How to Choose Best Faucet For Your Bathroom and Kitchen

Life is full of decisions. We need to take active decisions every now and then. Our decisions make us who we are in the long run. So, decisions are very important for complete success in life. Smart and well-thought decisions can do magic.

We should make a habit of making the best decision in every sector of our life. If you want to enhance your decision making, then a little how work can really make the change. We are here to help you make best decision on how to choose the best faucet for your bathroom and kitchen.

This will give you the perfect insight to make sure you do not regret your decision. Follow this guide to stay on the safe side.

Best bathroom and kitchen faucet features: 

There are many resources that you can choose to study and learn more about faucets. The online forum, blogs and company websites are loaded with lots of data. Though the resources are there, making time is the most difficult part of all. The most important steps to choose the best faucets are given below:

  • Understand your need first.
  • Ceramic disc valves are the best.
  • The number of handles.
  • Spout height and reach.
  • Spray options / pull-down sprayer.
  • The number of holes on your sink.
  • Excellent finish.
  • Affordable.

Understand your need first:

Do not let this checklist scare you. This is a process and those are the most important things that you must be very careful about. Before jumping into the technical parts, you must understand your need completely. People buy tools based on their specific requirement.

You must understand which faucet offers the best features for you. Otherwise, you may end up buying an excellent faucet, but that does not serve your purpose at all. Give the task higher priority and then jump to the next step.

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How to Choose Best Faucet For Your Bathroom and Kitchen

Ceramic disc valves are the best:

Valves are an inevitable part of faucets. Valves are an internal part of each faucet and responsible for various features. They play the most essential role to control or regulate the flow of water, offer drip free supply of water and also regulates the temperature of water.

The valve ensures lots of pressure on it and if you want to enjoy a long time, hassle-free service, then you must be careful about the valve. Ceramic disk valves are great for both bathroom and kitchen faucets.

Ceramic disc valves are the most efficient designs and they are tested for 50,000 on/off cycle to ensure great quality.

The number of handles: 

Faucets also have differences on the number of handles. Some faucet has single and some have multiple handles. They have their special application too. Some faucets offer the control of water flow temperature with just a single handle while other multi handles faucets divide the task into two handles. Single handle faucets have proven to be the best available option.

You should choose the single handle faucet both for your bathroom and kitchen as they will offer better performance and durability. On the other hand, Touchless faucets are a different story. Jump into Touchless kitchen faucet reviews to learn more about them.

Spout height and reach: 

Spout height will play a great role for your kitchen faucet. Surveys show that an American spends five times more time in the kitchen that they spend in their living room. So, the kitchen should be enhanced with proper tools for effective and fast working. Spout height allows having a space between the faucet and the sink. If you need to wash large cookware pots and other kitchen items, then you should choose a high spout. Shorter reach for bathroom faucets are troublesome, so avoid them by all means. You can check the best kitchen faucets on Top Reviews Advisor.

Spray options/pull-down sprayer: 

Spray options are an essential feature for your kitchen faucet. Pull down sprayer gives you the freedom of washing with added ease. Carefully measure your sink and faucet mounting place to ensure the faucet spout covers the whole sink. If the sprayer does not reach each corner of your sink, then it is not a very good choice. You may use fireclay farmhouse sink to overcome this situation.

The number of holes on your sink: 

Faucets also have a special requirement and they are the installation holes. Single and multi-hole (three) installation are the most common installation types. It is better to select an installation type that you already have. If you have three holes, then going for a single hole will require some additional hardware. So, take your decision after considering this important fact too.

Excellent finish: 

The look of the faucet does not have anything with its functionality. It has a close relationship with your personality and of course with durability. There are lots of tools in your home, but a guest may never need to use them as much as they will use your faucet. The faucet should have an excellent look and great finish to tell about your personality.

We do not boast about our personality to people, they get it by how we interact with them and from things that we use. This may not seem to be very important for you but trust me this also has great value.


Expensive items are the best item is not always true. The price of a product may increase depending on lots of other factors than the materials used for that product. Choose something affordable and look for a longer warranty period.

If you follow this guide properly, then you should end up with the best bathroom and kitchen faucets. Faucet reviews like the Kraus faucet reviews can give you some additional information about bathroom and kitchen faucets. This guide is also prepared with proper research and great care. We have the most important points covered for you.

Other features like the water flow speed, ADA compliant, water sense certified are also important, but they are not critical as the above-mentioned points. So, enjoy life and make the best decision to enjoy it stress-free. Visit us time to time to stay updated and feel free to ask any faucet related question.

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