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Air Mattress King Size – Inflatable Beds For Multiple Purposes

When it comes to having one more bed in your house for your guests or simply having a mattress where you can rest when you leave the field or beach, inflatable mattresses have become a very interesting alternative.

The air mattresses are also excellent for camping, traveling, as they prevent you from having to sleep on hard and uneven ground. You do not want to spend your entire trip to have that stiff feeling as a board. In this article we discuss whole about air mattresses and proper guideline of using an air mattress.

Manufacture and materials of air mattresses

The construction of the air chamber varies from a simple polyethylene bag, multiple latex chambers or vinyl with cotton exterior. The mattresses can have a layer of foam on the air chambers to increase the cushioning, and can be protected by a cover. Some of these beds are called 'soft-sided air beds'.

Benefits of the air mattress

Air mattresses can improve the quality of life and offer some relief to people suffering from back pain. They have the ability to adjust firmness to accommodate different body shapes and weight. Air Mattress King Size is the perfect choice for all. As we have already mentioned, they are also used to prevent the appearance of ulcers in patients bedridden.

How to use an inflatable mattress

Inflatable or inflatable products every day occupy more space in modern homes due to the ease and versatility of use they have. Inflatable mattresses are often known to be faithful instruments of rest at the time of camping outside the home, but have become an aid for those who receive unexpected visits. People uses air mattress not only for their own rest but also as an ideal bed for arthritic dogs. If you are a beginner in the use of this article, follow these steps that will show you how easy it can be to use them.

Inflate the mattress when you receive it

Although most mattresses have been inflated prior to sale to verify their proper functioning, it is advisable that you inflate your mattress when you arrive at your home before using it. This simple action allows to detect if the product has suffered damage during the transfer or if it has manufacturing defects, and to avoid unpleasant surprises at the moment of using it.

Use the right pressure to inflate

Inflating the mattress to the correct pressure is a very important aspect to take into account if you do not want to cause damage to the product that compromises its use. The recommended pressure for this type of mattress is generally moderate between 0.02 BAR or 0.3 PSI. In this way, when you sit on it you can feel the floor a bit, but when you stretch on the mattress, it is molded perfectly to your body to provide maximum comfort and stability.

Prepare the sleeping area

This type of items are very susceptible to punctures that break the surface of the mattress, causing holes that deflate it. The main thing is to adapt the floor as best as possible before installing the appliance, removing any sharp object. Stones, branches and pieces of wood must be removed; and above all you should avoid placing the mattress near heat sources.

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Deflate and correctly fold the mattress after use

Maintaining the mattress properly after use considerably increases the life of the mattress. Also, if you allow the product to deflate on its own, you will limit its wear. If you plan to spend several days outdoors or camping, it is advisable to keep the mattress swollen; although you should probably inflate it a little each day to keep it at the right pressure.

Maintaining the continuous inflation and deflation of the mattress extends its useful period, preserving the initial quality.

Verify that it is properly dry and clean before bending it

Because it is an item that is used in open spaces, at the end of the day it may have residues of grass, dirt, or water droplets if it rained at night. It is essential that you clean your mattress well from any dirt that may damage it or produce bad smells in the long term.

Store the product in a suitable place

It is necessary and essential that you keep the mattress in its cover to keep it in optimum condition for future uses. It is recommended to place it in a place away from sunlight to avoid losing its original color or that its manufacturing materials deteriorate.

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How to repair an air mattress

Finding a loss of air in our mattress can be frustrating, but it is easy to repair. We can buy repair kits in any store or online, and most manufacturers sell their own. But when we buy a mattress of this type, they usually bring a small kit to be repaired.

Steps to repair an air mattress:

Find the hole and deflate the mattress. It is usually easy to find an air leak in an inflatable mattress since we can hear the air coming out. If we find the approximate zone but we do not find the hole, we can put some water in the area and we will see the bubbles that form the air when leaving.

  • Clean the puncture area thoroughly and dry it.
  • Cut a piece of the patch if it is very large, of a sufficient size to cover it.
  • Add the glue to the patch and place it over the hole.
  • Put some heavy object on the area of the patch (like a book) and let dry about eight hours.
  • Re-inflate the mattress to check that it has been repaired correctly

Where to buy an air mattress?

Depending on the type of mattress that we look for, we can go to specialized stores in beds, sports stores with camping and beach sections or in Amazon.com. We recommend several different models for each type. So from the comfort of home you can buy them directly without displacements and having already made a selection of the cheapest air mattresses within each type.

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