Top 7 Best Adventure Backpack in 2020 – Reviews & Guide

If you are looking for the best adventure backpacks at quality/price recommended both for traveling long distances, and for short trips, you are in luck! Because you have arrived at the right place. Read on to find out how to choose the best backpack for adventure, the best models on the market, the existing types and how to choose which one you should choose.

You have to think about the amount and type of luggage you will carry, the type of trip and how long it is. Clearly, you also have to consider your size, weight and the length of your back and torso in general, since the model that you must choose has to adapt to all these considerations to be ideal for you.

The good news is that there are options that adapt to each type of adventure and each user.

Best Adventure Backpack in 2020 - Comparison


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Mountaintop 40 Liter Backpack For Adventure

Mountaintop 40 Liter Backpack For Adventure

6 adjustable straps, Computer compartment

Loowoko Adventure Backpack

Loowoko Adventure Backpack

8 adjustable straps, Airline approved backpack

OutdoorMaster Backpack For Adventure

OutdoorMaster Backpack For Adventure

Plenty of large or small pockets, S-Curved Shoulder Straps

Seenlast Best Adventure Backpack

Seenlast Best Adventure Backpack

High-quality rip-stop polyester material, Includes rain cover

Diamond Candy Waterproof Adventure Backpack

Diamond Candy Waterproof Adventure Backpack

Multiple compartments with a laptop compartment, 2 side pocket

Mountaintop 55L/65L Camping, Hiking Backpack

Mountaintop 55L/65L Camping, Hiking Backpack

Made of water-resistant nylon, Perfect for camping, hiking, trekking

NEEKFOX Lightweight Travel Backpack Daypack

NEEKFOX Lightweight Travel Backpack Daypack

Can carry laptop and water bottle, Water and tear resistant

1. Mountaintop 40 Liter Backpack For Adventure

If you do not plan to go on longer walks than a few hours, this 40- liter Mountaintop backpack may be perfect for you. In addition, it comes with 6 easily adjustable straps to carry a carpet, tripod, your sleeping bag, and other important equipment safely.

You can access the main compartment with front zippers, while the straps are all padded and add a lot of comfort to the user. The back also has two padded areas.

The air flow is good so you do not sweat when hiking and hiking in hot climates; and has many external pockets, two on the front, a hidden sheath holder bottles mesh and bladder sleeve.

What We Liked

  • 6 adjustable straps
  • Computer compartment
  • Airline approved adventure backpack
  • Features an adjustable hip belt
  • Breathable, molded foam back pane
  • Easy cleaning and air dry

What We Didn't Like

  • Lack of small compartment
  • It is not waterproof

2. Loowoko Adventure Backpack

If you want to do excursions and other long-term outdoor activities, this 60- liter backpack, made of high-quality nylon and resistant to water and tears, will be ideal for you. Its external frame ensures that all the weight is supported by your waist and does not hurt your back. It also prevents you from bouncing while walking and causing unnecessary discomfort.

The best expedition backpack has durable and good quality zippers and high capacity side straps and good compression to secure your sleeping bag and sleeping pads even a camping tent.

 It even brings hooks, strips, and ties to hang and tie tools, hiking poles and more. Includes several pockets to store shoes, jackets, ropes, tools and other equipment.

What We Liked

  • 8 adjustable straps
  • Airline approved backpack
  • Perfect for men and women
  • Comfortable and breathable daypack
  • Multipurpose waterproof daypack
  • Best ventilation to ensure better comfort
  • Cheap shoulder backpack

What We Didn't Like

  • No

3. OutdoorMaster Backpack For Adventure

OutdoorMaster Backpack For Adventure

With this model, you can move anywhere, without fear that the things you have stored inside are going to get wet or affected by variations in weather conditions, as it has a cover resistant to climate change.

This cover withstands rain, dust, and winds, guaranteeing its durability and keeping its interior in good condition because it will always remain dry. For that reason, there are those who consider this model as the best adventure backpack of the moment.

It is a 40L trekking backpack, so it is not too small, nor too big, so you can take the objects that are required to make trips of a few days.

It also has a breathable fabric, with meshes and pads, ensuring comfort and freshness when loading. If you are looking for the best adventure backpack, this could be the right one.

This trekking backpack can be useful in sports such as climbing, mountaineering, camping, and skiing. It is made of high-density 210D nylon and two layers of synthetic leather, making it waterproof and resistant to wear. In addition, it has a flexible steel grid for better weight distribution.

What We Liked

  • Multipurpose hiking backpack
  • Great for traveling, hiking, walking, and camping
  • Includes waterproof rain cover
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Plenty of large or small pockets
  • S-Curved Shoulder Straps
  • Stores up to a 15.6-inch laptopFoam padded hip belt

What We Didn't Like

  • Honestly, no cons experienced

4. Seenlast Best Adventure Backpack

Seenlast Best Adventure Backpack

The backpack has a good design and resistance. Despite having more capacity than some of the previous backpacks, it remains lightweight with an approximate weight of 1 kg. The straps of the whole backpack are adjustable, which allows you greater comfort for long routes. In addition, it is built with materials that is water resistance.

It is the best travel backpack but also the prettiest. It has everything we are looking for, good aesthetic presence, design both for men and women. Wow! A really good purchase.

It has some practical rubber bands for walking sticks, a casual design very fashionable to take it daily with your matching sports, and plenty of hidden pockets to store things. For the price and size that it has, it can be used both for traveling and for going to the bush to walk.

What We Liked

  • Durable hiking day backpack
  • Waterproof trekking backpack
  • Adjustable backpack
  • 8 adjustable straps
  • It meets size requirements for most airlines
  • Comfortable daypack
  • High-quality rip-stop polyester material
  • Includes rain cover
  • Lightweight backpack for outdoor 
  • Great camping backpack

What We Didn't Like

  • Honestly, no cons experienced

5. Diamond Candy Waterproof Adventure Backpack

Diamond Candy Waterproof Adventure Backpack

The backpacks of 40 liters have the advantage that they can also serve you for daily use, hiking, walking or going to class.

If you are also looking for a unisex travel backpack that you can share with your partner or your travel companion, you will get even more use.

If it is also economical, it has several compartments, wide and comfortable straps and hooks to hang your sports accessories, you should not think much more.

What We Liked

  • Multiple compartments with a laptop compartment, 2 side pocket
  • Waterproof backpack for adventure
  • Great size water bottle pockets
  • Plenty of places and ways to attach extra gear
  • Easily accessible drinking hole on the back

What We Didn't Like

  • Honestly, no cons experienced

6. Mountaintop 55L/65L Camping, Hiking Backpack

Mountaintop 55L/65L Camping, Hiking Backpack

Another one that could be the best backpack for adventure is this complete mountaintop of 50L purple color. It is resistant to the water and that brings a thermos to be able to take both cold and hot drinks and a folding stainless steel glass.

Perfect to go camping! This large capacity backpack has a semi-rigid main compartment that is very comfortable to put the luggage.

The design of the back is fully padded and can be adjusted to any backpacker. It also has a plastic cover to protect from rain and reflective accessories for walking in places with poor visibility.

What We Liked

  • Made of water-resistant nylon
  • A smooth zipper that open and closes easily
  • High-quality buckle
  • Water resistant coating fabric
  • Easy cleanable and air dry
  • Perfect for camping, hiking, trekking

What We Didn't Like

  • Not perfect for tall people
  • Not sturdy enough

7. NEEKFOX Lightweight Travel Backpack Daypack

NEEKFOX Lightweight Travel Backpack Daypack

The adventure backpack is made of high-quality nylon fabric which can hold a heavier load. It is adjustable to fit anybody perfectly. The backpack features one main compartment, 2 mesh side pocket, 2 front zip pocket, and several inside pockets.

You can easily carry your laptop because it has a large laptop compartment. Great adventure backpack for traveling, camping, and overnight trip.

The best trekking backpack is lightweight for easy to use and store. The backpack is made of water and tear resistant fabric material.

What We Liked

  • Smooth zipper for easy access
  • Max capacity weight 44 lbs
  • Made of high-quality durable material
  • Can carry laptop and water bottle
  • Multiple essential compartments
  • Water and tear resistant
  • For extra durability is has reinforced stress points

What We Didn't Like

  • no

Types of Backpacks

Basically there are three categories of mountain backpacks, which depend on the use they are given and the capacity they have:

Day backpacks

They are for hiking one day, biking, jogging and climbing. It does not usually have frames and have soft backs. They are extremely light and can support loads of 7 kg or less.

Look for a model with a waist strap that you can adjust to your body so it does not bounce and hit you in the back while you move.

School Bag Backpack

It was very fashionable some time ago, although they are becoming less frequent. Its main feature that, unlike the classic backpacks that carry two handles, only carries one and is traversed on the chest.

However, it usually has less capacity and is worse to support the weight, since it falls only on one shoulder. It is a practical backpack when it is not necessary to carry a lot of material on top and you need the right space.

Mountaineering Backpack

A mountaineering backpack as you will see later can be subdivided according to the duration of the day, but a very important detail is the ventilation of the back.

It is increasingly common to offer several external zippers to access different compartments helping to optimize the organization of clothing and equipment or if not, its interior is divided by separators.

It usually shows tolerance to water, but it is normal to incorporate a backpack cover. A lot of eye with the alloy structures that make up the frame of the backpack, this gives stability and robustness, but brings more weight, these backpacks still present many technical details in their majority.

Tactical Backpack

What happens when you want a convenient yet proven solution for storing your items when especially exploring the outdoors during activities such as camping and hiking? Well, introducing the best tactical backpacks that are available on the consumer market. 

Tactical backpacks are perfect for heavy functionalities, but this does not mean that this should compromise on comfort. In fact, when you are going outdoors perhaps for a long trip or even camping, it is important that your bag has ergonomic design features. In this way, you can use the bag for extensive periods and with large loads with leading to any discomfort.

Backpack bag

Trying to imitate adult life, there are many backpacks that have chosen to take the form of a large bag. Its structure consists of a large bag, normally of horizontal design, which may include several compartments, and whose main feature is the long handle that can be hung on either of the two shoulders.

As in the case of the shoulder bag, it is not recommended to carry a lot of weight, since it accumulates on one shoulder, but it is very comfortable to carry little material.

Internal Frame Backpacks

These backpacks made with aluminum or plastic frames are the favorite of hikers. Delrin rods are curved or are combined.

A backpack for excursions with a frame of the correct size fits well with the contour of the user's back and keeps the loads in the best position to carry weight: close to the column. They also direct the weight to the waist, which is a stronger and stronger area than the back.

They are ideal for skiing and climbing because they give good freedom to the arms.

External Frame Backpacks

They are designed for heavy loads with a lot of equipment. They are great for hiking and walking long trips for a week or more because the frame puts the weight away from your back and comes with many external pockets, which makes everything more comfortable.

Hikers often use them with hiking poles for greater stability on the walk. They also have a higher center of gravity that allows adventurers to transfer weight to their waist, where they have more strength and endurance. This also helps maintain a more upright posture.

In turn, they allow a good air flow between the backpack and the user.

How to choose the perfect hiking backpack?

You should know that there are many features that may be better or worse for you. To choose the ideal hiking backpack according to your needs you must take into account several factors:


Size is possibly one of the most important factors when choosing. When hiking, it is essential to carry a series of utensils or objects that will help you to resist all the way.

The size of the backpack that you have to buy depends on the length or duration of the route you are going to make. If you are thinking of a short route, the capacity of the backpack should be one in which it is possible to introduce the most basic materials, such as water, food or tools.

You may read Best Bicycle Handlebar Bag Review

For short distances, the most appropriate capacity is 25 or more Liters. For routes of medium duration, between 30 and 45 liters is ideal.

And in the case of longer distances, a backpack of more than 60 liters will be enough to transport all your possessions.

We also commented that this will depend on the size and weight of the items you load.


Although backpacks are usually not small and their size varies according to their capacity, it is important that, regardless of the dimensions you have, you ensure that they are light. If you have a light backpack, you will not have to carry additional weights to the implements that you keep inside it.

On the other hand, to ensure you can store everything properly, it is good to have a backpack that has multiple compartments and that they are of different dimensions, so that you can accommodate each thing as best suits you.

And for greater comfort, there are models that incorporate padded materials in the part of the handles and other areas where the bag fits, thus preventing them from putting too much pressure on different areas of the body or mistreating you.


The quality of the materials must be excellent. Otherwise, many mishaps could occur during the crossing.


A possible mishap is a rain. If you do not have a good waterproof system, your most precious possessions are in danger. For this, it is essential to have some waterproof materials that cover the entire interior of the backpack. Many backpacks include a kind of cover with which you can cover the backpack completely.


Sometimes, hiking involves exploring nature and areas where there is vegetation. For this reason, our backpack must face sharp branches, rocks and other objects that may leave a cut on its surface.

If we want to avoid it, selecting a resistant and light material is what needs to be done. The material most oriented to this type of activities is Nylon or polyester. These materials have good characteristics of strength and lightness, widely used in camping materials, hiking, trekking, etc.


A trip can be exhausting, but there are factors in a hiking backpack that reduce fatigue considerably:


If you want to maintain good lumbar health, it is mandatory to secure the straps that hold the backpack at the correct height. Understand that a backpack can weigh more than 20 kilograms, and travel many kilometers for hours can be fatal not only for your back but also for your kidneys, legs, etc.

Mainly, all travel backpacks are designed specifically to maintain a healthy back position, but here are some tips so you do not mess up. First, something that is basic, is to hold the backpack with the two straps and keep your back always straight.

Then, choose backpacks with a soft and padded backing. And finally, the straps must be wide to distribute the weight properly.


The area most affected by sweating is obviously the lower part of the back. It is very annoying to notice that your shirt is totally soaked in this area. To overcome this setback, a good ventilation system incorporated in your backpack is ideal.

Fortunately, almost all hiking backpacks that are currently sold have the best possible ventilation. And remember, stay hydrated to make up for that fluid loss.


Many backpacks incorporate the mythical drinking systems. Highly recommended if you do not want to carry a bottle in your hand all the way.

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