Top 12 Best Handlebar Bags in 2020 – Reviews & Guide

We all enjoy the adventure, speed, and feeling of freedom that invades our bodies when riding a bicycle. However, many times blinded by our enthusiasm we end up being guilty of forgetting at home our repair kit, sunscreen or our identity document, foolishly risking that a perfectly stellar day be ruined by circumstances.

We understand how tedious it is to carry a backpack on your back while pedaling uphill or load your pockets overflowing making the whole experience more uncomfortable, however, there is a convenient and effective alternative to carry the essential equipment that should accompany you on the route.

To make your journey more pleasant a quality handlebar bicycle bags is a good investment. A handlebar bag will miraculously make your journey more comfortable and relax if you can choose the best. Today we dedicate our delivery to the best handlebar bag, the ideal tool for cyclists.

Best Handlebar Bag 2020 - Comparison


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Best Handlebar Bag

Water-proof handlebar bag, Roll top design 

Fuel Helmets Front Handlebar Bag Bicycle

100% leather bicycle panniers, Universal fit

Willie & Max Motorcycle Handlebar Bag

Universal Mounting, Perfect for motorcycle

Ortlieb Handlebar Bag

Water-proof handlebar bag, Adjustable shoulder strap 

Viking Harley Motorcycle Windshield Bag

Heavy-duty leather & PVC, Multiple spacious pockets 

Leather Motorcycle Barrel Handlebar Bag

100% genuine leather, Fits any motorcycle 

BV Bicycle Cycling Handlebar Bag

Two mesh pockets and lightweight for day trips, touring and commuting

​Adirondack Axiom Handlebar Bag

Water-proof handlebar bag, Zippered compartment 

Bushwhacker Black Bicycle Handlebar Bag

3-point tension mounting system, Features a large exterior pocket

Topeak Tourguide Handle Bar Bag

Rain cover, zip pocket, and 3M reflective strip 

Disconano Cycling Bicycle Handlebar Bag

3-point tension mounting system

Leather Motorcycle Tool, Handlebar Bag

Perfect for motorcycle, bicycle, and scooter 

Top 12 Best Bicycle Handlebar Bags

1. ArcEnCiel Waterproof Mountain Bike Handlebar Bag

Best Handlebar Bag

Best water-proof handlebar bag made of thick PVC. Modern innovative construction and very easy to clean. You can carry the handlebar bag anywhere after removing from your mountain bike because of its buckle and carry strap.

U-shaped design with the large capacity to keep your smartphone, camera or personal goods to organize.

Appropriate for the majority of the bike. This Arcenciel bike bag is very easy to install and also can remove quickly from the bike. Reflective sticker labels on both sides of the bag, offer you a much safer trip during the night. Can be a great gift for you as well as your close friend.

What We Liked

  • Water-proof handlebar bag
  • Also used as a shoulder bag
  • Adjustable large capacity
  • Safe & excellent design
  • Suitable for most of the bike
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Roll top design
  • Reflective stripe for the nighttime trip

What We Didn't Like

  • Honestly, none so far!

2. Fuel Helmets Front Handlebar Bag Bicycle

Fuel Helmets Front Handlebar Bag Bicycle

This is the best bicycle handlebar bag for touring which is made from 100% authentic natural leather. It is safe and secure for any type of ride.

This leather handlebar bag also features simple to roll natural leather bands with steel clasps and a 120 cubic inch ability. 

The handlebar bag is optimal for hand tools, maps, hunting camera, emergency kit or anything else requiring quick access. The simple roll fastenings make shutting a breeze as well as opening up. It is excellent for any kind of bike.

What We Liked

  • 100% leather bicycle panniers
  • Metal buckles with easy to roll straps
  • 120 cubic inch capacity
  • Universal fit
  • HD foam to keep safe objects into it

What we didn't like

  • Feels little big

3. Willie & Max Motorcycle Handlebar Bag

 Willie & Max Motorcycle Handlebar Bag

This handlebar bag has a stylish construction with black synthetic leather. Universal mounting and it will certainly include a great deal of personality to your bike.

It has a storage space ability of 120 cubic inches. It is the bag which is elegant, simple to roll, and also have steel fastenings.

When you’re riding the bike, there are additionally 2 bands for you to make certain that you do not have to think about dropping it.

What we liked

  • Universal Mounting
  • Black synthetic leather
  • Chrome quarter-turn fastener
  • Durable construction
  • Modern lookLimited lifetime warranty
  • Perfect for motorcycle

What we didn't like

  • Smaller in size

4. Ortlieb Handlebar Bag

Ortlieb Handlebar Bag

The ortlieb handlebar bag is another best bags for bicycle in our list. The waterproof handlebar bag is also used as a shopper bag. You can smoothly attach or release this bike bag with the handle. It features a fully adjustable carrying handle.

This is very sturdy, lightweight and the zipper function is very smooth and strong. You can hang it on your shoulder comfortably.

There are two small compartments that can easily be used as storage for your key, smartphone, prism scope, notebook etc. 

Ergonomically shaped handlebar bag on the market. You feel relax by keeping your essentials because of its tight and safe locking system. 

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What we liked

  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Tight locking system
  • Also, use as shopper bags
  • Waterproof handlebar bag
  • Durable construction
  • Modern look
  • Perfect for all types of bike

What we didn't like

  • No cons experienced!

5. Viking Harley Motorcycle Windshield Bag

Viking Harley Motorcycle Windshield Bag

There is a variety of windshield small handlebar bag available on the market. The strong yet classy black windscreen bag is constructed of durable natural leather and PVC.

It has numerous pockets for maintaining secrets, smartphone, media player and even more. Each pocket is decorated with a developer handle to maintain the products securely shut within.

The bag is made with authentic natural leather which never faded in the sun. It has actually been structured for simple setup as well as is specially developed to fit all 4″ and also taller FLHT windshields.

What we liked

  • Heavy-duty leather & PVC
  • Multiple spacious pockets
  • Easy to install motorcycle handlebar bag
  • Durable construction
  • Maintains shape & withstands the elements

What we didn't like

  • Honestly, none so far!

6. Leather Motorcycle Barrel Handlebar Bag

Leather Motorcycle Barrel Handlebar Bag

It is popularly known as the best barrel bag on the market. When setting up on a bike however additionally looks just as elegant when put on throughout the shoulder, it not just looks trendy.

This snazzy, glossy, black, rugged-looking item is very carefully crafted from authentic natural leather. Suitable for 99.5% of the bikes available on the market, therefore, possess global compatibility.

It is very large and can be used to bring your essential throughout the journey. The bag is protected with high-grade zippers which feature 2 pull tabs where one can place a lock on added protection. Basically: Distinctive, comfy, sizable, sturdy, and also adaptable motorbike bag. It is also an alternative to the best coleman cooler that is used for heavy storage.

What we liked

  • 100% genuine leather
  • Motorcycle barrel bag
  • Fits any motorcycle
  • New designRugged and tough

What we didn't like

  • It is slightly big

7. BV Bicycle Cycling Handlebar Bag

BV Bicycle Cycling Handlebar Bag

This light-weight BV handlebar bag with map holder is developed for day trips, commuting or touring. 2 mesh pockets with bungee cable drawstrings hold water containers, treats, and other essentials.

It includes a quick-release install as well as rubber sizing shims so you could push the switch and also eliminate the bag in 3secs!

The bag has a bring take care of on the top and also a shoulder band so you could take it off the bike and also take it with you!

When biking, there is 3M reflective trim on the outdoors to assist in nighttime security. The extra strap on the front permits you to affix reflectors or lights. Both pull tabs aid to earn unzipping the cover quicker and also easier. Draw tabs function as wall mounts for lights, key chains, and so on.

What we liked

  • Removable map sleeve with rubber sizing shims
  • Quick-release mount
  • 3M Reflective trim
  • Two mesh pockets and lightweight for day trips, touring and commuting
  • Additional reflectors or lights for nighttime cycling

What we didn't like

  • No cons experienced!

8. Adirondack Axiom Handlebar Bag Review

Adirondack Axiom Handlebar Bag Review

The Adirondack is a waterproof handlebar bag. It is known as the best handlebar bag among the bikers in the USA. Hook and also loophole closure integrated with velcro enables an individual to connect this bag to the handlebar.

Inside the primary area on the back “wall surface”, there is a little pocket that would certainly hold a couple of secrets, a card secret, some money, and so on.

Outside the bag on the front, there is a covert outdoors pocket.

It will certainly hold a purse, an iPhone, and so on. The top-level material used in the bag has remarkably reduced off-gassing attributes that surpass also European criteria.

What we liked

  • Waterproof handlebar bag
  • Zippered compartment
  • Perfect for mountain bike
  • Perfect size, durable and attractive
  • Zippered pockets safe your essentials

What we didn't like

  • No cons experienced!

9. Bushwhacker Black Bicycle Handlebar Bag

Bushwhacker Black Bicycle Handlebar Bag

The Durango affixes to your handlebar with a 3-point stress placing system. Made from sturdy 600 denier polyester.

Covered zippers with reflective trim for presence. 3-point stress placing system protects the guide.

Perfect bike panniers amazon for all kinds of bike. It includes a huge outside pocket with protected zipper and also scotch lite reflective trim.

What we liked

  • Zippers covers
  • 3-point tension mounting system
  • Made of heavy denier polyester
  • Scotch lite reflective trim
  • Features a large exterior pocket
  • Fit almost all bike

What we didn't like

  • Smaller than your expectation

10. Topeak Tourguide Handle Bar Bag

Topeak Tourguide Handle Bar Bag

Handlebar bag bikepacking with shoulder strap quick release quick click bracket.

Features a special space to climb your bike computer, 3M reflective strip and clear map cover that is essential for day trips extended touring and commuting.

It also gives weather protection by rain cover. For extra capacity, it has two side pockets. The main compartment is divided for easy storage and find out your essentials. It is a great alternative of your biking backpack.

What we liked

  • Features shoulder strap and handle for carrying
  • Rain cover, zip pocket, and 3M reflective strip
  • Special space to climb your cycle computer
  • Rain cover with a clear map cover
  • QuickClick clamp
  • Fit almost all bike

What we didn't like

  • Slightly smaller in size

11. Disconano Cycling Bicycle Handlebar Bag

Disconano Cycling Bicycle Handlebar Bag

The bag for bike features flexible Velcro band, rain cover, and fast disassembly. Back bands can be chosen the bike handlebar.

Both sides of the bag that feature the mesh bag and also can place the glasses, cellphones, and even more! Perfect dimension for holding all the essentials.

The bag is also very easy to tackle and also can carry the handlebar bag anywhere after removing from your bike. The bag also fit for any types of bike.

What we liked

  • Zippered cover
  • Features a large exterior pocket
  • Scotch lite reflective trim
  • 3-point tension mounting system
  • Easy to tackle
  • Fit almost all bike

What we didn't like

  • Actually, none so far!

12. Leather Motorcycle Tool, Handlebar Bag

Leather Motorcycle Tool, Handlebar Bag

Maintain your devices used when you get on the roadway with this barrel-shaped handlebar bag. Made of faux leather storage which connects to your motorcycle with 2 clasp bands.

Most popular handlebar bag with chrome studs as well as equipment as well as a roomy inside for all your devices and also other fundamentals.

Fully finished inside and perfect for motorcycle, bicycle, and pro scooter. You can install it several locations because of it is small in size.

What we liked

  • Fully finished inside
  • Perfect for motorcycle, bicycle, and scooter
  • Easy assembly
  • Durable and modern construction
  • Faux leather, metal

What we didn't like

  • None so far!

Who needs a bicycle bag?

A bicycle bag is perfect for those who are tired of having a backpack dunkandes in the back of your trips (the same applies to shoulder / handbags that can be really hard to ride).

Do you fit any of these categories?

Urban / commuter cyclist
mountain biker
road Cyclist
touring Cyclist

Basically, all types of cycling, we know. But if you recognize yourself then the likelihood is that you will benefit from some type of bike bag, for some of the categories it's even a must. Bike bags are simple and easy to pack, easy to ride and easy to take away.

What type of bike bag should you look for?

As previously written, bicycle bags come in many different designs, sizes and with different mounting brackets for different parts of your bike.

City and shuttle cyclists use most of the bag on the handlebars for easy accessibility, or behind the package holder. The size may vary here, but a medium sized bag usually fills most needs. Then we think of easier packing, food box to work, smartphone and tablet / computer maybe, rain jacket, etc. A medium-sized bag also fits well as it will not fall down or be in the way, and who really needs a 100 liter caravan on the package holder when just cycling to the knee?

For those who ride mountain biking and on country roads for training purposes, a smaller handlebar bag or frame bag fits clockwise so you get the most important tools. Bouncing around in difficult terrain with a bag attached to the handle of a larger model will probably not be fun. ArcEnCiel Bag and Topeak are both very good options for this category of bags. So, just choosing a budget.

Touring or bike packing cyclists need something more real that actually holds what needs to be taken. Frame and saddle bags in line with our premium option is the king here. Smart storage, multiple features and a removable backpack for any hikes on your adventures.

What to consider when buying a bicycle bag?

Again, what kind of cyclist you are and what (and how much) you need with you. You should choose the size of the type of packing you want, assembly, ease of use and maneuverability.

A larger bag will affect maneuverability to a certain extent, which may be worth considering, of course, depending on whether you pack it full, but still.

Worth remembering can also be if the bag is rain and / or waterproof, what environments will you ride in? Reflexes are a given feature, which is happily seen on many bags.

Lamp mounting is also good if the bag may obscure your regular lamp, as some models may do.

How we chose our top list

One word, research! We have looked at what users are really looking for in a bicycle bag and looped reviews and descriptions of hundreds of bags.

Choosing the best bike bag, all categories became impossible, as previously written, there are several types that fit for different purposes.

A small, cheap saddle bag suitable for mountain bikes can be a bad thing, but it can also be a great adventure suit or a suitcase. Everything depends on the purpose.

We could actually dedicate an article for each of the different bag types, to really make it profound. But we still think we've got all the most important about the categories and hope it will help you in the choice of your next bike bag.

Advantages of Using a Handlebar Bag

A few days ago I received a message through email for a serious biker named Elliot. He asks me “Do I really need bike bar bags? And why?”

To give the answer to his question I would like to share a video. This may help you too for understanding the advantages of using handlebar bags when touring. When touring you may need backpack for carrying more. You may also get fully reviews on best backpacking bags for adding more comfort.

There is no rule that you must have a handlebar bags or not. But when touring or riding, you would like to take some essentials with you. Would you like to carry a backpack in your shoulders or pocket? It is really irritating. Right?

If you really want to keep your camera, smartphone or other essentials safe you must need a handlebar bag. A handlebar bag can easily give you the proper solution and relaxation. You can carry your essentials easily without using a backpack that can make your riding pleasure. If you want to ride or tour for a week, a month or a year is the must for you. The choice of handlebar bags depends on you. The size, quality, brand, color depends on your bike and your choice.

You may also give your idea about advantages or disadvantages of using handlebar bags of your biking experience through a comment. Thanks!

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