Folding Dining Table for Small Space

Folding dining tables are perfect to adapt to exceptional situations, in which you must receive guests to eat or you need a large table for having a large family.

Extendable dining tables or folding dining tables are the cheapest options and with which you can save space since their width varies depending on the needs you have. This is clearly one of the most important factors in the choice of people looking for a small dining table.

Types of extendable dining tables

The style of the home should be what defines how our dining table should be. After having carefully analyzed the colors of all the rooms in your house, the shapes of the accessories, and other types of objects, our decision should be: should it be modern or traditional? Wooden, glass, or metallic? After having made all those decisions, the last one appears: with a Nordic, minimalist, or ornate aesthetic?

Round dining tables

If you want your decoration to be in accordance with the table you choose and have many oval or circular elements, we believe that the introduction of a round dining table that, when expanded, is an oval dining table can be a great solution.

However, round dining tables can be a piece of furniture that stands out in your decor if you want, making a contrast between the table and the decor that is found later in the room.

Square dining tables

As in the previous section, we found how square dining tables can be more prominent. However, square tables are the most common in all dining rooms, since the decoration for them is often not taken as a reference.

In our case, we believe that advice when buying the ideal dining table for your home is key. We bet on the two ways that we found in the previous point:

A continuous path, that is, the path in which all the furniture has a similar appearance, looking for the furniture in the room and even the entire house, have the same similarity. That is, if you buy an extendable square dining table, you should opt for this type of design also in coffee tables, bedside tables, etc.

Another way in which the decoration is the opposite of the continues. This means that TV tables, kitchen tables, and other furniture will be different than what is around you. This can mean, for example, a more oval and circular decoration, highlighting a table with straight lines, such as this extendable dining table.

Materials with which the folding dining tables can be made

In addition to being a factor that can make your dining table more expensive, a table can have different materials on the tabletop or on the table legs themselves.

Glass dining tables

Previously, a glass dining table did not have the possibility of being an extendable dining table, the only possibility being the folding variable. However, thanks to the technical innovations of an entire sector.

This type of table model may seem expensive. However, at Mobiprix we have a good selection of cheap glass dining tables that can give a great result to your home decoration. In addition, thanks to their usually minimalist and simple shape, the glass tables will give a differentiated style to the room with an ideal modern touch.

Methacrylate dining table

As another clear possibility are the methacrylate dining tables, which is a safer version and provides greater resistance to shocks compared to glass tables.

This type of table is a clear option when you want to have a glass dining table, but you have small children who can scratch or mistreat it.

Wooden dining tables

Wooden dining tables are the most typical dining room furniture. Worked for decades, now it shares prominence with the other models. However, many people still prefer the wooden dining table to complete their stay with the best decoration.

Among our selection, we can find different colors, models, and decorative types within it.

How can the models of the dining tables be?

Traditional Dining Tables

Traditional dining tables are linked to simple styles, but with a slightly larger wood thickness and even decorative effects that are currently related to a slightly more familiar audience. These ages are also looking for a more rustic type of furniture.

It is characterized in most cases by having a varnish finish, giving barbaric importance to the betas that the wood has, emphasizing the raw material. If you love the color of the wood and the varnish finish, this is undoubtedly your model!

Modern Dining Tables

Modern dining tables are the ones in vogue today. A very fine style, with straight lines and that, always has softer colors. Usually, modern dining tables are white dining tables, since the decorations of current houses tend towards desaturation of colors, avoiding bright colors, except for accessories such as cushions, flowers, or details of other furniture.

Minimalist Dining Tables

The minimalist extendable dining tables are characterized by having a totally simple structure, trying to reduce the number of materials used.

Although they may seem very fragile, the designers that make these types of models make them a safe table and not simply a table with minimalist exhibition design, but they think that this object should be stable and perfect.

However, it is clear that the structure can be weaker than a traditional or modern wooden table, due to the use of reinforcements and more materials when making it.

Oriental Dining Tables

Here we can see how many of the folding dining tables are designed thanks to the influences of the Japanese dining tables brought to Western culture, where the table height is correct.

Another detail is that these tables can have Asian details on the ends of it.

Buy your table with us and find the best price for a folding table of this type. Do not hesitate, it is a unique occasion for this collection!

The advantages of having a folding dining table

Premium materials, bulk manufacturing reduces production costs, allowing the manufacturer to offer customers high-quality furniture at a low price with an attractive value for money.

Surfaces with special materials such as the melamine compound for the surface in models with chipboard, which give it a colorful and modern finish as well as protection against moisture, which facilitates cleaning and maintenance.

The versatility for the ability to offer different configurations and thus adapt to space where it is needed.

New materials, from chipboard, metals, acrylics, glass, and solid wood, any type of material is good for extendable tables.

A single table, several uses, in the home or office. It can easily be converted into, computer tables, shared workspaces, side tables, consoles, and dining rooms are just some of the characteristics of this type of furniture.

Wide variety of work surfaces. From a smaller area (when it is folded) to areas over 2 meters long (when it is unfolded). This is one of the most important reasons why these space-saving tables are so sought after by buyers.

They adapt to different decorations and environments, whether business or home, with modern or classic designs.

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