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With the development of modern era, the lifestyle of working on the computer is affecting our body too much. Research shows that the impact of a long hour sitting associated with various health hazards ranging from diabetes or obesity to cancer. In short, sitting all day in front of the screen is a lethal activity.

Benefits of Standing Desk

The problem is that the human seems to have an inertia not to leave the computer or even to take a walk in the same place of work. The hikes are reduced to going from the parking lot to the desk, from the bathroom to the desk, from the coffee machine to the desk. The average professionals spend more than 5 hours with 41 minutes sitting every day.

The negative effects of long time sitting can't be counteracted by a few episodes of exercise. Faced with this, a solution was created, working on a standing desk. A study of 2012 discovered that if anyone reduced their time from sitting to 3 hours a day, their expectation of life would escalate by 2 years. In this passage, we will share our experience and also researcher opinion about the benefits of standing desk and also a general consideration.

Benefits of Standing Desk With Proper Research

By being more right, you live longer. An American study said that participants sitting more than 6 hours a day die a lot faster than those who sit less than 3 hours a day. Intensive exercise can’t compensate for the poor eating habits. Just as you can’t compensate for low-fat eating during the day to go half an hour's walk or bike.

Save Your Back From Pain

Standing the same setting on your office chair is harmful to your back muscles. Stand up work is much healthier for your back muscles and also your work in this way for better posture. People who switched from sitting position to a stand up to confirm that they suffer less from back pain. By standing up can also reduce the pressure on the lumbar discs.

Increase Concentration

By standing up to work, you are more concentrated and focused. You will be less tired if you are constantly lag. As your muscles stretch, your body will feel less satisfied so you can stay awake. On standing you automatically move more. You can also rotate the leg or you can take a small walk. If you are on the opportunity, you can walk through your legs very quickly once a time. This allows you to do quick exercise exercises.

Burn Lower Fats

It down corresponds to a lower heart rate, resulting in a lower calorie burn. So, if you have too little stretch legs or very long periods of sedentary sedation, you will eventually get a weight gain. Upright enables a higher heart rate and without actually having to exert, burn more lower calories and work on your weight.

Increase productivity

Some studies say that you will optimize your daily work performance by 18% when using a standing desk.

You will find many positive benefits to stay healthy when working with a standing desk, among them we can mention: you will improve your posture, you will renew your mood and your energy levels, working in this way helps to optimize your performance as well as productivity. It also reduces the risk of suffering from heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

If you are still not convinced, we have prepared a list where we present you in greater detail all the benefits offered by this innovative workstation.

Reduce the risk of obesity

Research has found that people who are standing burn 50% more calories than the individual who is sitting; But standing also has metabolic benefits: the cells of the body become more receptive to insulin releases the enzyme lipase, which breaks down fatty acids.

Benefits of Standing Desk

Reduce the risk of cancer

Several studies have discovered that long hours of inactivity are related to many forms of cancer; especially of colon and breast cancer. One study even reported that excess sitting is responsible for colon cancer as well as breast cancer a year in the United States.


Reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases

The USA Today study, "Are you sitting down? Your heart failure risk will be higher, "found that people who spend more than five hours a day sitting have twice the risk of having a heart disease.


Disadvantages of Standing Desk

Not perfect For Eating

If your favorite desk is associate degree "eat-at-your-desk" sort of place, then this will create your lunch annoying. It's laborious to square over your table and eats. If you need to work and eat, be conscious of spills and therefore the incontrovertible fact that everybody will see you eat.

Overload of muscles and joints

A full day to get up can be painful at the end of the day. Too long legal status can cause erosion. In addition, your legs and hips will tire quickly. Too much pain you should still consider sometimes sitting down.

No heels at work

Work with high heels - to high office - is not recommended. All day in high heels is very stressful for the back and joints. If you work alone, you would better choose flat shoes over high heels.

Fixed Telephony

Making calls with a landline is not that convenient. Fixed telephony is very well established for sedentary office work, but accounting for office work is not optimal. Of course, this does not have to be a disaster. This problem can easily be solved by switching to a hands-free phone or GSM.

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