Fabric Sofa or Leather Sofa? Which Is Better?

The sofa is one of the most loved furniture in the home. This is where we rest after a long day of study or work. It is also where we are prepared to watch a good movie or to share with friends and family. Now, when buying a sofa, what is best?

Because buying a sofa is an important decision, since it is an element that lasts for a long time and generates a large expense. There are many factors to take into account: from the comfort, the cleanliness of the house and the order, the duration of the materials etc. Here are some differences and features that will help you make a decision.

Advantages of Fabric Sofa

If you choose a cloth sofa, you will usually save money. Fabric sofas are cheaper than those of other materials, such as leather. Among its advantages are:

Easy Cleaning: One of the main advantages of fabric sofas is their ease of cleaning and maintenance. It is only necessary to clean the dust daily and you can remove most of the stains, just by passing a lint-free cloth, lightly moistened with water, as the stains are not embedded as in most fabrics.

Comfort: the fabric sofa is molded to the body and adopts our shape, which is why we find it more comfortable.

Motives and colors: When choosing a fabric sofa we will have many more options regarding colors, prints, and motifs; we can combine the sofa with the colors of the walls to create different environments.

The fabric breathes: A fabric sofa is much more breathable than a leather one. In the summer you will not feel uncomfortable or "stuck" to the sofa; and in winter, the material will not be cold.

Resistant: Another of the great advantages of leather sofas is its resistance to the passage of time. They usually last longer than cloth upholstery; the wear is very inferior. Even in some cases, the skin is sold with a treatment that makes it look like aged skin for an elegant touch.

As for the decoration, they adapt to all styles, both the most modern and the most classic salons. A fabric sofa ensures the absence of scratches from our canine and cat friends. If you have pets, it is the ideal option.

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Disadvantages of Fabric Sofa

The fabrics are warmer in winter and cooler in summer, most fabrics are washable in the washing machine in cold water, short and reverse programs provided they are 100% polyester, otherwise they are suitable for specialized cleaning products in Dry upholstery, available at any supermarket.

The variety of textures and colors available in the fabric is not comparable with the skins. Prints, smooth, combined, velvety, rustic, classic, modern, etc ..

The main disadvantages of most fabric upholstery are the passage of time, wear is usually greater in the fabric and its maintenance in most cases less comfortable than in the case of the leather.

Advantages of Leather Sofa

If, on the other hand, you decide on a leather sofa, these are some of the characteristics that make it unique:

Style: A leather sofa gives a modern touch to the environment in which it is located. It could be said that it even has a certain elegance. If you like minimalist decoration this is your best option.

Health: Leather sofas are hypoallergenic. This is a very important fact for those who are allergic since this material does not accumulate dust, mites or pet hairs.

Cleaning: To keep a leather sofa in good condition, you only need a cloth, leather cleaner and that's it; you can keep it in perfect condition easily. In addition, the leather does not absorb stains, as happens with the fabric.

Durability: A leather sofa will last longer than a fabric sofa because it retains its shape and is not damaged or ripped like other materials.

Disadvantages of leather sofas

One of the main drawbacks of the skin is that it can be a cold material to the touch, for some people it could be somewhat cold in winter and hot in summer.

Another of the main disadvantages of leather sofas is, of course, the price, usually considerably higher than cloth upholstery. But the price over the years is amortized since its duration is usually longer.

Although the leather is resistant, it is essential to avoid the contact of leather sofas with pets and any object that could cut or scratch the upholstery, keeping it also away from direct sunlight and from other heat sources such as stoves, with a distance of at least 60 cm and windows or glass doors through which lots of sunlight.

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