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Hello Guys! I am Kathy Martin, Founder of TopCareLab.com. Now, I am studying at the Southern California Institute of Architecture, and research about home and office interior design and furniture. I love creativity and write reviews about the best products to assist the people who love to purchase products with happiness. Learn more about me.

Standing or Sitting Desk at Work – Which Is the Best?

Standing or Sitting Desk

While a traditional office emphasizes employees who are housed in small cabins or sitting around the islands of desks, a new trend has emerged. A trend that got health-minded staff to start working on a standing desk for a large part of the working day. If you weigh against the disadvantages of investing in such […]

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Bike Safety Tips to Help You Avoid Accidents | From Experts

It is customarily acknowledged that in order to be acceptably proficient at anything, one must practice.  Failing this, one must master the art of deception. Same can be said for bike riding. One must follow the bike safety tips to avoid accidents. On a positive note, since monkeys, bears, and even dogs ride bicycles it is […]

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Benefits of Standing Desk and Consideration | Dr. Harris

Benefits of Standing Desk

With the development of modern era, the lifestyle of working on the computer is affecting our body too much. Research shows that the impact of a long hour sitting associated with various health hazards ranging from diabetes or obesity to cancer. In short, sitting all day in front of the screen is a lethal activity.  The […]

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How To Organize your Desk | 10 Desk Organization Ideas

How To Organize your Desk

The phrase “a grimy desk is a sign of a disordered mind” is true. Keeping your desk super clean and organized can have a big effect on concentration, productivity, and ability to find what you need. You may be surprised at how much more efficient you can work after clearing your disorganized desk.  All that […]

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