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Gaming Chair Or Office Chair – The Differences and Advantages

When purchasing a chair for our set up, we may not only consider the different options that are within the gaming catalog, but we also doubt whether to choose an office chair or a gaming chair. Although it seems strange, both chairs have different characteristics to offer and may change your opinion on what you prefer after reading this article.

The gaming chairs allow us to support the whole body in them

Gaming Chair Or Office Chair

The gaming chairs have a great point in their favor, have a much more colorful design for gamer and attract many more. In addition, most gaming chairs have dimensions that allow us to rest your head, something that most desk chairs do not incorporate - although some do.

Before, office chairs had a more armchair style design, but with the passage of time and the advance of ergonomic design, these have been abandoning all their weight and have become very light chairs with a design fully adapted to our body. Most gaming chairs brand have all kinds of shapes so that you do not suffer from our back after sitting 8 hours in them (40 hours a week). Gaming Chair always ergonomic and perfectly fits with your gaming desk.

If you want a fully ergonomic chair, you should go to the office chairs

Gaming Chair Vs Office Chair

Although we spend long hours in our gaming chair, the office worker is much longer in his chair and needs to be able to avoid all kinds of pain at the end of the week. In addition, these chairs do not have an excessively large body and are limited to providing support to certain areas of our body. In the case of gaming chairs, they cover our body completely, allowing us to rest it while we play on our computer or console.

It is not that the gaming chairs are not ergonomic so ergonomic, they are also, but not at the same level as the office chairs. The gaming chairs gain in comfort since our whole body is supported by them.

The price makes the difference

The difference in the level of engineering that is behind each type of chair is noted in the price, office chairs are quite more expensive than gaming chairs, making it clear that they are not intended for all types of users. These chairs can cost 60% more expensive than the gaming chairs we currently use, being far from the user on foot.

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