Belts For Men – Choose The Right One For You

Belt is one of the most valuable accessories specially for men. Right belt can easily enhance your clothing choice and provide you a complete look. There are many types of belts for men including leather belts, formal belts, casual belts, ratchet belt, and so on. We know that choosing it is not an easy task and since we do not want you to make any mistakes, we teach you several tips that will help you choose the ideal belt that best suits your style.

How to choose the right belt for men

Before starting to give you advice on how to choose your belt, we have to emphasize the importance it has for our look. The belt gives us mainly two benefits with:

Its practical function:

It helps you to hold the shirt (if you wear it inside) and keep the clothes in their corresponding place. Eye! The pants have to go well up, no girl likes the pants "shit".

Its aesthetic function:

Although it is not the accessory that you can wear the most, if you hit the belt, I assure you that it will substantially improve your final look.

Belts For Men
  • It is possible to choose a belt in the same color as the pants in order to offer uniformity to the look. The absence of contrast in color will make you look taller. Choosing the belt in the same tone as the pants is also a little trick to look thinner.
  • In opposition to the advice described above, opting for a belt that is a different color from that of the trousers is a good secret of style for those thin and tall men.
  • Another point to take into account when choosing a good belt is the material in which it is made since you can find them in different materials: leather, wool, suede or braided cotton belt.
  • A pair of jeans allows you a great possibility to combine it with different belt styles and in very varied colors. There are people who do not choose the belt according to the tone of the trousers and, however, do take into account that this accessory combines well with the tone of the shoe. At least, this detail is taken into account in the most formal looks.
  • Now seriously, if you want your belt to last a few years, you should choose one made with leather and not synthetic leather. Although it is more expensive, then it will come to mind.

I think that with these tips you can already build a good base. The rest depends on you and your preferences. Remember that the belt is a very important element, since we do not use it at all times.

What should I not do when choosing a belt?

  • Do not measure the size of your waist before going to buy.The pre-purchase phase is the most important step of all. First you have to look at the inner label of your pants, so you'll know what your waist size is.
  • Exceed in the thickness and width of the belt. Leave narrow belts for suits. Never wear an extremely thin and thin belt for jeans.
  • Do not take care of the size of the buckle. Luckily, the belts with giant buckles have already gone out of fashion. Keep in mind the proportions, especially if you are looking for elegant and thin belts for your suits.
  • Erroneously combine the belt with my shoes. If you choose a brown belt, the shoes have to be brown or at least, of the same color range. And the same goes for all colors. Easy, is not it?
  • Use the same belt in all your looks. It is something that is constantly repeated in many men. The best thing you can do is to have a small selection of at least 2 or 3 belts.
  • Do not look at its length. Then what happens, you have to go to repair it, add holes, and after all, you lose time.
  • Do not try to contrast black with brown. With black, it uses primary colors such as reds or yellows, and with brown colors such as green, orange, among others.

Now, to finish, we leave you with a video and some links that you might find interesting to complement the information of the article.

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