What’s Better: Computer Games VS Outdoor Games?

Is there anything more enjoyable and funny than playing in the world? Which do you prefer, computer games or outdoor games? Now a days many of us likes to play computer games as a best indoor games.

As we developed in technology, playing outdoor games is not preferable for most of us! In this article, we would like to discuss briefly about computer games vs outdoor games. Let’s go! 

The benefits of computer or technological games:

Some studies have shown that computer games stimulate the psychomotor coordination of the child, their strategies for solving problems under certain conditions, the ability to persevere in a task. In addition, they provide some experiences that they can’t live through.

Through the game, the child rehearses and practices many of the activities that he will face in adult life. For this reason, after four years, a large part of the child's play activity is invested in the imitation of models. And normally these models are taken from the adults that surround the child.

Then play with electronic toys that require the use of joysticks, mice, buttons and keys, screens or interfaces ... will ensure the subsequent adaptation of the child to the technological world in which we live.

The problem is that of desensitization. Just as a child adopts patterns of behavior through play, he also acquires values and attitudes. And in many of these games, however virtual they may be, violence is normalized as a means to resolve conflicts, or discriminatory behaviors are justified.

The risks of computer games:

Several things happen if children are stuck to the screens a long time:

They do not interact with the family, or they do much less. These children do not know other people, other children, and adults. They do not move from the seat, and as we know a sedentary lifestyle is an enemy of health.

The sight gets tired by being continuously focused on looking so closely. The habitual thing is that the eye goes alternating the vision of near and far. On the changes of color and brightness of the screen there are different opinions regarding the effect on the view; In any case, the abuse is discouraged and the video games alternated with other activities.

How to get rid of?

Video games can be a resource to entertain and learn different skills and concepts, provided they are used in an appropriate way and we know how to choose the games that are appropriate for their age and interests. To increase productivity and long time gaming an ideal gaming desk in necessary. 

Keeping children away from the screens will not only be an unsuccessful task in a matter of time but can be counterproductive and limit an emergent cultural space in which they will develop throughout their lives, in the same way, that we do and we do. The key to video games do not monopolize our children is to control the game, time and company.

You can check the gaming desk to avoid any risk of computer game.

The benefits of outdoor games

Outdoor activities are fundamental for the proper physical and psychological development of children.

For their psychomotor development because outdoor activities encourage coordination, balance, temporal space organization, fine and gross motor skills, muscle capacity, precision.

It helps them to reinforce the march, the race, the jump, the climbing, going up and down ramps and stairs ... the use or of all their body in an environment of freedom.

When the child moves outdoors, it changes their way of meeting adults and other children. They learn to live together and share moments and games in an environment that relaxes them and makes them feel freer.

In the classroom, we observe our almond tree, when it is left naked when the first shoots come out, the new leaves, the flowering, the exit of the almond tree ... it is a precious resource to observe the nature in its full development. We do not need to see the changes in a book (although we love stories), we experience them with the five senses.

Our garden in spring is another of the outdoor activities that we like the most. Planting the buds and seeds, watering them, taking care of them and observing their growth is a precious experience for our children.

Outdoor activities lend themselves to imagining other worlds, other environments from which to dream. Do you come to dream with us?

Best outdoor games for children

There are various outdoors games to entertain children. Outdoor games not only entertain the children but also ensure physical health. Here, we discuss some important outdoor games that are suitable for children as well as youth.

1. Baseball

Baseball is a sport with its own personality. We have looked at the benefits of baseball for children because it seems to us one of the most complete sports. To practice it, children need to coordinate strategies and develop several senses simultaneously. Next, we will explain the advantages of baseball practice for children, as well as the necessary equipment and safety tips that must be taken into account.

Necessary Equipment: Bat, Ball, Glove, Catcher's mitt, First baseman's mitt, Batting gloves, Batting helmet, Baseball cap, Catcher's helmet, Sunglasses, Pelvic protector and as practice equipment pitching machine is the best option for players.

2. Hoverboard Riding

Hoverboard is also known as self-balancing scooters, most popular outdoor game, used for moving one place to another by adventure loving people. It is very essential for weight loss and refreshment of mind. To ensure more comfort and excellent riding experience the best hoverboard is a must for you.  

3. Golf

Golf is the outdoor game that ensure entertain all classes of people. It is not only perfect for children but also perfect for youth and adults. For more in-depth information about golfing, golfing shoe tips, its features, and pros, cons you may read from "golfbee".

4. Races of soap boats

For the hottest days, we offer outdoor or fishing activities based on boat races in the water. The first thing you have to do is create the boats with soap bars, toothpicks, and cardboard. The next thing is to get a gutter and a hose, and finally put your boats to navigate, which will be the fastest? You can also make your boats with sponges or corks.

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