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Leather has been one of the most used materials in vehicles and homes. There are even handbags, shoes and some accessories such as wristwatches that are made of leather. Leather furniture fits well in any type of home, providing the warmth you need during the winter, and comfortable seating during the summer. But how is leather furniture taken care of? We must try to preserve them, or else we will have to visit the furniture store again. In this article, we will share our experience about how to care for leather furniture that is very easy and simple tips.

How to care for leather furniture

How To Care of Leather Furniture - Simple Tips

By following some simple tips you can easily take care of your furniture. We will share our experience about caring leather furniture that gives a professional look of your home office.

Be careful not to dump anything on the leather

Avoiding the need to repair them can be a way to care for leather furniture. For example, if Dad wants to watch television sitting on the couch drinking beer in front of the television, advise him to be careful not to dump anything on the leather. Although leather does not really absorb beer easily, if you leave the stain, it may stay permanently.

It is also convenient to keep domestic animals away from leather furniture, or at least educate them so that they do not scratch or damage them. Finally, keep the furniture away from sharp objects that can puncture or break the leather.

Use Commercial Detergent

Of course, there will be times when you simply can not keep them in perfect condition. In that case, you will have no choice but to clean the leather furniture. There are commercial detergents (either general-purpose or leather-specific detergents) that clean the leather quite easily. You can create your own conditioners, with recipes available through the Internet, but you will have to take a look at the tolerance levels of leather to certain substances (some leather furniture does not have special coating).

Do not forget to perform the task outside

This will be like cleaning a car. Also remember to clean your leatherette items like furniture at least once every 3 months, to make sure there is no permanent mark. In addition to the dirt and the damage that causes constant wear and tear, there are also other elements that must be taken care of to keep your furniture in good condition. 

Mold is one of the worst enemies of leather

These tiny creatures devour the leather until it is no longer useful. The most effective way to repel them is to maintain the moisture levels of your leather furniture to almost zero. Regularly check the bottom of the cushions and dry the wet parts with a clean cloth. Use anti mildew conditioners from time to time. Oh, and do not forget that your children's ketchup, dad's beer, and others are included on their blacklist as well.

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