Top 5 Best Ergonomic Gaming Desk

Are you serious about video games? Does the word "gamer" apply to you? So a comfortable and functional desk can make the difference between winning and losing. Video games can be a serious and lucrative business. Their practice can bring in from $ 1,000 to $ 5,000 per month to people who practice it. It can go up to $ 15,000 a month - in addition to the money received in the form of prizes.

Over 150 million Americans are involved in video games. Serious gamers know that every element is important. One of the essential aspects is the desk on which to settle. An ergonomic gaming desk can help you maximize your space and make all the difference in the last few miles.

An excellent desk will provide you with comfort, convenience, and functionality, making your experience more enjoyable than ever. Plan additional space and think ergonomics. A complete game setup will help you perform your best maneuvers.

However, improper installation could easily affect your ability when you need it most. No one but you knows the optimal layout of your monitors, keyboard and gamepads, the perfect location of your speakers and the perfect access to your drinks and snacks!

So it takes you an office that offers space to keep all the necessary components at hand and to personalize your surface. Basically, there are two models. There is the standard model that imitates the traditional desk. The other version is the L-shaped desk. This installs in a corner and is ideal if you are using multiple monitors or if you need space for full game setup.

Below are a variety of offices in both styles that can help you maximize your skills and talents ... and to win.

1. Eureka Ergonomic Z1S: The best LED ergonomic gaming desk

When elegant rhymes with innovative, I present to you the Eureka gaming desk designed for video game enthusiasts (and professionals). This desk offers multiple tools such as a helmet holder (very useful when like me I never know where to put mine without it ending up on the floor ...), a cup holder to avoid spilling it on the keyboard (I'll leave it to you guess if it happened to me too…?), LEDs on the sides for your game sessions and that you haven't seen night fall (we find ourselves in the dark once the screen is off).

You will understand, this swiss knife desk will meet all your needs, even those that you may not have known that you had!

The playing surface is huge which leaves room for your screen (s), keyboard and mouse. Speaking of mice, you have certainly noticed, but the desk directly incorporates a mouse pad for exceptional stability and precision. It is so large that the keyboard also rests on it.

LED gaming desk
large play area
easy assembly and convenient cable storage
the great mouse pad on top

only one color available

2. Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

If you are looking for simplicity and prefer a flat desk, beautifully designed for gaming rather than classic computing, the Arozzi Arena desk is for you.

One of the largest desks, this product offers plenty of space for all of your components. Can accommodate up to three large monitors side by side, it's one of the few gaming desks that can give you absolutely all the space you need.

It should be noted that the entire surface is made of a solid downright "giant" mouse pad. Gone are the days when you had to limit yourself to a small rug or lose sensitivity on an ordinary surface!

No more cluttering wires thanks to the excellent integrated cable management system. Three conveniently arranged openings allow cables to be easily dragged across the desk to a small net placed under the desk.

In terms of ergonomics, the height can be adjusted according to your needs, and the shape is slightly hollowed out to bring you closer in comfort. The Arozzi is made to last and travels do not put it off, because it packs easily.

3. Vitesse 44 inch Gaming Desk Racing Style RGB LED Light Computer Desk

The Speed 44-inch gaming desk ensures a smooth experience, as it is a well-organized station ensuring easy accessibility to everything you need. It is even enhanced with RGB LED lights.

To see its aggressive appearance, we guess that it is intended for fanatics and serious gamers looking for a real combat station! It is available in widths of 47 or 55 inches with, in both cases, LED lighting. You can add or remove items depending on what is essential to your experience.

We should also mention its durable PVC surface, its extra-large mouse pad, its steel tube frames to increase stability, its cup holder, its headphone hook, and its removable joystick support. All this translates into comfort and space-saving.

Finally, double grommets de-clutter the surface and organize your cables. Good "gaming"!

4. GreenForest L-Shaped Corner Gaming Desk

Your game room is useful for both gaming and work, and you are looking for a new model that is both sober and functional for your two activities? So maybe you should dwell on the characteristics of this Coavas brand desk. It is an L-shaped model of 155 x 118 x 74 cm. It is made of wood with metal legs and offers you a large space for playing and working.

The strong points

The GreenForest brand wanted to provide you with a perfectly robust table. Its steel supports are able to support a heavy load. You can then install your screen, peripherals, central unit, and other objects without worrying that the chassis will fail. In addition, the wood used for the design of the tray is perfectly resistant to water and wear.

L-shaped design: We are dealing here with a gaming corner desk with a contemporary design. Its L shape is very practical since it allows to better adapt to the space available in your room. It also allows the Coavas to be used as a study office, artistic office, or another type of use in addition to that of the gaming office.

Available space: Its L-shaped design also offers a major advantage: that of offering more space. You will then have at your disposal a larger surface to install all your gaming equipment. The central part may not be installed. You will then have two separate and perfectly stable desks since their feet are independent. You will also benefit from a large space under the desk. You can then adopt a comfortable sitting position, without your feet being blocked by troublesome elements.

Easy assembly: Several consumers will confirm it to you: this desk is very simple to assemble. The instructions provided by the installation manual are clear and the different parts fit together perfectly without the need for professional tools. Even if you are not a great handyman, you will not have great difficulty in setting up your new desk, and you will be able to start playing in a rather short period of time.

The weak spots

No cable management: The Coavas firm has unfortunately not thought of equipping its office with a cable management system. Thus, your various supply wires may be clearly visible, which could displease picky gamers on the aesthetics of their installation. Aside from this defect, this desk is quite functional.


The first advantage of this gaming desk model is its revolutionary appearance. This Headquater 100 gaming desk is perfect for you. Whether you have a screen between 17 and 27 '' or even two screens, you will have nothing to fear with this model. When we refer to its borders with blue LED backlight fed via a USB cable, you will be deeply seduced. And better yet, we can say that it has been well thought out by SPIRIT OF GAMER in the sense that it is also directly associable with a PC.

But these functions are far from the only points of attraction of this model. One of its strengths is its ergonomics. This results in its Z shape which embodies improved convenience. This comfort is enhanced by the quality of the edges of the ABS tray. It is also practical, making your life easier with its two cables and flags reminiscent of a cardoon stamped with the SOG logo. It is placed under the tray to effectively and stylishly conceal the various cables.

The fact that it is made of wood does not detract from its resistance since its feet and chassis are made of steel. It is, therefore, possible that it is one of the best gaming configurations in terms of lifespan. Its dimensions 123 x 66 x H75 cm are added to its weight of 30 kg to raise it to the rank of the complete Setup Gamer.

This gaming desk model also comes down to:

2 stickers including 5 Gaming rooms with 1 board;
1 foam and 1 SOG banner;
1 upper bar with cable gland and 1 lower bar;
8 Hex M8 x 20 mm screws with washers;
10 Hex M4 x 10 mm screws;
4 Philips M4 x 16 mm screws.

How to Choose an Ergonomic Gaming Desk

Choosing a good gaming computer desk is like choosing a good gaming chair, you have to take your time to choose the item that will best suit you. My personal choice landed on the Arozzi gaming desk due to its pure design and flawless line. I like it when nothing sticks out of the desk and I find that it fits my needs perfectly.

It is certainly a little imposing but it is to leave the player more space and so that he is comfortably seated without anything to hinder him. And you, which one will you choose? If you are looking for cheap computer gaming desk then follow this link.

On the market, you will find many offices of several forms and types of design but not all of them correspond to all the rooms of the house therefore to your needs and requirements. Before choosing it, it is important that you take into account certain characteristics such as dimensions.


Who will use the office and for what purpose? Is it only for gaming? for the family to go online too? to work on it when you're not playing? You have to think about it now.

Type of materials

There are gaming desks in wood, metal, glass, carbon fiber, each has its tastes chasing that the glass tends to leave a lot of fingerprints and liquid therefore not too suitable for gaming.


Offices last relatively long if you don't hit them after a game over or after taking a one-shot. You will, therefore, want a desk on which you can trust that it will not give up after a little nervousness. Avoid the first prices of unpronounceable Chinese brands that are manufactured without the requirements of European standards. Take a minimum of quality. Those made of the materials mentioned above are really more durable than the other materials.


It will depend on where you put it but choose a rectangular desk large enough to put your 2 screens, your speakers, keyboard, mouse, soda bottle, and a box of chocolate. It would be a shame not to have enough room for snacking right? Measure the maximum space available at home and take a small gaming desk if appropriate.

There are also gaming angle desks, height-adjustable desks, for playing sitting or standing, check the dimensions.

The accessories

Gaming desks can have accessories to hold the headset, a glass rest, a gamepad holder, etc. They generally do not have storage drawers.

Also, think of mouse pads, keyboard pads to protect the desk and your elbows. You will find different colors and different styles, it's a matter of taste.

Gaming or office desktop

In addition to giving you a feeling of well-being, a gaming desk is large enough to accommodate a gaming chair. Indeed, a desk for office automation or for school homework has storage and drawers and a small area for placing your legs. From experience, a gaming chair does not go under a conventional desk. Either the armrests are too high, or the armchair is too wide and is blocked by the drawers.

Original gaming desk

There are gaming desks for sofa. For example to play on your TV screen or if you want a PS4 gaming desk.

The model we recommend

Do not get lost in your choice on the internet. There are far too many models to choose from. If you want a safe bet and suitable for gaming use with a gaming chair , and you have the space, we recommend the model below which is for sale on Amazon and which is one of the best gaming desks of the moment.


Personally, I experienced the gaming chair period without a gaming desk. I changed my desk last year and I didn't even realize I was too far from the desk because the chair didn't go under the desk! My friends noticed that it was much more pleasant and aesthetic than my old compressed wood desk whose plastic imitation wood coating was all chipped.

Of these 5 desks I prefer the Arozzi gaming desk because for me, nothing beats a good desk with space for 2 screens and 2 speakers! I find that playing my MMORPGs on a gaming desk gives me more pleasure and puts me in the mood. But you know what they say: Tastes and colors… so it's up to you to find the one that suits you.

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