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Top 17 Best Desk Lamp 2018 | Guide & Reviews

Do you want to lighten your desk perfectly? Desk lamps are made to light little areas like desk surface. By using a desk lamp, you’ll have the capacity to read books easily, compose reports or work on the PC even during the evening. We spent more than 2 weeks to find out best desk lamp and listed here! To pick the best lamp which will meet all the requirements, look at the list!

Overview of Best Desk Lamp 2017

LE Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

The LE Dimmable LED Desk Lamp is a well-designed desk lamp. Its arms and head are constructed of high-quality aluminum that protects the LED cheap and increase the LED lifespan. It has 7 levels of dimming that are controlled by a easy touching panel. The best reading desk lamp is controlled by steady present and secured by PC dispersion cover, so it discharges glimmer free and non-glare light, helping you stay away from eye fatigue caused by gleaming light and harsh glare and additionally expanding the light emitting area.

You can easily adjust the brightness levels with your situation, for example, sleeping, studying, reading, and relaxing. The lamp is very adjustable and it will stay sturdy when you adjusting its angle. The price of this lamp is very affordable for everyone.



  1. Dimmable with memory function
  2. Easily adjustable
  3. Sturdy construction
  4. Very cheap and professional design
  5. Eye-friendly
  6. 12-month warranty
  7. Free shipping


  1. Cooler temperature much cooler than specified
  2. Ran very hot on light output


Lumiy Best LED Desk Lamp

As LED lights keep on growing in fame, the Lumiy LED Desk Lamp is a radiant mix of looks and execution with an omnidirectional turning head that empowers finish control over the course of light. The LED lights mean only one watt of energy is used at the lowest brightness and eight watts at most extreme brightness, creating a sum of 1100 lux brightness generally.

However a USB port for charging a cell phone, the light also has capacitive sensors that are specifically fused into the base of it, so it’s touch-friendly. The aggregate splendor of the light outcomes in a color rendering index of 90 CRI, which is simply beneath the 100 CRI product by regular daylight. The CRI itself decides the light’s capacity to precisely show any work area based protests full shading underneath the lamplight. Give perfect looks of your gaming desk with the modern lamp.


  1. Produce a phenomenal 1500 lux of brightness
  2. Ultra-bright LEDs
  3. Cost savings through high efficiency
  4. Pivoting head
  5. Touch controls on the base
  6. Fully articulating lamp head


  1. Overpriced in our opinion


TaoTronics Best LED Desk, Table Lamp

The TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp is ideal for the individuals who need bright light at a cheap cost. It gives you 410 lumens of energy and up to 11 levels of splendor, ideal for any setting. The best component of this light is its adaptability. It comes with 5 color modes, which work as temperatures that you can change or adjust it.

The light is perfect for perusing and doesn’t gleam like other esteem alternatives, while the general light is immaculate before bed. It also has a mind incredible lifespan with bright light. The Smart LED desk lamp additionally looks rich. A customizable gooseneck gives additional control over light position and brightness, while the mix of silver metal looks very modern and can fit in any room.


  1. Modern and sturdy design LED desk lamp
  2. Energy saving desk lamp
  3. 30-month warranty
  4. Customizable illumination
  5. Perfect for eye protection
  6. 7 brightness levels
  7. 5 color modes


  1. Honestly, no cons experienced!


Fugetek FT-L798 LED Desk Lamp

The light is so attentively composed. The lamp is very flexible and unobtrusive yet has had a major effect on my work range. The control framework is composed instinctively and is mindfully orchestrated. The USB charging port is an incredible in addition to. The light color and intensity give a superb scope of impacts. It has smartphone charging options and timer features.

The best desk lamp is able to charge a smartphone with USB port for charging and 1-hour auto-off timer. It has four distinct light mode and each light mode has 5 brightness settings. You can reading or gaming under the light with comfort. It can protect your eyes that help you long-term reading. Basic delights in little buy is a pleasant feeling.


  1. 4 different light mode
  2. Modern look at foam feet
  3. Nice glossy black finish
  4. Touch-sensitive controls
  5. Adjustable angle positions
  6. USB charge port
  7. Also helps you to charge your smartphone
  8. Heavy duty AC adapter
  9. 1hr sleep timer


  1. No cons experienced!


TaoTronics LED Table Lamp  

The TaoTronics LED Table Lamp is your desks closest companion. It’s sleek, smart, smooth, and extremely strong. On the table, the light stands tall. It is well balanced, with a minimized head, thin body, and a heavy base. It’s steady and solid where you put it. It has six levels of splendor and five diverse light temperatures, in addition to it can reach up to 1200 lux, making it TaoTronics’ brightest light yet.

Also, because of its advanced memory setting, you can save your most loved temperature and brightness setting, so you can rapidly flip on the ideal lighting, regardless of whether you’re reading a book or writing a report. The base, head, and neck are altogether rotatable, so you can adjust in accordance with all edges depending upon your movement. Advantageously, the base also has a USB port to give you a chance to charge your cell phone while consuming the midnight oil.


  1. Solid and sturdy
  2. Adjustable light angle
  3. Multi-angle adjustable head and arm
  4. 5 color modes and 6 brightness levels
  5. Memory function
  6. A 5V/2A iSmart USB port
  7. Adjustable light color and brightness
  8. Energy efficient LED


  1. Takes time to register different modes


LAMPAT Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

Great product with great price. This desk lamp by LAMPATit, and an adore appreciates 4.7 stars and more than 3750 reviews. This is the best affirmation that you can understand this is a hit, a fantastic und unit-we are certain you will love it too. It is designed with four lighting modes and five levels of brightness so you can get precisely the level of writing you need.

This element also encourages you to save energy and lessen the harm to your eyes that are caused by too much light or too low light. You can easily adjust the lighting by touching plus or minus sign. There is also a timer on it that will turn itself off in 60 minutes with one touch. The light is perfect for the students who are known as a bookworm. It produces natural light that protects your eye and helps long-term reading or writing.


  1. 4 lighting modes
  2. 5 level brightness
  3. USB charging port
  4. Natural lights that protect your eye
  5. 60-minute auto off
  6. Sturdy design
  7. Adjustable
  8. Cheap price


  1. The plastic arm is not so sturdy


BYB E430 Metal Arm Desk Lamp   

The Best LED desk lamp offers a useful lighting that is exceptionally and positively planned. It is an exceptionally uncommon light that met all of your desires. Simple to work, an awesome decision of color temperatures, in addition to dimming ability, is exceptional. The fused touch board modifies the lighting and darkening modes, while the bulbs utilize less energy than 80 percent, which gives it a long lifespan.

On the off chance that you like, there is a nightlight capacity that gives sufficient light when the main light is off. Beyond energy proficiency of this light, protect your eyes with an imaginative light guide board that counteracts light gleaming and hurtful glares. Eventually, this design includes less exhausting knowledge generally. The arms are also exceptionally flexible enabling you to move it around freely.


  1. Exclusive eye protection technology
  2. Energy saving
  3. Eco-friendly lighting
  4. Highly adjustable clump lamp
  5. Sturdy design
  6. 18-Month Warranty
  7. Lifetime Friendly Customer Service.
  8. Aircraft-grade aluminum-alloy


  1. Honestly, none so far…


TaoTronics 14W Best LED Desk Lamp   

This is very cheap energy saving and eco-friendly LED desk lamp. It has five different color moods and lighting features are adjustable. This light is perfect for late night reading sessions and it is built for portability and light sensitive eyes. This LED desk lamp is also used for home, office, study or even beside the table. Durable hard shell plastic comes with a piano black finish which gives it awesome looking.

This Elune light will function admirably as a specialty lamp on the “study” setting at the most noteworthy output. The shading rendering index appears to be very great and the areas where the shading rendering is missing appear to be a LED thing. In any case, this Elune is a great deal more adaptable.You can use the “relax” and “sleep” settings that appeared to be, well, pink to you. The switch is electronic instead of mechanical, and it doesn’t have the electronic “counterbalance” – the two things that tend to give committed specialty lights a high mortality rate.


  1. Very adjustable to two points
  2. Also rotates on the base
  3. Four different modes of lights
  4. Five level brightness control system
  5. 1 hours auto shut off option
  6. USB port helps to charge your smartphone
  7. Not too heavy
  8. Not too light
  9. Low energy consumption
  10. Very cheap and sturdy design


  1. Hard plastic instead of metal and some of the plastic feels cheap.


TaoTronics Best LED Table Lamp

This versatile smart LED desk lamp comes from TaoTronics gives four distinct lighting modes. The four distinct modes are reading mode, sleep mode, relax mode or reading mode, which is designed to satisfy your needs. You can also swivel,  rotate, and bend the head and neck to fit the desk lamp.

If your cell phone is low on power, just hook it to the 5V/1A USB charging port found on the light that helps you to charge your cell phone with full battery. It has eye friendly LED distribution which protects your eyes. The metal arm and strong base are signs of extraordinary construction, ensuring the light don’t fail on you.


  1. 12-month warranty
  2. Four distinct lighting modes
  3. Convenient USB Charging
  4. Modern & sturdy design


  1. The arm is little longer


Ledu L445WT Professional Desk Lamp   

The desk lamp offers a three-way switch that licenses you to choose a bright light of 22 watts or radiant of 100 watts bulb. You simply need to press the button to change to the modes. You can undoubtedly clasp it at an agreeable place to receive focal points in return.

A best office desk lamp upgrades your work capacities and the lamp is definitely one of them.


  1. 3-year warranty for mechanical
  2. 1-year warranty for electrical
  3. UL listed
  4. Two-prong plug
  5. Three-way lamp
  6. Cool to the touch
  7. Two independent switch
  8. Sturdy construction
  9. Long life battery
  10. Energy saving


  1. The packaging is a joke
  2. There is no desk fixture
  3. Not very adjustable


Top Cheap Desk Lamps

iEGrow Flexible Cheap Desk Lamp   

The iEGrow Flexible USB Touch LED Desk Lamp is awesome design cheap desk lamp on the market. This lamp is perfect for use on a changing table. It is a perfect combination of lighting and decorating. The best cheap desk lamp has long battery life with sturdy design. It has 3 dimmable brightness levels with touch sensor switch. It has a little cubby where you can put your pen or pencil. The lamp is super movable and adjustable any position you desire. The color of the desk is vibrant, it’s little, and the charge appears to last a good while! It utilizes an indistinguishable type of charging cord as my telephone, ignite, and different gadgets, with the goal that’s exceptionally suitable.

Indeed, even the dimmest setting is sufficiently brilliant for reading, however, diminish enough to be awesome for late-night without harming your eyes excessively. The usage time of the desk lamp is awesome with a 15 hour continuous use time on dim, 10 hours on a medium as well as 5 hours on bright. It takes only 3 hours to completely charge! I thought the cost was supersensible, given the general usefulness and appearance and numerous accessible color options in case you’re searching for something somewhat more offbeat.


  1. 3 levels of brightness options
  2. Touch sensor switch
  3. Energy saving cheap desk lamp
  4. Very flexible and adjustable
  5. Protects your eyes
  6. Durability
  7. High-quality rechargeable lithium battery
  8. 30-day money back guarantee
  9. 12-month warranty
  10. Free shipping


  1. Very tight fit for the USB cord


Limelights Cheap Desk Lamp

This is an extraordinary little cheap desk lamp. It is a light as well as accompanies with an awesome organizer tray that holds your telephone or Kindle. The iPad stand is truly useful. It additionally holds my iPhone 6+ splendidly. Just the best two areas are sufficiently tall to hold pens/pencils. Light is not very bright so this ought to be utilized as kind of a supplement light on the off chance that you are utilizing it at a desk.

The cheap desk lamp is very adjustable and very comfortable to read in bed at night. Its organizer incorporates 8 compartments for putting away pens, pencils, paper cuts, and so forth. It additionally has a spot to rest your iPad, book, notebook etc for viewing easily. It is ideal for office, kid’s room, or school dormitory!


  1. Awesome desk lamp with iPad stand
  2. Flexible and adjustable
  3. Easily affordable
  4. Free shipping
  5. Modern design and space saving
  6. Energy saving
  7. Protect your eyes
  8. Perfect for long time reading
  9. Best organizer desk lamp


  1. May take an extra 1-2 days for shipping


Energizer LED Cheap Desk Lamp 

The desk lamp is the cheap desk lamp on the market. It is awesome for reading purposes. The best reading lamp is very comfortable for reading. It protects your eyes from eye fatigue.

It has a long life battery which is rechargeable. Energy saving led desk lamp. It is very adjustable and rotates easily. Space saving desk lamp which can fit anywhere in your work area.


  1. Cheap desk lamp
  2. Used for reading purposes
  3. Easily adjustable
  4. Comfortable and simple to use
  5. Free shipping


  1. Not so sturdy


LED Best Desk Lamp   

This is the most modern desk lamp on the market. Three brightness levels with touch sensor control panel. High-quality rechargeable battery. Very adjustable cheap desk lamp. The message board of the lamp is the outstanding features that can be used for writing reminders or anything. The words on message board can easily erase.


The transparent whiteboard is amazing and the light is very bright. It will be the best choice for you if you are a reader or student.


  1. 3 level of brightness
  2. Perfect for reading
  3. Sturdy design
  4. Long life battery
  5. Outstanding message board
  6. Transparent whiteboard
  7. Modern looking
  8. Easily adjustable


  1. Smaller in size


Hapurs LED Desk Clip Lamp

This awesome little desk lamp is almost great. Little, flexible, minimized, simple to use, adorable and super sturdy. It has three adjustment brightness levels with a touch-sensitive control panel. Very easy to operate and switching mode. Its ultra-bright LED lights provides clear, bright spotlight for reading in the dark, camping as well as emergency matters.

It has flexible gooseneck tube that helps to adjust its height and angle to fit anywhere on your desk. Multi-reason clip that enables the light to remain without anyone else on a table or attach to rack, book, cabinet, or PC. The awesome portable design address your issues in better places.


  1. Multi-purpose clip
  2. Durable
  3. 3 levels brightness
  4. Easy affordable
  5. Touch sensor control panel
  6. Adjustable
  7. Sleek and sturdy design


  1. No AC adapter with it


Best Reading Lamps for Students

Most of the students spent long for reading on their desk. We noticed that many students suffer from eye fatigue for long-term reading. An eye friendly desk lamp is important for them. A perfect desk lamp having many vital features can easily solve.

Brightech LED Best Reading Lamp   

Super bright, perfect for both reading and relaxation. The temperature of the light is natural and protect your eye from eye fatigue. Furnished with a perfectly designed light diffuser that scatters light of a sunny day right by your desk, chair or bed. The best reading lamp is very energy saving that reduces your electric bill. The bulb uses only 12 watts, even its output of 2,000 lumens is equal to 150 watts bulbs, comfortable for any task.

We can assure you’ll never have to change the bulbs that we integrated it into the lamp. The best desk lamp is lightweight, sturdy construction and assembles 5 minutes. It comes in 5 different colors with great finishing. It has weighted high stability base that can’t knock it easily. The flexible gooseneck helps you to adjust the lamp easily with your desire. This lamp gives you 100% satisfaction guarantee with a 3-year warranty.


  1. Dimmable LED light
  2. Flexible gooseneck
  3. Very bright light
  4. Gives comfort and concentration to your task
  5. Protect your eyes
  6. Heavy base
  7. Fully adjustable
  8. Energy saving and space saving


  1. Does not provide lighting sufficient during daytime


LED Reading Light, Raniaco Reading Lamp   

This light is a decent size and clasps effectively onto an assortment of surfaces. The adaptable harmony moves unreservedly and easily and remains set up splendidly.

best desk fan

The best reading lamp itself is a decent size and has 3 shine settings, all of which I use. The touch on-off “catch” has dependably worked easily.


  1. 3 brightness levels
  2. Nice clamp
  3. Good battery life and rechargeable
  4. Very flexible
  5. Can be rotated 360 degrees
  6. Lovely and stylish


  1. The switch is too sensitive


Flexible Gooseneck Best Table Lamp  

The Flexible Gooseneck Table Lamp is perfect, especially for reading. The best reading lamp is a modern eye-friendly LED light for your home, office or desk for various purposes. This is very power saving that decreases your electric bill. It is unique, flicker-free bright light that is very comfortable for your eyes. You can easily use it for long-term reading without eye fatigue. Sleek and sturdy design.

It has 5 lighting modes with 7 brightness levels. The best reading desk lamp uses touch-sensitive control panel that is very easy to use for anyone. A high-quality rechargeable battery that helps to read continuously up to 10 hours without charging. To give extra usability it has a flexible gooseneck. This product already gets 4.7 stars out of 5 stars and has up to 2700 customer reviews. Highly recommended especially for a student.


  1. Free shipping
  2. Eye-friendly LED panel
  3. 5 lighting modes
  4. 7 brightness levels
  5. Flexible gooseneck
  6. Sleek and elegant construction
  7. Energy efficient


  1. Slightly taller


TROND Halo LED Desk Lamp

Most recent surface lighting source and imaginative light guide board empowered to make a glint free, against glare light without ghosting, which adequately decreases eye strain and better secure your eyes, particularly for seniors or kids. Individuals with vision issues, for example, macular degeneration will require all the more light keeping in mind the end goal to peruse appropriately.

We embrace the superior diffusion film developed by SKC Haas and enhance the maximum light force by half while expending less power. The delicate, non-glaring reading light is simple on the eyes and can be centered around wherever you require it. The best desk lamp has 3 distinctive light sources with 7 level dimmer. It is very compact and easy to move. It has 3 cooler temperature that is used for various situation or purposes, for example, reading, crafting, knitting, crocheting which requires different intensities of lights.


  1. 18-month warranty
  2. 30 days money back guarantee
  3. Protects your eyes
  4. Free shipping
  5. 3 distinctive lighting mode
  6. 7-level dimmer
  7. 3 cooler temperature
  8. Not intrusive


  1. Actually, none so far!


Most Considerable Features of Best Desk Lamp

Lighting Quality: The lighting quality of the best desk lap should be excellent. There should be different lighting modes for easily adjustable. Each lighting modes must have different brightness options. The quality of the best desk lamp should be natural which can protect your eye and also helps you with long-term reading or writing.

Energy Consumption: The best desk lamps must be energy saving capability and longer lasting with one charge. An energy saving light will help you to remove your tension and makes concentrate on your task.

Usability of Lamp: The best desk lamp should have easy usability. The best desk lamp must have easy operating features so that a baby can operate it without any risk.

Generate Less Heat: If a desk lamp generates much heat it will be considered as a low-quality desk lamp. Most of the people want to keep a small plant on their desk to decorate nicely. If a lamp generates much heat the plant may be wilted.

Longer Life: Battery longevity must be a considerable feature of the best desk lamp. So be careful about battery longevity when buying a desk lamp.

Benefits of Using LED Desk Lamp

LED originates from Light Emitting Diode. Today, they are used for some reasons, for example, making a primary source of light for rooms and work sites, and to make the shine in TVs. The considerable thing about LEDs is that they don’t warm up similarly that customary bulbs do. If you want to spend more time working under a light with a bulb, you will most likely notice that it gets truly hot. But LEDs don’t produce much warmth by any means.

If you use a LED desk lamp, you won’t get hot working underneath it. This is extraordinary for long work or study sessions. It protects your eye because it is the best student lamps with LED. If you keep a plant close to your light, you won’t need to stress over the plant overheating and wilting accordingly.

Led lamps are additionally more effective than conventional lights that use bulbs. This implies they require less power to work, so it may save your cost on your electric bills by utilizing them. At present LED desk lamps are accessible in an extensive variety of styles and colors. You can also get best-LED lamps which swivel and curve.

A decent bulb gloats to most recent 50,000 hours. That implies if utilized 8 hours per day, the bulb can most recent 17 years! In this way, you won’t need to change a bulb once in a while. Once you’re at your reading or gaming desk, you can put full concentrate on your task.

In conclusion,  if you think this article is helpful to you feel free to like or share. It will inspire us to research more for your better purchase.

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