Important Features of an Ergonomic Chair

The term ergonomic chairs has become a common point when it comes to providing a work environment conducive to the development of work, during long days of everyday life.

This has generated a growing interest in acquiring this type of office chairs and therefore a marketing of various furnishings, which claim to be ergonomic, but do not provide the basic elements to enter this rating.

Important Features of an ergonomic chair

Lumbar support: Be secretarial or executive chairs , the furniture must maintain the natural curvature of the back. In the market there are chairs that ensure true lumbar support, when it only has a padded back without ergonomic features. 

We must bear in mind that we will spend many hours sitting in the office or, in our home, if we work online. So the characteristics of ergonomic office chairs with soft cushioned are fundamental and we must pay close attention.

In addition to having optimal support, the lumbar support favors an upright position of the spine, which is another key at the time of sitting properly in front of your study or computer desk. When sitting upright, we already have a very good base, so that correctly positioning the legs and arms will be something simpler and more natural.

Cascade curvature: The edge of the chair should relieve the pressure on the blood vessels of the thighs, preventing the numbness of the legs, cramps in the feet or the appearance of varicose veins.

Padding: The principle of less is more in this characteristic. A chair with excess padding material, over time, will end up adapting to the poor posture of the user.

Mobility: The displacement of these products should be done without major efforts, allowing the body to comply with different movements of relaxation.

Support arms: These elements are of great importance, it will be in them where the weight of the arms rests, avoiding unnecessary efforts for our back.

Depth: When very deep chairs are used, greater discomfort is generated for users of small frame. The ideal measurement, when a person is with the back well supported, is of a closed fist between the edge of the saddle and the knee of the user.

Height: Ideally, the legs form an angle of 90, relative to the floor. This is why you should check if the height of the chair allows this.

Materials of the ergonomic office chairs also count

The manufacturing materials of ergonomic office chairs also have a lot to say in terms of ergonomics and comfort. It is important to pay attention and also look at the manufacturer to know that it is an ergonomic chair in perfect condition.

At this point we will talk about a material that has many advantages and that at first can generate distrust: the breathable mesh. Fabrics made of this material are extremely resistant and maintain their properties for much longer. As if that were not enough, they do not just get dirty, so a breathable mesh chair is a very interesting investment in the long term.

We especially recommend this material because it is the most purchased. In addition, it allows good perspiration, preventing sweat or other fluids from accumulating in its particles. You will find yourself at a great temperature both in summer, winter, spring and autumn. It is one of the most chosen elements and most taken into account when buying an office chair for back pain.

Ergonomic office chairs must be configured properly

Lastly, we will reveal a secret that although it may seem very simple and obvious, is often neglected: set up ergonomic office chairs well. As we said at the beginning, it is absolutely essential to adjust the chair and that it adapts to the user and not the other way around. The best of the ergonomic chairs is useless if afterwards it is badly regulated, there can be a world of difference!

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