Best Hunting Cameras of 2020: Trial or Game Camera Reviews

Trail cameras or surveillance cameras for hunting are cameras specially adapted for night vision, which allows recording in the dark autonomously and outdoors. They are units that detect movements with great ease and are sent in a timely manner to the owner through the wireless network of the Internet. Also, stored on an SD card can allow you to have a backup.

They are used in hunting especially for trapping, waiting, waiting or to follow animal tracks. But, despite its innovation, some brands offer us really bad products. Sometimes, have a really difficult to configure. Don't worry, we have a solution for you. In this article, we recommended the top 5 best hunting cameras that are highly appreciated by most hunting lovers, wildlife researchers, and photographers.

Best Hunting Cameras of 2020 - Comparison


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CRENOVA 12MP 1080P HD Game & Trail Hunting Camera

Papake Trail Game Camera 12MP 1080P HD Hunting Camera

SOVACAM Trail Camera, LCD HD Deer Hunting Camera

APEMAN Trail Camera, HD Game & Hunting Camera

Compact Waterproof Hunting Scouting Camera

1. CRENOVA 12MP 1080P HD Game & Trail Hunting Camera

Best Hunting Cameras

The Crenova CHD RD1000 model is equipped with a CMOS sensor capable of offering up to 12 MP in a photo and 1080P Full HD recording for video. A recording that can perform up to 20 meters away thanks to its LED night lighting.

It has a recording angle of 120 degrees, also having two motion sensors that open this angle and limit the shot when it is really necessary. A compact and simple model, with numerous configuration options for the shot, which due to its characteristics is considered a good option for the best hunting camera for the price-quality ratio of the moment.

Its versatility is undoubted because besides being able to take photographs to capture images. It allows you to make sound and video recordings with great resolution. The trial camera is important to mention that the camera offers you a range of up to 65 feet away.

It is 42 infrared LEDs, give you the possibility of having night vision monocular, to give you utility even in the dark. The cheap trial camera incorporates different functions that will help you to select time lapse, intervals, and multiple shots, among others.

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2. Papake Trail Game Camera 12MP 1080P HD Hunting Camera

Papake Trail Game Camera 12MP 1080P HD Hunting Camera

The hunting camera with night vision Papake Trail is a versatile and lightweight model. It can be placed on the ground or also mounted on a tree or almost any other element thanks to the included fasteners.

The best field camera has a resolution of up to 12 MP with recording capacity in Full HD format to not miss a detail. The product has numerous shooting options, both photo, and video, which allow recording only if a motion is detected, in a programmed manner or even in multiple shot format, as you need.

This model incorporates a screen in which you can directly view the images, to give you the greater convenience of use. It also helps you to configure the different elements and modes of the product in a simple way.

Your range can go up to 15 meters so you do not have to get so close to the animal to take the picture or make the recording. It has infrared of black color that does not frighten the animals so that you can use the camera in the greater darkness.

One of its aspects to appreciate is its great versatility since you can take photographs, make video recordings with high resolution and audio recordings. It has a very resistant design that is even waterproof, so you can use it comfortably even in rainy climates.

3. SOVACAM Trail Camera,16MP 1080P 2.4" LCD HD Deer Hunting Camera

SOVACAM Trail Camera,16MP 1080P 2.4" LCD HD Deer Hunting Camera

It is a surveillance camera capable of taking snapshots of up to 16 Megapixels and recording Full HD video (1080p). The quality of the captured images or videos is guaranteed. It is completely waterproof, conforming to the IP56 standard.

The camera has low-glow IR LEDs and an infrared sensor with 3 adjustable levels. With that guaranteed that nothing will escape you. Both day and night the images will be clear. The shooting speed ranges from 0.2 seconds to 0.6, which is very good compared to other brands.

Bring an 8GB SD memory card, but accept cards up to 32GB. Another thing that usually worries us is the duration of the batteries. In this case, it uses 8 AA batteries that can hold up to 6 months but also has a 6V DC input. If you want to put the best infrared trail camera in your garden or a similar place near a power outlet and thus dispense batteries.

Perfectly valid for both outdoor and indoor surveillance of wild animals, livestock, people, etc.

4. APEMAN Trail Camera 12MP 1080P HD Game & Hunting Camera

APEMAN Trail Camera 12MP 1080P HD Game & Hunting Camera

Get the greatest experience of wildlife with this 12-megapixel unit, whose rotating angle is 130 degrees. Its protection against splashes makes it perfect to be placed in extreme environments.

The coverage is extended up to 20 meters away thanks to its integrated infrared flash. Different recording modes available according to your needs.

For me, it is not the best waterproof hunting camera of all of this list or TOP. But undoubtedly by quality/price ratio deserves to be among the top 5. The best deer trail camera is waterproof which can also be used as the fishing camera.

5. Compact Waterproof Hunting Scouting Camera

Compact Waterproof Hunting Scouting Camera

Specifically, this camera comes with category IP 56 protection. With that, it goes over to withstand dust, sediment, and water, so without problems. Record and take pictures in the same resolutions as the previous ones.

 It also has an image sensor of 14 MP CMOS sensor. It is a bit slower than the previous ones, the average shutter time is 0.3 second, but in the rest it is comparable. 

The same 120 degrees of viewing angle, 15-20 meters of effective infrared range, infrared LEDs for night shots, etc. It also uses 1.5V AA batteries and supports external DC power supply. It is known as the best camera for hunting with its smart features.


What is a trail cam? What can I do with a night hunting camera? How is a trail camera different from a conventional video or photo camera? These are all questions that may arise the first time we come across one of these devices. But fans of hunting or the world of wildlife observation are sure to know well what is a trail camera, or a night vision hunting camera.

A trail camera is an autonomous camera, which allows you to record at night, without plugs, outdoors and under very harsh conditions. They are usually used as surveillance cameras for hunters, but also as photo-trapping cameras, or simply to monitor what happens in a very large area of land.

When buying one of these mini video cameras for hunting, you have to take into account a lot of criteria and operating parameters. These are very complete cameras, capable of doing many different things. You must be clear as a users which of their functions are going to be important, and which are not.

The basic characteristics of a night camera for hunting are the following:

Hunting cameras with Infrared: the choice of light is an essential factor for our trail camera. They can have incandescent light or infrared light. The latter is the most used because although the flash offers a better quality, many animals are afraid of it and flee. Within the night cameras with infrared, we have to distinguish those of red dot or black infrared. Blacks work at a much longer wavelength, and they are practically invisible to a human eye.


The idea is that our camera uses alkaline batteries (better than rechargeable ones). Most trailcam cameras support up to 8 batteries, although they can work with 4. If we anticipate that we may have problems of duration, because we are going to use the camera running for a long time at night. Then maybe we should buy an additional battery or some solar panel that acts as support.


At the time of writing this guide, you can find hunting cameras of 14 MP (megapixels), and Full HD for video capture.

Protection and camouflage:

Almost all hunting cameras use standard camouflage colors to go unnoticed. It is also worth evaluating its housing or block its operation with a PIN code, in case it is stolen. We must bear in mind that it is an object that we will leave running outside for a lot of hours or days in a row.

No. of photographic captures:

One of the most important functions of a hunting camera is the photographic capture by motion detection. When the motion sensor of the camera is activated, a sequence of photos is automatically triggered whose duration we can determine: from 1 photo to bursts of 5, 7 or 9 consecutive shots.

Duration of the videos:

If you plan to record many videos with your trail-cam, find out its maximum duration so as not to take surprises afterward.

Trigger speed:

Between 0.1 and 5 seconds, and the faster the better. It depends on the type of animals or situations that you want to capture. A too slow shooting speed can make you lose track and make the animal leave the field of view of the camera when the photo is shot.

Objective / Lens:

The viewing angle should be as wide and as deep as possible in order to capture better images.


A programmable hunting camera is very useful because it will allow you to determine at what times of the day you will start recording. The rest of the time will not consume energy. With this, you can leave your camera installed for several days, with the assurance that you will only record at the hours that you have previously defined.

Sound recording:

Some cheap hunting cameras only allow you to record videos without sound. Do not forget to check this detail if you are interested in capturing the ambient sound in your recordings.


If your hunting camera has a screen, you can see photos or videos in the same camera. You can also better calibrate where you are focusing before leaving it.

Test mode:

Many night cameras for hunting have a test mode that allows the user to know when the camera detects movement (or temperature) and begins to record. If this test mode is activated, the camera emits a red light so that we know that the camera is recording. Very useful if we play with different configuration parameters for our team. All the checks are few before leaving it open all night in the open.


If you are a beginner, you will be wondering how a night vision camera or camcorder works or how you have to configure it to use it correctly. Before starting, you should bear in mind that a trail camera for hunting is not a camera or a video camera. It presents significant differences and it is important to know them so as not to fall into bulk errors.

For example, if you want to take photos or scope recordings, do not place it at ground level. Better, at least, a meter high to maximize the range of the target.

You should also be aware that there are no bushes or branches around them. Maybe do not bother the moment you put the camera, but keep in mind that you'll leave the device there all night.

What consequences can this have? Well that the motion sensor is activated when it does not touch or when you record a video you find some branches in the middle of the target. For this reason, in difficult or dense terrain, it is convenient to adjust the configuration of your trail camera. You can alter the levels of detection so that it does not "jump" so easily.

Another important aspect is the difference in temperatures. The sensors are activated by temperature changes, and therefore the detection margins are lower if the ambient temperature is hot.

Finally, you should not forget the batteries. Hunting cameras consume more energy when recording videos and when we activate them at night. So if you plan to use them intensively in these conditions, it would be better to use alkaline batteries or even extra batteries.

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