Top 5 Best Walking Backpack in 2020 – Reviews & Guide

If you are thinking of walking with some essentials, it is important to buy the best backpack for comfortable walking. If you are not sure which model to buy, in this article I show you a list of the best walking backpacks that are best suited to your needs.

To make the purchase of a good quality product, and in addition to affordable price, follow our recommendations and know more.

Best Walking Backpack of 2020 Comparisons


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WATERFLY Sling Walking Backpacks Review

WATERFLY Sling Walking Backpacks Bags

Made of nylon and mesh fabric materials, Lightweight and foldable backpack

One Savvy Walking Backpack

One Savvy Sling Backpack For Walking

Water resistant, lightweight and easily cleanable, perfect for women

iColor Sling Walking Backpack

iColor Sling Backpack For Hiking Cycling Walking

Features multi-compartment for storing, adjustable shoulder strap 

Hydration Pack Backpacks

G4Free Military Hydration Pack Backpacks

3L BPA free hydration water bladder, two front large pockets

NORTHERN BROTHERS Hydration Backpack

NORTHERN BROTHERS Hydration Backpack

Features high quality zip and buckle, Includes 3L hydration bladder

Top 5 Best Walking Backpack

1. WATERFLY Sling Walking Backpacks Bags

Best Walking Backpack

One of the options that I like the most when it comes to hiking. This backpack is perfect for carrying both when the sun is shining and when it is raining because it is totally waterproof.

I also like it for its design and especially for its nylon and mesh fabric, which is very resistant, something that I value a lot when hiking.

The cheap backpack is lightweight, foldable, and portable which is great for traveling, walking, and gym. 

You can adjust the length according to your desire which ensures the fresh and comfortable experience for your shoulder.

The adjustable buckle and breathable mesh strap also give a comfortable experience of your walking. The modern innovative design, flawless strap zipper bag, reinforced strap, and the suitable workmanship makes it your best choice for comfortable walking.

What We Liked

  • Made of nylon and mesh fabric materials
  • Soft and comfortable for walking
  • Water and tear resistant walking backpack
  • Easily washable and durable backpack
  • Lightweight and foldable backpack
  • Adjustable & breathable strap
  • Modern and innovative design

What We Didn't Like

  • There are not enough pocket for storing much
  • The zipper is not durable enough

2. One Savvy Sling Backpack For Walking

One Savvy Sling Backpack For Walking

If you are looking for something simple and cheap, this model will surely adapt to your needs. For the price, you have a good option, without forgetting that it does not stand out too much for its design. It is an ultimate combination of durability, space, comfort that you are looking for.

The smart and lightweight backpack is perfect for traveling, hunting or camping. If you are intended for long distance walking the bag is the perfect solution for you. It is made from the premium material which makes it extremely durable, water resistant. The high-quality nylon construction ensures long years use with comfort.

It features an adjustable shoulder strap that fits comfortably with your shoulder. The backpack also features a variety of storage compartments and appropriate front pocket, including an interior zipper pouch that is used to keep your smartphone, hunting camera or others. The affordable walking backpack comes with a variety of colors that will impress you.

What We Liked

  • Ultimate combination of space, design, and comfort
  • Made of 100% nylon, that ensures durability
  • Water resistant, lightweight and easily cleanable
  • Fully adjustable with your shoulder that ensures extreme comfort
  • Variety of storage compartment with convenient front pocket
  • Comes with a variety of colors
  • Perfect specifically for women

What We Didn't Like

  • Not perfect for much storage
  • Not perfect for taller individual

3. iColor Sling Backpack For Hiking Cycling Walking

iColor Sling Walking Backpack

If you do not want to play and you want to enjoy a quality backpack to be able to use it for a long time, this option will be very good for you.

Nothing else that you have in your hands you will realize that we are talking about a backpack of very good quality.

The iColor Sling Bag is perfect for traveling and city daypack. It features a spacious pocket that can be used for keeping your umbrella, smartphone, sunglass etc. It also features a water bottle holder.

The walking backpack is perfect for both lefties & righties and also for men and women. You can use it as a shoulder backpack or chest pack. This lightweight backpack is ideal for its compact, convenient design.

What We Liked

  • Made of nylon material, durable and sturdy
  • Features multi-compartment for storing
  • Ideal for outdoor activities
  • Adjustable shoulder strap for extreme comfort
  • Versatile and compact lightweight design
  • Water resistant walking backpack

What We Didn't Like

  • The zipper looks poor

4. G4Free Military Hydration Pack Backpacks 

Hydration Pack Backpacks

This model stands out for being really flexible and especially for adjusting very well to the needs of each person. Hence you can be assured that with this backpack you can have the security of enjoying good comfort.

As for the quality of the 600D polyester fabric, in my opinion, it is quite good for the price it has and its zippers are quite good.

It features two front pockets that can be used to store your smartphone, camera, towel, wallet, keys or small tool. 

It features an adjustable chest and waist strap that ensures a comfortable walking experience. The backpack is super easy to clean and dry.

The compact and lightweight design with 3-liter water bladder never balance you down. Ideal for walking, running, biking, hiking, and also all mountain riding and biking.

What We Liked

  • Adjustable chest and waist straps
  • Easy access to drink
  • Made with a high quality fabric material
  • Easily washable and dryable backpack
  • 3L BPA free hydration water bladder
  • Features two front large pockets
  • Perfect for walking, running, biking, hiking etc

What We Didn't Like

  • Not so durable

5. NORTHERN BROTHERS Hydration Backpack

NORTHERN BROTHERS Hydration Backpack

Finally, I want to talk about one of the best backpacks that you will find on the market, thanks to the fact that it has been manufactured with 100% nylon and 600D polyester fabric.

Among other things I can say that this model is water resistant, has a good suspension device, is very spacious and has a non-slip and breathable strap. I don't want to forget that it has a good padding in all its parts so you can have the security of enjoying good comfort.

It is popular for its nice looking design, buckle, and high quality zip. It has thick and wide straps which ensure extreme comfort. The best budget hydration pack features two front pockets which are perfect to carry your wallet, smartphone, keys, towel, small tools or other items.

This cheap walking backpack also features 3L hydration bladder which is essential for comfortable walking.

What We Liked

  • Made of high-density 600D polyester fabric
  • Features high quality zip and buckle
  • Adjustable chest and shoulder straps
  • Includes 3L hydration bladder
  • Perfect for walking, hunting, camping, and others

What We Didn't Like

  • A few customers complains about the water bladder
  • The backpack is not lightweight enough

Factors to consider when buying The Best Walking backpack

Before buying your walking backpack, you must first take into account the aspects of vital importance. These aspects are the following:


One of the first things that ensure you greater comfort is that the backpack is adjustable. If so, you can adjust the position and size of the same to the size and characteristics of your body.

Among the most important features, you should look for is the fact that you can adjust the backpack to the length of your body. If you wish to walk with your favorite dog using a shock collar, the bag offers you greater comfort. 


The style and design of the backpack must allow you to move your head and arms freely and without any hindrance or discomfort. You should also have easy-to-use bands and access to customize the fit and fit of your backpack.

Color also enters here, but it is more a choice of tastes than of convenience or comfort.


It is important that you feel that you have obtained a product of great value and good quality. Look for a durable backpack, resistant and with a good guarantee. Believe us, it is preferable to buy a product a little more expensive but that you know will last for years and will be comfortable and useful.


It is very important that the backpack can load all your equipment efficiently and without problems. Look for one with external pockets, fins, and compartments easily accessible and to ensure your contents inside.


Do not forget this. Your hiking or walking backpack has to be durable so you do not have to buy a new one every year or two because they can’t handle long journeys with heavy loads.

One-day backpacks do not have to be so durable, but they still have to put up with the use you plan to give them without tearing or breaking easily. Before buying, check that seams, zippers, and zippers are of good quality.

Make sure it fits correctly:

If the backpack is loose or does not fit properly to your body, it will be quite uncomfortable and will cause discomfort during your trip. It should fit easily, with padded shoulder straps that do not get embedded in your shoulders or arms and waistbands that keep the backpack snug against your waist. That will keep it from bouncing over your body and hurting you in your outdoor outings.

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Backpacks with internal and external frames:

In this category, the adjustment of the backpack is of great importance. They are regulated by the so-called suspension system, which includes shoulder straps, the frame, and padding for the back, lumbar area, and waist strap. There are three types of suspension system:


It is really convenient because it allows you to adjust the suspension by adding belts and shoulder straps of specific sizes. They are ideal for people outside the range of height and average weight.


The back of the pack that passes through the shoulder can be adjusted and moves from top to bottom to fit the length between the shoulder blades and the waist. This fits people of all sizes and shapes for the most comfortable and enjoyable adventures.


They come in varieties of torso length to suit each user. They provide more stability and can’t be regulated. You must test the model well before buying it to make sure it fits perfectly.

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