17 Tips For Dining Room Table Decoration

Have you ever wondered how to decorate your living room table?

It seems like a minor question, but when we can't find the answer that fits perfectly, it becomes a recurring thought.

Discover below the best ways to decorate the dining table!

17 Ideas To Decorate Your Dining Room Table

1. Use tall objects for round tables

When dressing or decorating a round or oval table, the trick is to opt for elements of higher height. Why? Because otherwise we will be contributing to generate a pyramidal sensation not pleasant to the eye.

Although, in reality, it is possible to decorate a round table in practically any shape, it is true that it is a type of furniture that offers less practical and aesthetic possibilities. If you want to be sure, choose more or less vertical decorations in these cases, for example, using flowers with long stems or very tall chandeliers.

2. Create contrasts on white or glass tables

If your dining table is white or made of glass, you have two options. The first, to counter that decorative simplicity or coldness with the rest of the decorative elements in the room, which should be more colorful and daring to create contrast.

The second option is to opt for a centerpiece that generates a very interesting counterpoint. Thus, you will get to have in your living room an interesting combination of elegance and originality.

For example, even if you choose vases or other glass objects to decorate your table made with this same material, make sure that they are different, special.

3. Do you have a modern dining room? Opt for a sculpture or a sophisticated candle holder

The best alternative when decorating a modern living room table is to choose an imposing miniature sculpture (the size of which should be commensurate with the size of the table). It is, on the one hand, not to change the aesthetics of the dining room, already modern, and, on the other hand, to draw minimal attention to this object located in the center of the table.

On the other hand, there are candle holders or candle holders that are authentic decorative wonders, and even centerpieces that are designed solely and exclusively to decorate the tables of this type of dining room.

4. Put some elegant vessels for a more classic style

Who said that the vessels are only containers? Actually, well chosen and placed, they can become real treasures, without having to contain anything inside or perform any other function.

In addition, there are appropriate vessels or jugs for any style. Far from being only suitable for classic, vintage or more or less bohemian salons, you can choose from a large number of different types of vessels, until you find the one that best suits your living room. Surely your choice will not go unnoticed.

5. If the table is rectangular, create compositions with various objects

The rectangular shapes applied to a dining table have a number of implications. Firstly, it is necessary to discard excessively large centerpieces and, secondly, it will be necessary to resort to a technique that is often ignored in interior decoration: symmetrical distribution .

Dining Room Table Decoration

A good option when applying these two premises when decorating the living room table is to create original and unique compositions of various elements. However, the possibility of creating contrasts or playing with rhythm should not be ruled out either. You choose, always sticking to that rectangular shape.

6. Add a romantic touch with original candles

If you like romanticism applied to decoration, your dining room will undoubtedly be a true reflection of that taste for delicacy. In that case, decorating the living room table with a well-shaped set of candles or with one that has enough wingspan will be a guarantee.

If you usually use candles, you will know that you can get them in a thousand different shapes and sizes. In addition, it is also possible to choose between a large number of aromas, so that, in addition to decorating the table in your living room, you will be making this smell much better, giving it the personal touch that will undoubtedly make a difference.

7. Plants will create a very special atmosphere in the dining room

For lovers of nature, any corner of the house is suitable for decorating it with plants, and the living room table was no less. With them, you can create very special compositions, combine those that are of different shape or color and even renew them with each change of season.

Of course, it will not always be necessary for plants to be natural, you can also use artificial plants. The optical effect is practically the same, but you will save yourself having to clean the table every time the leaves fall or the plant wilts.

8. Use vases of different sizes

You can place on your dining table a set of vases of different sizes, shapes or colors, without the need for these to contain any plants inside.

It is a very simple decorative idea, but one that, well implemented, can be very original. Keep in mind that, as with candles, the vases come in infinite styles, colors and shapes.

You will only have to choose those that you like the best or that best combine with the rest of the decorative elements of the dining room, and decide if you want to complement them with flowers or not.

9. A fruit bowl brings color and freshness

As in the case of plants and flowers, fruits can be natural or plastic or other material, but the point is that placing a bowl or bowl full of pieces of fruit is a good way to have a dining table with fresh and colorful.

You can choose to put several pieces of the same fruit (oranges, for example) in the container that will act as a centerpiece or combine several, so that the result is much more colorful. Try apples, lemons, and cherries. And eat them when you feel like it!

10. Decorative trays never go out of style

Some of the elements to decorate dining tables that we have discussed so far can also be combined with decorative trays, which will make it much easier to put it away when you need space.

For example, candles, vases and vases can be placed on top of beautiful trays that will make your living room table not go unnoticed by visitors.

And do not think that the possibilities are limited in this sense, because there are trays of all kinds. You can also use trays with the most appropriate shape depending on how the table is, and with the colors or designs that best match the rest of the dining room.

11. Do you want to surprise? Opt for some tree branches

Especially if you live in the country, the decorative details that evoke natural places or environments are the most valued. In the case of decorations for the dining room table, it is not uncommon in this type of home to be shaped by objects that can be found outdoors.

If you want to achieve that country effect, and also leave all your guests speechless, while enhancing the rustic atmosphere of your dining room, the option of placing one or more small branches in a container can be a good idea. In addition, you can paint or customize them to your liking.

12. The cups can also be decorative

The glasses do not have to serve only to drink during a meal. And it is possible to place them strategically to design a totally original composition and decorate your dining table with it. In this case it is especially interesting to use a decorative tray, in which the cups you have chosen would be distributed.

An original idea is to use glasses of special shapes to decorate the table, but turned inside out. In the interior space, you can also place other decorative objects, such as flowers or pebbles of different colors.

13. Turn your centerpiece into a keepsake

What better way to decorate your living room table than by placing a handful of memories in its center? The shells of that beach where you spent your holidays, the petals of the flowers you collected on that getaway or the stones of the river where you spent the years of your childhood …

Think of one of your best memories (or keep it in mind for your next trip), collect those objects that make you return to them every time you look at the centerpiece of your living room and put them in a nice container. You'll love it!

14. Glass fish tanks will give you a lot of play

As you have seen, using certain objects to decorate that, in principle, have totally different functions, is a recurring tip. And it is that, in addition to being most of the time quite economical, it is a very original decorative method.

One more idea in this regard may be to use glass fish tanks (much better if they are round and with a narrower top, to place whatever you want in them).

You can even put several of different sizes and leave them empty. Surely the simple fact of having chosen this element to decorate your dining room table will be more than enough.

15. Adapt the decoration of the living room table to each time of the year

We all know that the mood and mood are not the same during all times of the year. If we adapt other facets of our life to seasonal change, why not also do it with the most accessory decoration in our home?

This will help us to personalize the stay even more and also to make it more welcoming at all times of the year. To do this, you can for example place pine or chestnut pineapples on a tray, if it is winter, and change them for dry leaves in autumn. Surely you love to renew the decoration of your dining table with each change of season.

16. Take advantage of festive decorations

Any home at Christmas , Halloween or Easter is filled with decorations that hint that the holiday has also come to our home. The advice at this point has to do with not removing those decorations completely, and adapting them later, when the party is over, to decorate the center of our living room table.

For example, that mistletoe that we had placed under the entrance or doors of the house can later be trimmed and placed in cans or colored jars.

17. Use a large centerpiece if the table is very large

Large centerpieces are true icons of style. In fact, the most sophisticated interior decoration revolves around objects that, in one way or another, mark the aesthetics and personality of each room.

In this sense, if you have a large dining table, do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of that space to give your living room a sophisticated image, placing a large and elegant centerpiece.

Of course, being such a large object that presides over the table, you must take special care and choose one that fits perfectly with the rest of the elements in the room.


As you have seen, decorating the center of a dining table can be done in many different ways.

You will have to take into account what is your budget or your ability to make decorations or centerpieces yourself, in addition to keeping in mind what your tastes are and the predominant style in your living room.

Thus, you can choose a more natural decoration (with plants, fruits or even shells or stones), or be a little more sophisticated and place a small sculpture or a set of vessels or crystal glasses.

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