Top 7 Best Fabric Sofas Review in 2020

Are you looking for the best fabric sofa and what is the best material for sofa for your living room? If so, you are lucky that you are reading this article. In the blog, we promised to assist you in finding the best sofa from the market. We never review a product without testing and researching on that specific product. We have a research team who spent more than two weeks on testing and researching on various fabric sofas in the market. If you read the manufacturer’s review on their product you already know that all of them claim that their product is the best. But as a customer how you decide which is actually best? You have to know some important features before buying a sofa. We listed the top 7 best fabric sofas considering various important features and combining the quality and affordability.

Top 7 Best Fabric Sofa 2020 - Comparison


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Best Fabric Sofa

Signature Design Fabric Sofa by Ashley

Made of high quality fabrics, 2 additional top class pillow

Lifestyle Solutions Grayson Micro-Fabric Sofa

Lifestyle Solutions Grayson Micro-Fabric Sofa

Designed ergonomically, Multifunctional fabric sofa

Carolina Dark Blue Fabric Sectional Sofa

Carolina Dark Blue Fabric Sectional Sofa

Comforts, perfect for sitting 2 to 3 people easily, sturdy design

Signature Design Fabric Sofa by Ashley

Signature Design Fabric Sofa by Ashley

Comes with different color options, Ensure right posture

Stone & Beam Kristin Round Arm Performance Fabric Sofa

Stone & Beam Kristin Round Arm Performance Fabric Sofa

Chic and artistic style, perfect for all aged people

Rivet Revolve Modern Best Fabric Sofa

Rivet Revolve Modern Modern Fabric Sofa

Perfectly used also for office furniture

Modern Ergonomic Fabric Sofa by Serta

Modern Ergonomic Fabric Sofa by Serta 

Comfortable, Perfect dimension with price and quality

Best Fabric Sofas Review 

1. Signature Design Fabric Sofa by Ashley

Best Fabric Sofa

Meet the elegant touch fabric sofa at a reasonable price by Ashley. Ashley, the furniture manufacturer is popular for offering top quality home or office furniture for more than 70 years. The Ashley furniture sofa has rich texture and high-quality fabric material make the sofa an awesome outlook. 

The modern sofa is made of high-quality fabric, leather, and hardwood to ensure durability and comforts. The height is perfect for off all aged people for sitting or laying and the cushions are great. 

The soft elegant touch of the fabric sofa makes you happy more than other traditional sofas. The sofa comes with 2 different eye-catching color options named earth and steel. You will get 2 additional top class pillow made with polyester or polyurethane.

The best fabric sofa bed features 3 seating with ergonomic quality lumbar supports. The rolling armrest gives a comfortable touch. The finish of the leather sofa is very eye-catching and also very easy to wash and clean 
by using sofa fabric cleaner You can use the sofa for sleeping purposes as the best sleeping bed sofa.

2. Lifestyle Solutions Grayson Micro-Fabric Sofa

Lifestyle Solutions Grayson Micro-Fabric Sofa

Upgrade your comforts and the decoration of your living room with the best sofa made of high quality fabric material. It has all the important features which are essential for making it as top class fabric furniture. The innovative living room sofa is made ergonomically to ensure comforts and relaxation. 

The durable hardwood material is used to make the frame of the sofa to give durability for years of uses. The multi-functional fabric sofa can easily be used as the sleeping bed and also ideal for all ages. The dimension of the fabric sofa will match with types of people like taller or shorter. The foam inside the sofa is very soft to give extra comforts.

The rolling armrest and the seat is made ergonomically to ensure comfortable sitting experience. The lumbar support is also comfortable and made of high quality material. It has 100% polyester upholstery which is very easy to wash for cleaning purposes. The cheap sofa furniture comes with 3 different color options that really impress anyone.

3. Carolina Dark Blue Fabric Sectional Sofa

Carolina Dark Blue Fabric Sectional Sofa

The idea of combining style and functionality in a fabric sofa seems like a dream. Carolina Dark Blue Fabric Sofa guarantees comforts, ease of use, and versatility in sofa characterized by the elegance and unmistakable style of GDF Studio. The fabric corner sofa is perfect for them do not have sufficient space in their homes. It has a modern design and style but is sized down so that it fits into a smaller space.

It is designed for 2 or 3 people as a normal sofa would be. However, it has that corner sofa shape and extended rest area that is characteristic of the corner sofa. The color of the fabric sofa is great for a home with modern style, do not you think? This is a great sofa set for someone who is young and maybe living in a small room, but who still wants a corner sofa with lots of seating options for guests.

The material of the corner fabric sofa is very high quality. There is a wicker frame here that provides a unique look for the corner sofa. You can arrange or decorate your living room according to your desire because of its multiple arrangement options.

4. Signature Design Fabric Sofa by Ashley

Signature Design Fabric Sofa by Ashley

Decorate your living room and gives an awesome look with the modern fabric sofa. You will be impressed with the design of the sofa as it comes with 9 different color options. All the color combination will also impress anyone and gives an elegant look of your living room. Choose a sofa according to your desire.

The small fabric sofa is made of high-quality fabric material which is very easy to clean within a few minutes. The frame of the fabric sofa is made of hardwood to ensure durability for years of uses. The contemporary style of the best fabric sofa is perfect for all ages even for children as its ideal height. You can use the modern fabric sofa as the best sleeping bed.

The lumbar support of the classic style sofa is ergonomic and comfortable to ensure the right posture while sitting. By maintaining the posture the sofa will helps you to relieve back pain. If you have limited space in your living room the high-quality sofa will be the perfect choice for you. I think the sofa offers a great combination of price and quality.

5. Stone & Beam Kristin Round Arm Performance Fabric Sofa

Stone & Beam Kristin Round Arm Performance Fabric Sofa

Give an outstanding look of your home or living room with the best quality sofa set. It really appeals to anyone with a chic and artistic style. It is definitely different from many of the other corner sofas that you will see out there. The appearance of the teddy fabric sofa easily attracts anyone who loves to decorate their home nicely.

The durable living room sofa is perfect to sit 2 to 3 person comfortably. The height and overall dimension make it perfect for all aged people. It is made of high quality fabric and hardwood material. The hardwood material used to build the sofa ensures durability and stability in any place.

The fabric love seat and armrest of the fabric sofa are very soft and gives an elegant touch when you sitting on it for watching TV or movie for long hours. The lumbar support is made considering comfortable sitting experience with right posture. It ensures a perfect combination of quality and price.

6. Rivet Revolve Modern Best Fabric Sofa

Rivet Revolve Modern Best Fabric Sofa

Amaze your friends and relatives with the modern fabric sofa by Rivet. Rivet is a well-known brand holds its popularity by manufacturing home and office furniture. The modern sofa features all the important features that are required to ensure comforts and relaxation. This durable material of the standard fabric sofa ensures longevity which holds it new looks years after uses.

The fabric sofa set is easily used to sit 3 people even 4 people comfortably. The high-quality fabric sofa comes with 4 different color and 5 different sizes which will match with all types of the decoration of your living room. The multi-functional fabric sofa is made of high quality material like fabric, and hardwood to ensure longevity.

The solid wood legs and hardwood frame gives durability and stability for any places in the living room. The sofas with attached back cushions has a removable seat cushion which is very easy to wash and clean. You can also use it as the best sleeping sofa bed as it is very comfortable and soft. Minor assembly required with some tools.

7. Modern Ergonomic Fabric Sofa by Serta 

Modern Ergonomic Fabric Sofa by Serta

Do you live in a small apartment but have huge guest or friends? If so, the modern fabric sofa is the perfect choice for you. You can use the sofa as your best sleeping bed as it is comfortable and durable. Enjoy sleeping and watching a movie with the sofa with your friends and relatives. The high-quality stylish fabric sofa is very affordable and perfect for your home decor. The sofa material designs for maximizing your comforts and durability.

The high-quality hardwood frame ensures stability and durability. The back support of the fabric sofa is made ergonomically to give you extra comforts and relaxation. It will help to maintain the right posture which will decrease your lower back pain. You can sit on the sofa for long hours without any stress and pain.

It is not only perfect for your living room but also for your reading room, guest room or veranda. The compact size of the sofa makes it perfect for all types of people. The dimension and stylish design easily attract anyone at a glance. Love the fabric sofa because it creates a great combination of price and quality.

What is the best fabric sofa in the market?

If you want to select the right product it is necessary that you know all its characteristics very well, otherwise, you could choose a model of low quality or one that does not adapt to the style of your home. For this reason, we have developed a guide to buying the best fabric sofa, through which we present some tips that will be useful when making your purchase.

When we think about buying one, we want our investment to be the best. Not only because we spend many hours on it, but because it has to last us several years. That is why it is so fundamental to know the aspects so as not to make mistakes in acquiring it.

To help you get a best sofa cloth types we have prepared the list with the best sofas which is made of fabric of 2019. Remember to look at the level of comfort that you bring, also try to choose a product according to the decoration you have in your home and space where you are going to install it.

What to keep in mind when buying a fabric sofa

The first thing to be clear when we go to buy one is that not all sofas are valid for everyone. In fact, those that for the inhabitants of a home is very good for others are not so good. There are a number of basic keys on how to choose the best sofa.

Available space

It is something that no less obvious should be overlooked. Space will greatly condition the type of sofa that we acquire since without it there will be nowhere to put it. Yes, it is true that there are certain upholstery fabric types such as the corner sofas where the available space is used to the maximum due to its great variety of compositions and personalization. In that case, we will be happy to advise you. However, it is essential to know this first point in depth.

Size of the sofa

Once we know where we will locate it, it is important to know what size it will be. It is essential to know the structuring of space: for example, we should not choose a very fair one for a small space because it conveys a feeling of overwhelm. Nor would it make much sense to choose a small one if we have a large space and we will not put anymore.

How to choose the best fabric sofa

It is also important to respect the areas of passage, both behind and ahead, and the distance from the rest of the furniture, such as the table or bookshelves. And, of course, separate mention deserves how many people are going to make use of it, which will determine among other things the number of places.

People who will use it

Once we know the space where we will place it and the size that we would like it to have, we have to also count on people going to make use of it. So much for the maximum number (it would not be very logical for a 3-seater sofa for a home with 6 family members) or for the comfort of each one.

For example, it is convenient that you go to try them before by our store. That the legs or feet are not hanging, the lower back is protected and that the hips are not deeper than the knees are just some tips to make it comfortable for everyone. Important to think about all the members that are going to make use of it.

The function that will be given

Yes, not all are designed exactly for the same. For example, sofa beds are more oriented to places designed to receive visitors, so it is an extraordinary option to opt for functionality.

In a different case, the 3 + 2 sofas are ideal if the space is very large and you want to create it cozy. Its composition in L is ideal to bring the family together. As you can see, the type of space destined to that sofa will also influence the final decision.

Value for money

Like any purchase, or in this case investment (since a sofa has to last several years), the quality-price ratio is basic. That adjusts to what is being acquired with maximum guarantees. With us, you will find the one you are looking for at the best price.

Characteristics of a good sofa

Now you know what you have to focus on to buy the best one. We are going to indicate the main characteristics you should have. If the points to take into account to buy it you add these key aspects, you will undoubtedly find the most suitable for your home.


This should be the star feature of any sofa. One that provides comfort to all the people who will use it, regardless of the type that it is. Backrest, hips, lumbar area (to avoid low back pain ) footrest, armrest, texture ... everything influences to create that desired comfort.

Quality and resistance

It should not be too soft or too hard. In addition, it must have a good structure (metallic or solid wood) that guarantees the durability, resistance, and quality of it. Being tough does not mean it is hard or uncomfortable. And the legs, if they are integrated into the sofa itself instead of bolted, much better.

Functional and warranty

It must adapt to what you are going to use, and do it in a reliable way. A sofa bed that causes back pains after two days is not. That is why it has to be suitable for what is going to be used and that has the right materials in its manufacture and composition.

Design and aesthetics

Put to ask, and to round, is a good sofa that allows you to create the desired environment in the area of your home where you locate it. We talk about the aesthetic composition, although obviously it also goes by tastes. The design that is chosen allows to give beauty and personality to the place, so it is essential for an attractive aspect, not only functional.


Even when you look for an economic sofa you should pay attention to the type of materials that have been used in its elaboration, because this way you will have an idea of the quality that each model has.

Ecological leather is one of the products used in its preparation. It is a material with a uniform texture that does not have the disadvantages of natural skins, for this reason, it is of high durability and contributes to the sofas a considerable level of resistance.

Microfiber is also commonly used to coat sofas, a high-quality synthetic fabric that resists wear. In addition, thanks to its texture allow them to have a more elegant appearance.

The eco-leather is another of the materials used to manufacture the upholstery of these products. It is a fiber made with remnants of leather cotton or latex and its finish is very similar to that of leather, but it is more resistant.

In addition, to make the seats and backs more comfortable, manufacturers often make them with different types of foam, for example, one of them is polyurethane, which is soft and flexible, therefore, provides a good level of comfort.

You should also define what sofa to use in your home. If you want to install it in the living room, you should look for an appropriate one for interior spaces; This type of sofas have a minimalist, modern and elegant style so that it adapts to any type of decoration.

For the terrace, the balcony or the garden it is convenient that you use exterior sofas. These models are made of materials that are resistant to changes in weather, such as aluminum and rattan.

Due to the durability that they have, you can leave them outside your home and you will not run the risk of deterioration.

What is the most comfortable sofa in the market?

Surely the comfort factor is one of the most important when we want to choose the best fabric sofa in particular. No matter how beautiful or aesthetic it is, if the sofa is not comfortable and comfortable it will not fulfill its function. After all, our sofa is our place to relax. It is where we sit and enjoy a moment of tranquility and disconnection from our day.

That is why the question of what type of sofa is the most comfortable is undoubtedly one of the most formulated in our sofa shop. Everyone wants to find cheap, quality and beautiful sofas, but also make them comfortable.

What elements influence the comfort of a sofa?

There are two basic elements that are the ones that will mainly influence whether a sofa is comfortable or not. Of course, the sensations are totally subjective and each person prefers a different level of firmness. Even so, this is what you should set to determine the comfort and comfort of a sofa:

The density of foam of a seat

The material with which the padding of the backrest has been manufactured. Within these two parameters, we must take into account adapt to the personal tastes of each individual. Many people prefer softer, softer sofas, while others opt for firmer options.

In order to adapt to the needs of each specific buyer, we offer a multitude of types of foam of different kinds but all with supreme quality.

How to differentiate good foam?

Foam is a material widely used in the furniture and leisure sector. The problem is that not all foams are of the same quality, and there are many of them that can even cause certain back ailments.

The good foam should always have a good return. By return, we would understand that effect that occurs when we press one of these pieces and immediately returns to its original state. This will mean that the foam does not tend to deform, which obviously will indicate that it is a weather resistant material capable of holding a lot of time.

The density of foam must be between 30 and 35 kilos per cubic meter. Although many people prefer less firmness, and opt for less concentrated densities, specifically about 25 kilos per cubic meter. Less than that, it will not ensure optimal comfort and comfort.

Another point to keep in mind is that the highest quality foam should always be in the area of the backrest because that is precisely where most of the weight rests.

In Topcarelab, we only have the best foams in the market. In addition, we only offer our customers custom sofas with HR densities, which are those foams with a minimum of 25 kilos per cubic meter.

As it is not the same to tell it, you can come and try our products in the different exhibitions that we have in our sofas stores spread throughout the Spanish geography.

Which fabric is the best for a sofa

If you want to know what is the fabric for sofa cover you have to take into account a number of aspects. Take your time, since the fabric is fundamental when it comes to choosing our star furniture in the living room. Let's discuss about the best fabric for sofa upholstery.

The best fabrics for a sofa

In this blog, we will advise you on the one that suits you best if you have any questions. Meanwhile, here are some guidelines for you to be clear on what is the most suitable fabric for sofa cover.

Types of fabric for a sofa

It is advisable to know the types of fabrics that exist for a sofa, although not all of the following ones are recommended. The reason is quite simple: some of them are of low quality and we never recommend them for you. 

Natural leather

We are talking about the tissue that is best preserved in the long run if it is properly maintained. Natural leather is not only synonymous with guarantee and quality, but also with comfort and aesthetics.

Wherever a natural leather sofa is included, it brings a touch of distinction and elegance unparalleled to the room.

Natural leather sofa

When it comes to knowing if it is really natural leather, there are several "tricks" such as recognizing its traditional smell of leather, which survives with the passage of time, or for example and already observed in detail, the skin's own pores and texture rough

It is a hybrid fabric, mainly between polyester and cotton. It is very pleasant to the touch, soft, comfortable and does not wrinkle, although it could be more fragile than usual when it comes to washing it.


One of the most demanded options for its versatility and its quality-price. It is a durable, resistant material that is also very compact. The synthetic microfiber sofa is also the best option for relaxed loving people.

Microfiber sofa

Due to its synthetic composition with good support, it does not wrinkle and we incorporate it with anti-stain treatment.

In addition, it is very colorful and aesthetically allows multiple decorative possibilities. 

It is, therefore, a very versatile microfiber upholstery fabric and a very successful option.


Another of the great options demanded by customers. The canvas is very resistant and durable, easily withstands everyday wear and tear and also does not wrinkle. Very economical and waterproof, the price-quality ratio is also optimal, so it is highly valued and used even in sofa beds.


Another of the most frequent and appropriate choices is cotton. A natural fiber with great resistance to tearing and flexible, which also does not accumulate static electricity, making it an excellent electrical insulator.

However, in this case, it is advisable to take two aspects into account. The first is that you have to make sure that it is sanforized, that is, that it has gone through a previous process to prevent shrinkage when washing it.

The other is that it wrinkles easily, although if that does not matter, it is a fabulous option for your sofa.


Also called synthetic leather, it is very cheap but we strongly discourage it due to its poor quality and conservation. In fact, this type of fabric is not sold in our store, unless expressly requested by the customer, and assuming the risks that you have with prior notice.

It is 100% synthetic fabric and aims to imitate and simulate the skin or leather, but obviously does not have the same guarantee. Moreover, in the medium and long term, it ends up being a very bad decision. Not only because it is hot, but also because it deteriorates very easily.

How to choose the best fabric For a Sofa

To choose the best fabric just know the use that is going to give your sofa. In the same way that a sofa chaise longue is not designed for the same use as a corner sofa, with the fabrics, it happens exactly the same.

To choose the best fabric just know the use that is going to give your sofa. In the same way that a sofa chaise longue is not designed for the same use as a corner sofa, with the fabrics, it happens exactly the same.

Fabrics suitable for the sofa in particular cases

We present a series of assumptions to clarify a little more about the fabrics for your sofa.

The sofa will be constantly exposed to spillage of food or liquids: A stain-resistant fabric is your choice.

There are animals at home that can leave hair: with synthetic fiber materials (microfibers) also avoid scratch marks.

Comfortable and decorative: One of natural skin is very elegant, as well as being comfortable.

That wrinkles as little as possible: Well, in that case, forget about the cotton.

How to choose the best fabric For a Sofa

Fabrics for sofa upholstery

The best quality-price: you have several in the market, but do not ever opt for the leatherette. You know, and in this case more than ever, that the cheap ends up being expensive.

As you can see, it is essential to know what function your sofa will play in the living room to know which fabric is the best. Therefore, all of this must be taken into account when choosing the type of fabric.

Specialists in the creation of sofas and upholstery

If even with everything we have explained you still have questions, you can come and consult us whenever you want. 

You will not have to worry if you want a fully customized sofa or you would like to give a new life to that jewel of long ago. Our work over the years and maximum care in every detail have made us a benchmark in the sector.

Where to Buy The Best Fabric Sofa?

If you have already made the decision to get one for your house, and you have more or less thought about the model and the brand, it is time to ask yourself one last question: where to buy a sofa bed?

We have to say that there are many possibilities, but not all are equally advantageous:

Our first impulse would be to go to a store specializing in furniture and decoration for the home, where surely they will have a large catalog of products to choose from. The problem is that the products in small businesses tend to have somewhat high prices, so it is not an advisable option if our budget is adjusted.

In large stores, prices will be much more attractive, since, by managing a greater volume of sales, a lower profit margin can be allowed. But there is also a problem, and that is that they are not specialized establishments in this specific sector, they will not have so much variety of products.

Buying sofa beds online is revealed as the most advisable option of all, since, in stores like Amazon, not only have the largest variety of products and the lowest prices in the market, but also allow us to make our purchases comfortably without the need to leave home.

How To Make a Sofa Bed?

If you are all handy and, instead of buying them, you prefer to build the furniture with your own hands, you are probably wondering how to make a home sofa bed.

To satisfy your curiosity, we have been searching the Internet, in search of a tutorial where they teach us how to make a sofa bed step by step. And there has been luck! Next, we leave you a video that shows us how to make a wooden sofa bed :

Buy Cheap Fabric Sofa Beds

But if yours are not manual jobs, and your budget is tight, you may be more interested in knowing how you can buy a cheap fabric sofa bed. Do not miss these tips:

Look for simplicity: we have already said that click-clack sofa beds, thanks to its opening mechanism much simpler than that of the Italian opening, are usually the cheapest sofa beds on the market.

The size does matter: as expected, a 3-seater sofa bed with a chaise longue will always cost more than a small sofa bed. If you are looking for cheap sofa beds, try to make do with the more compact models.

Economic brands: some manufacturers specialize in selling cheap sofa beds in order to reach a greater number of buyers. 

Buying second-hand sofa beds can also be another interesting way to buy inexpensive sofa beds, although we'll probably be limited to a few models and a few stocks.

Advantages of a sofa bed in the living room

The advantages of a sofa bed in the living room are very varied since it is an item of versatile and functional furniture. A practical choice with which you will always succeed.

Few furniture is as versatile in the home as sofa beds. In addition to its dual function, provides another series of interesting benefits for your home, as we not only talk about comfort. Discover everything it offers you.

Benefits of the sofa bed

Below we will list a number of benefits of the sofa bed for your home. Beyond its versatility, it has another series of advantages that you have not thought about and which are also important.

Double functionality of bed and sofa

The first benefit is the most obvious. Having a sofa bed is to have a piece of multipurpose furniture, which perfectly performs the two functions. You have a sofa on which you can sit quietly watching TV during the after-dinner and a bed where you can sleep at night in the same place. Useful, functional, versatile and comfortable to perform all kinds of rest.

Perfect for visits

It is another of the undeniable advantages. The sofa bed is the furniture of the rest par excellence for unexpected or sporadic visits in your home. The cases of relatives or friends who are your guests for a couple of days and face the problem of not having free rooms to accommodate anyone. Therefore, the sofa bed responds to that need and is undoubtedly an extraordinary choice to attend visits from time to time.

Adapted to all types of spaces

Our different models of sofas are designed for the different needs you have. However, with a sofa bed, you can effectively occupy a space. In fact, if the place you are going to occupy does not have large dimensions, we propose very small sofas to have a large bed in a small space.

Economic savings

Besides that they are not too expensive, having one at home will avoid that dilemma of having to choose between a double bed and a sofa. Therefore, it also means small economic savings if you do not want to opt for a particular model, due to its great functionality to rest, sleep and enjoy sitting.

Original aesthetic contribution

It is usually thought that this type of furniture disfigures the environment where they are installed, but nothing is further from reality. Currently, times have changed and now everything is important in decoration. The best fabric sofa bed can be an extraordinary aesthetic contribution to your living room without detracting from its decoration. Moreover, there are very beautiful models that will allow you to give that unique touch to your home.

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