Cheap Web Hosting Monthly Billing – 2020

The price between different web hosts varies enormously in 2020 and "cheap" web hosting is not synonymous with poor service or quality. On the contrary, some cheap and among the best web hosts provide an excellent quality/price ratio to their customers for unbeatable prices.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a storage space available on a computer, also called “server”, connected to the Internet and managed by a web host.

This storage space, made available to professionals and individuals, is used to install Internet sites or other types of tools (CRM, extranet, intranet, etc.) which must be accessible via the Internet.

There are two main types of web hosting:

  1. Shared hosting: in this case, the storage space used only occupies part of the server
  2. The dedicated server: in this case, the storage space occupies the entire server

The web host is responsible for maintaining its servers in a suitable environment, ensuring network security, performing hardware and software updates, repairs, etc. to ensure the availability of its clients' websites and tools.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is the most used hosting. We say “shared” because the server on which it is located groups (shares) other accommodation. The total space available on the server is therefore divided between these different accommodations. 

This represents advantages but also disadvantages. In terms of benefits, server maintenance costs are also shared. The rates for each accommodation are therefore very affordable.

But the bandwidth (which represents the amount of information that can be transmitted, in bits/second) is also shared. If your website is installed on shared hosting, and one or more other sites hosted on the same server as you have a high number of visits, you may experience slowdowns.

Finally, of course, it is impossible to manage the characteristics or resources of the server yourself! The web host manages them. His choices are then “passed on” to all of the accommodation present.

However, in most cases, shared hosting is more than enough to cover the needs of a professional or structure.

The dedicated server

A dedicated server is a computer server assigned to a single client. Unlike shared hosting, bandwidth can, therefore, be guaranteed. Most importantly, the client has remote access to server management. He can thus modify the installed applications and their configuration.

If access is not total and the possibilities of modifications are limited by the host, it is a dedicated server "managed" or "managed".

Cloud servers

Unlike a traditional server, which is a physical machine, Cloud servers are virtual machines created using virtualization software.

It is possible to host several Cloud servers on one physical server. The advantage of cloud servers is that they can easily be moved to a more modern and more powerful physical server.

It is also possible to modify the resources allocated to a Cloud server (storage, processors, RAM memory) in real-time.

Why should you choose web hosting?

If you need to create a website to be visible on the Internet, you need a web host to install your sites. At most hosts, you can also buy a domain name and configure it to make your site accessible to everyone via the address you have chosen. For example, you read this article on the site which has the domain name “ “.


It would be unimaginable not to integrate SiteGround in a comparison of WordPress hosting solutions. It's been a while since this publisher has made a name for itself in the WordPress community. And not without reasons. The hosting platform proposed by this actor is particularly powerful, in particular on the offers specific to WordPress. The icing on the cake: the prices offered are among the cheapest on the market (in particular the dedicated server offer). The price-performance ratio is unbeatable. It should also be remembered that SiteGround is one of the few hosts officially recommended by

We tested the StartUp package, at $ 3.95 per month, although we would rather recommend the two superior formulas if you want well-optimized hosting for a WordPress site. They are necessarily more expensive but offer interesting features, such as an advanced cache system (home), free SSL certificates, PCI-DSS certification (essential for an e-commerce site) ... The service registration process SiteGround is both simple and fast. The interface is intuitive and clearly presents the different options available.

Installation of SiteGround hosting is done in a few clicks. It's hard to imagine a simpler installation process. When you do, you will have the option to choose the location of the server. There are 5 data centers available in the USA, Europe, and Asia.

A few words about customer service. SiteGround prides itself on offering unbeatable support, via live chat, telephone, tickets, or on social networks. It is difficult to contradict them. Advisors can access your account and fix just about any problem. They know the WordPress environment perfectly and can help you with problems that are not directly related to hosting. In short, the support is impeccable, although available only in English…

WP Engine

WP Engine is the most "high end" player in this comparison, and therefore also the most expensive. It does ONLY WordPress hosting, but it does it very well, really very well. For the record, it is the host of La Fabrique du Net. After a difficult experience on OVH, with a lot of performance concerns on a VPS, we no longer wanted to take the lead on hosting issues, and we chose the best. No regrets, the performances are top, the customer service is perhaps the best I have ever seen, and we have saved time on several aspects thanks to the services offered by WP Engine (notably the Staging environment ..).

In the basic WP Engine offer, you can only host one WordPress site, with maximum traffic of 25,000 monthly visits. Let’s say it right away: that’s more than enough for most sites. The registration process for WP Engine is childishly simple. Your WordPress site is automatically installed by the host. So you don't need to install your site upstream. At the end of the installation of your WP Engine server, you receive an email with all the accesses and the important data on your site. UX is at the top.

WP Engine also offers one of the best customer support. You have access to very rich documentation as well as a live chat. A telephone line is also available, except in the basic offer. All WP Engine users highlight the high quality of customer service. This is undoubtedly one of the big strengths of this WordPress hosting solution (with the performance of the servers and the reinforced security).

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a relatively new player in the WordPress hosting solutions market. The company has already made a name for itself in the WordPress community thanks to its very competitive prices and the good performance of its offers (compared to those of similar price offers). The company has more than 10 years of experience in the field of accommodation and knows its job and the determinants of quality accommodation very well. The offers dedicated to WordPress are based on a number of principles, guarantees of quality: a developer-friendly side, a high level of security, good performance, and an environment optimized for WordPress.

Customer support is accessible by LiveChat, email, or telephone 24/7. It is very efficient and made up of competent technicians. Again, everything is in English.


BlueHost is one of the rare players not to offer monthly offers without commitment. You must commit yourself at least one year (even if there is a satisfied or reimbursed guarantee system that allows you to be reimbursed quite easily). We tested the basic offer, on a shared server. It can host a website and offers 50 GB of disk space. You are not limited in terms of bandwidth. It is very pleasant. BlueHost offers a one-click WordPress installation service called "MojoMarketplace". This is where the bottom hurts a little. This interface, to be honest, leaves something to be desired. The positive point is that the customer support (live chat) is very robust and will help you if you are lost in the installation!


We tested the Starter package. Registering for the service is a breeze. You are quickly redirected to a traditional cPanel configuration panel, which works very well. HostGator offers a free migration service which makes it very easy to transfer your current WordPress site to the host. Clearly, HostGator is a WordPress hosting solution that works. Only downside: customer service, which is competent but not very responsive. We had several feedbacks pointing out the slowness of the treatment.


As you can see in the screenshot, GoDaddy is the only WordPress hosting solution available in French. This is for many a significant plus. Go Daddy has long dragged a bad reputation in terms of user experience. Things seem to have changed. We had no difficulty registering for the service and proceeding with the installation. Obviously, a lot of front-end optimization work has been carried out in recent years by the development teams. Today Go Daddy offers probably one of the most qualitative interfaces on the market (with a very modern cPanel panel). Nothing to say about customer support. You can easily reach an advisor in case of problems or questions related to accommodation (by chat or telephone, in the USA).

How to choose the best web host?

Whether you are a novice or an expert, choosing a web hosting in the jungle of offers from web hosts is not an easy task. Even if the market has concentrated in recent years and the quality/price ratio of web hosting has improved overall, it is not always easy to understand the technical jargon and the diversity of hosting typologies. It is, therefore, better not to rush headlong and properly assess, upstream, what your needs are based on the specificity of your project (blog, website, e-commerce site, application, intranet, etc.), your skills and of course his budget.

There are all kinds of accommodation offers whose prices can vary from 2 euros to several thousand euros per month. Before making your choice, you should, therefore, ask yourself the right questions <and establish a specification listing the important criteria to take into account: technical characteristics (disk space, CPU, RAM, bandwidth ...), network infrastructure and technical support of the host, location of the data center, level of skills required in outsourcing, Linux or Windows environment, proposed development tools, etc.

Disk space

For the creation of a personal website or blog that does not generate a lot of traffic, shared hosting with basic characteristics (disk space, monthly traffic ...) is generally sufficient. A larger site with a lot of content (videos, photos, advertisements ...) or an e-commerce project with many interactions to plan for requires more storage space. When they are not unlimited, the offers vary from 1 to 10 GB for basic subscriptions, and from 100 GB to 2 TB for high-end dedicated servers. It is also important to check the type of storage offered (HDD or SSD).

Monthly traffic and bandwidth

The monthly traffic constitutes the volume of data exchanged between visitors and the server over a given period. It is generally measured in gigabytes and is often presented as unlimited, in particular in the cheapest shared offers. Bandwidth, which is often confused with monthly traffic, represents the maximum speed at which data can pass between servers and the web. It is expressed in megabits per second (Mb / s) or in gigabits per second (Gb / s). Many web hosts offer "unlimited" bandwidth, but this is not really the case. These hosting plans include limits inherent in the server's capacities, which are generally indicated in small type in the GTCS (General Conditions of Sale).

A basic shared hosting includes a bandwidth which is in principle around 10 Mbps. Dedicated high and very high-performance servers offer bandwidth that can vary from 100 Mbps to 3 Gb / s.


Databases are used to store the different contents of a website such as pages, articles, tables, dates, identifiers, encrypted data, etc. In the majority of cases, the hosts offer the open-source MySQL database management system. Some hostings, however, include other systems, such as Microsoft SQL Server for example. The number of databases and their size vary from one host and from one offer to another.

It is not uncommon for hosts to offer an unlimited number of databases. An important element to take into account depending on the size of your project.

CPU, RAM, write speed

All servers have more or fewer resources (CPU, RAM, disk space ...). The higher the number of CPUs, the more efficient the hosting and ensures fast processing of requests, data, and web applications.

It is important to also check the generation and quality of the CPUs offered. Just like a computer, the quantity and quality of random access memory (RAM) has an impact on the speed of access to information stored in the cache. For a personal site or blog, a RAM of between 2 and 4 GB can be more than enough. As for sites based on heavy CMS (Drupal, Magento ...), it is better to provide a large amount of RAM.

Note that a large capacity of RAM is also useful to manage the surges during peak traffic on a website. In its unique shared hosting offer, o2switch offers a particularly muscular shared configuration, including up to 12 CPUs and 48 GB of RAM. Disk write speed (Input / Output) is also an important element to watch for the optimization of databases and the fluidity of high traffic sites.

Domains, subdomains and email accounts

The vast majority of hosting plans include at least one domain name offered for a year, or even for the duration of the commitment or for life. Depending on the offers, it is possible to install one or more domains to be able, in this case, to operate several websites with a single account.

The hosts also offer a more or less significant number of sub-domains to create mini-sites or blogs linked to the main site. Generally, several email accounts are offered by the hosts, but their size can vary enormously (2, 5, 10 GB to unlimited). This is an interesting option to be able to create e-mail addresses with the same name as a website.

Datacenter location

Choosing a French host whose servers are based in France, of which he is the owner and not the tenant, represents many advantages. Whether it is for a technical or administrative question, it is essential to be able to easily reach a host and obtain rapid support. Being able to count on a service provider based in France, whose technicians speak French, is far from devoid of interest: the reputation of hosting providers is largely based on the quality and availability of their technical support.

The location of data centers in France makes it possible to ensure that its data remains under the supervision of French and European legislation. You should know that when hosts own or rent data centers outside of Europe, the hosted data is no longer subject to European laws. Better think twice before falling for a hosting plan based abroad and especially in North America. With the Patriot Act in force in the USA, the American authorities can access data on websites without even informing their owner. Another essential point to take into account.

What about outsourcing?

The infrastructure and support for accommodation must be carefully chosen according to their skills and the nature of their project. For shared hosting, cloud, and VPS, it is the host that generally takes care of all the maintenance and securing of the servers and the network. Conversely, dedicated accommodation requires either having significant outsourcing resources and skills or outsourcing it. More and more hosts (including OVH, 1 & 1 Ionos, or offer outsourcing services à la carte for dedicated servers. Depending on the different cases, they can manage the installation and configuration of the server, the maintenance, the updates, the performances, the security and the backup of the data,

Many commercial sites opt for this type of service which pays a high price, but which allows them to focus on their business while benefiting from a reliable infrastructure and guaranteed performance.

Linux vs Windows

The vast majority of web hosts offer the possibility of choosing web hosting based on a Linux or Windows server. Clarification is essential: the choice of one or the other system does not affect the operating system installed on the computer from which we manage the administration of a website. The two types of hosting can be used indifferently via a PC, a Mac, or a Linux machine.

Both have advantages and disadvantages: completely free, the open-source operating system Linux was the first to be deployed on web servers by the hosts. This is one of the reasons why much of the web today rely on Linux. Since it does not require the purchase of a license, Linux is offered on most cheap hosting plans, but not only. Linux servers manage programming languages such as PHP, MySQL, HTML, PHP, Python, etc. The system is particularly recommended for novice users for the creation of blogs or personal sites.

Conversely, to install Windows on their servers, hosts must pay a license to Microsoft, the cost of which is then impacted on the prices of hosting plans. In fact, prices for Windows-based servers are in principle higher than those for Linux. It is preferred by companies with specific software needs, but also for security reasons. Windows Server, which works via Microsoft Access software, is the only one to support programming languages such as ASP, Visual Basic, Access, or even MSSQL. Both systems manage basic languages (PHP, Java, Ruby ...) and programs like PHBBB or WordPress.

With equal configuration, the two types of hosting offer almost equivalent performance. Linux servers are however deemed to be more stable than Windows servers, which require a lot of software to operate.

The creation of a web project inevitably involves the choice, sometimes difficult, of web hosting. Whether you are experienced or not, it is essential to choose a solution that suits your needs. Although it is always possible to install one or more servers yourself and connect them to the Internet to host and manage one or more websites, it is often much more cost-effective and safer to go through a service provider. This allows you to rent a turnkey remote infrastructure in a data center, without generally having to take care of its maintenance and security.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How to choose among all hosting plans?

Although there are several solutions for your host, you can ensure a certain standard of quality by choosing from our list of services. All plans have different advantages ( bandwidth, configuration panel (CPanel), SSH certificate, etc.).

What is web hosting?

The web hosting consists of many very powerful computers scattered around the world that store and welcome all associated websites databases: a computer will generally support multiple websites at once. Web hosting ensures the continuous and secure distribution of the content created on the website.

Nowadays, web hosting goes much further than simply hosting a website on a computer: web hosting services, whether we talk about GoDaddy or HostPapa, offer many features to their users, whether the website in question is a blog, an online store or a platform to market a product. WordPress, for example, is the default host that supports most online blogs, while Shopify is one of the most recognized providers for online stores.

What is a domain name?

The domain name is the central part of the URL. Remember that a URL is a text in your navigation bar. For example, is the domain name of the Google search engine. Note that there are several degrees of domain names. Generally, Internet users have the possibility of obtaining second-degree domain names, while it is almost impossible because it is too expensive to obtain a first-degree domain name.

In the following URL,, the “.com” is the first level, while “google” is the second level of the domain name. There are therefore as many identical second-level domain names as there are first level possibilities (.ca, .fr, .qc, .com, .org, etc.). You can visit our comparison of WordPress hosts to find out more about the different types of servers that exist for this CMS.

The function of the domain name is to offer the internet using a simple way to get to your website. In other words, it is the gateway to your website.

What is the uptime of a server?

You have typed the URL of the site you are trying to open in the Google Chrome navigation bar and you are waiting, waiting, and waiting. After more than 30 seconds of waiting, you decide to look elsewhere.

This was an example of too long server availability. In other words, the uptime of a server is the time taken by the server on which your website is hosted to make your website accessible to the Internet user. It is also the time during which the sharing and hosting equipment is available vis-à-vis the time during which it is not. This ratio gives the user an overview of the reliability and stability of the website.
Note that server uptime should not be confused with bandwidth, which is a unit dependent on your Internet connection.

What is shared hosting?

Shared or shared hosting consists of centralizing several websites sharing the same resources on the same machine. This is usually the hosting you get if you do business with platforms like GoDaddy and HostPapa. Your databases will not be shared directly with the network, but your resources will be. Note that if you consider having special needs, specifically performance and reliability needs, shared hosting may not be suitable for your site and to your service. This is not to say that the hosting platforms are known and renowned for their low price and their ease of approach is less efficient; the fact is that it serves countless sites, hence the performance slower than dedicated hosting.

Shared hosting uses the same Apache, MySQL, and mail server instances to run several sites: everything is therefore centralized and shared. It is usually possible to get a dedicated IP address for your site despite the fact that you are hosting your website on a shared host.

What is a cloud host?

The word “Cloud” implies a metaphorical “cloud” in which information is stored. Whether we are talking about Google Drive, the Apple Cloud, or simply a Cloud host, the principle remains the same: it is for Internet user X to borrow a virtual space in the cloud to store his personal data or those of his site. In the case of the cloud host, the internet user buys a space to host his website, so that the content therein can be displayed.

When writing the URL in the search bar of a website hosted in the Cloud, the protocol will fetch the information associated with this domain name on a virtual private server, rather than having to refer to servers stored somewhere we don't know where. It is, therefore, a type of accommodation which has no physical component and which has become more and more popular in recent years.

Although there are several solutions for your host, you can ensure a certain quality standard by choosing from our list of services

Can a change of web host have a negative impact on the SEO of a site?

John Mueller of Google answered this question, which is often asked by our readers, at the end of 2018. It is confirmed, once again (and officially): the transition to a new host has no negative influence on the SEO of a site (unless obviously, your new host prevents GoogleBot from exploring your site ). On the contrary, switching to a better web host, a faster host, or using a powerful CDN (like Cloudflare) can actually help a site to be better positioned in Google.

The methodology of this comparison of web hosting

First of all, I want to say that this article will be different from most of the other articles of type “best web host” / “comparison of web hosts” / “TOP 10 of the best hosts” in the sense that I will not give you hierarchical list but rather avenues for reflection so that you can find the host and accommodation that best suits your needs.

In fact, it makes no sense to speak of a “better” host in my opinion since most hosts offer several hosting plans and that the hosting plans of different hosts will each have strengths and weaknesses.

In the end, establishing the classification of “best” hosts is as relevant as establishing a classification of “best” sports or “best” musical instruments in my opinion: everything will depend on the criteria chosen.

Is the best host the cheapest? The one with the best performance hosting plans? The one with the best customer service? Who pollutes the least?
Rather than establishing a fixed classification of hosts, I will therefore rather in this article give you lists of hosts which in my opinion are the best in relation to such or such criterion by therefore choosing beforehand the criteria which I think are the most important. It is then up to you to think about the accommodation criteria that are important to you.

The criteria that I will use in this article are:

  • Ergonomics/ease of use
  • The quality of customer service
  • Free?
  • The type of website to host

In addition to this, to be as relevant as possible, note that I start from the principle that I am addressing an audience of individuals / small businesses, that is to say, an audience that:

Doesn't need ultra-robust hosting and it does not have big means / any deep knowledge of hosting management.

I will, therefore, focus on the shared hosting formulas of each host only, not to mention VPS, dedicated, or cloud hosting.

Finally, my criteria do not include the overall performance level of the hosting solutions or the price of these solutions. The reasons are simple: the “overall performance level” is a composite criterion which is difficult to assess precisely and which is not really relevant for entry/mid-range hosting solutions since all the hosts mentioned below rightly offer a similar level of performance that is largely sufficient for ordinary people. The price is also not, in my opinion, a relevant criterion since for equal offer the prices are also relatively similar between the hosts (between 1 € and 5 € per month for an entry-level offer).

This being clear, it's time to discover my hosts of choice!

Note that I use personally hosting solutions "WordPress Hosting" of Bluehost and "GoGeek" of SiteGround which are the best solutions for my benefit that I could find.

Also, note that some hosts mentioned in this article offer affiliate programs. These programs pay the people who recommended them. I am registered with some of them. However, the opinions given on the hosts in this article are not influenced by these programs.

Finally, note that I do not know and do not pretend to know all the hosting solutions in the world (far from it!) And that I cannot speak of solutions that I do not know! There are certainly some great solutions that I have never heard of. However, I will be happy to test them so do not hesitate to send me information relating to the solution in question.

The best host for your WordPress blog?

Once again, it is difficult to speak of a “best” host without first establishing a list of criteria that can be objectively noted.

In this part, I will talk about web hosts who offer to host offers specially created for WordPress.

Managing WordPress blogs myself for more than 10 years, I can only go in the direction of the hosts officially recommended by the development team of the WordPress solution and also recommend Bluehost and SiteGround which are my hosts of choice for several years now.

Bluehost is a web host that focuses almost exclusively on WordPress hosting and therefore has an excellent knowledge of the solution and who will be able to make the best adjustments and offer you what you need.

Siteground, for its part, also offers many features for WordPress and has extremely competent customer service.

The only drawback of these two solutions is that they do not have an interface or service in the USA.

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