Ergonomic Products For Home or Office To Boost Productivity

The best ergonomic products to avoid the most common pains in the office. If you spend many hours working in front of a computer, these items will help you prevent back, neck, wrist or forearm discomfort.

Spending eight or nine hours sitting in one of those uncomfortable office chairs can cause serious health problems, from wrist injuries to cervical pain. Those who work with their eyes fixed on a computer throughout the day are exposed to suffer some ailment of this type throughout their lives.

In this situation, the usefulness of ergonomic --objects items that cater to the physiological conditions of the user - - is an option to prevent the onset of physical ailments in people who work during the day and sitting in front of a computer.

For this reason, we ask several experts in physiotherapy and the most common ailments derived from an office job, and we select some of the most demanded products to mitigate pain in areas such as wrists, forearms, neck or the back.

Top Ergonomic Products For Home or Office

High Quality Desk: A height adjustable desk is must for obtaining more comfort when working. The office desk with high quality material miraculously increase the working hours and productivity.

Microsoft Arc Keyboard: It has an ergonomic design that facilitates the natural alignment of the wrist. It has a wireless connection so that you can place it wherever you want and, in addition, its weight of 200 grams makes it very light.

Microsoft Arc Wireless Keyboard for PC

Desk Organizer: A perfectly organized desk can easily increase the productivity of your work. Best desk organizer is the right solution to organize your desk.

Mouse pad Fellowes Gel Crystals: This mat has a gel texture pad on which we can rest the wrist while we are using the mouse. In this way, you can avoid bad postures and promotes relaxation of this limb.

Small Table or Desk Fan: In summer session, you may feel bore with unusual sweat. Simply use a small desk or table fan to get comfort when working. Small and high quality desk fan with optimum airflow is necessary for the desk. The desk fan have to be noiseless and lightweight for easy moving.

CSL wireless mouse: The vertical shape of this mouse adapts to the natural position of the wrist and forearm. It offers great sensitivity and the fact that it is wireless provides greater mobility and comfort to the user.

Two-legged Kensington wrist rests. Gel cushion to support the wrists while writing on the electronic keyboard. It has up to three different height levels to adapt it to the size of the keyboard that we use.

Desk pad: To ensure maximum comfort you can use desk pad in your desk. The desk pad can easily protect your hand from unusual pain from the surface of the desk surface. Leather desk pad can be the great choice for you.

Desk or Table Clock: Use desk clock in front of you when working on your desk. Time management is very important for professionals. Proper time management additionally increase the productivity of your work.

To care for the neck and back

17.3% of Americans suffer from chronic back pain and 14.7% in the cervical area, according to this 2016 report published by the Ministry of Health. To prevent discomfort, this expert recommends exercising the muscles and warns workers: "Either 80 or 200 euros, the important thing is to have chairs where they find comfort."

In view of the growing number of employees who work maintaining the same position for hours, we select the following products.

Office chair: This model is far from conventional. The best office chair is specially designed to maintain a correct posture of the spine when sitting and, contrary to what it may seem, it is not uncomfortable. In addition, it offers the possibility of regulating the angle and height so that it is placed in the position that we want. Use cushioned office chair for maximum comforts.

Ergonomic cushion: If instead you prefer the traditional office chairs, this cushion helps you to maintain a correct posture in the seat. The high quality foam reduces the damage that can be caused by sitting for hours. The material it is made of makes this cushion have a memory effect and is thermo sensitive.

Footrest Fellowes Refresh: The position of the legs while sitting down is paramount. This footrest is adjustable to two heights (95 and 135 mm), to rest the legs and have a correct position of the back. The support platforms favor ventilation and are comfortable.

Lumbar cushion Support back: It is made of high quality foam, which makes this cushion fits perfectly to the curvature of the lower back. Also, the cover that covers it is breathable mesh so you do not have to worry about sweat and moisture.

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