to keep in mind. These are the advantages and disadvantages of playing on the computer:

Advantages of Playing Computer Games

Those who play a lot on the computer is proven to stimulate their thoughts to come faster, that is, that nerve impulses will be faster.

It is possible to have fun temporarily but as it was said before it does not reduce the stress we have. This can be an advantage if you look at it from this point of view.

There is a wide variety of computer games for children, teenagers, and adults of different themes.

Some experts say that video games enhance dexterity, maturity, mathematical abilities and ability to relate to other children, that opinion is not shared by the psychologist Dr. Micheal.

Computer games help to remove stress and nerves from most people. The quieter the game, the better.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Playing Computer Games

It helps to decrease decision making time and increase the speed of response. This is clearly seen in the shooting games.

Improves the coordination between the hand and the eye. Especially those who play with a joystick. It is also proven that skill increases and speed with the hands.

Many computer games tend to make the gamer the absolute creator.

Learning while playing is the best way to learn, especially this is referred to the little ones.

Disadvantages of Playing Computer games:

It can cause addiction especially in adolescents who do not know how to control with the times. This, perhaps, is the biggest disadvantage of playing on the computer.

Do not lower the stress you have, because deep down, we have fun but we do not relax at all, especially if we play games that make us a little nervous.

Depending on where you look at it, playing a lot of time on the computer, it can be a waste of time since we are not doing anything productive.

If we are very interested in playing, we can spend a lot of money on games and this, in the end, does not make as much sense as we could invest that money in other things of greater value.

Conclusion About Playing Video Games

Computer games are good for people, have many benefits but you have to know everything well to use them well. You should not spend more hours playing video games. Everything that is excess is bad, it is absolutely true.

As for the little ones, you should not change the video games for traditional games. The children should play both things anyway, but not only with the video games.

Use ergonomic gaming chair and desk organizer to organize your desk properly to enjoy excellent gaming experience.  

Never replace video games with playing real sports. Playing a football video games with friends is fun, but you should not forget about real football because you should not forget about reality.

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