How To Choose Your Bathroom Furniture

Another most important elements of our bathroom, along with the toilets, are the bathroom furniture. Although we may think that they are simply wooden boxes with paint and doors, the bathroom furniture is of fundamental importance within the room.

Before starting the selection we must identify the typology of our bathroom. That is, if it is a toilet, a bathroom for an apartment, or on the contrary, it is a stay that will have a high volume of affluence since we are settled in a single-family home with more than four people.

How To Choose Your Bathroom Furniture

What To Consider When Choose a bathroom Furniture

The measures

You must take into account the width, height and bottom of the bathroom cabinet.

The width of the furniture:  It is very important to measure the maximum width available to locate the furniture with one meter. Once placed, do not disturb when opening the doors or obstruct the use of other bathroom elements such as the bidet, toilet or shower. 

The bottom of the bathroom furniture:  It is very important to know the available background to place the furniture. The most usual depth used in bathroom furniture is 45 cm. There are models from 35 cm and up to 50 cm. The 35 cm furniture can be helpful if you want to gain some space in the bathroom. 

The height of the bathroom furniture: An important detail, only when it comes to suspended furniture. You must calculate the height at which the furniture is placed so that it is comfortable to use. 

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The Type Of The Furniture

There are two types of bathroom furniture that one can choose from: standing or recessed. The standing furniture is ideal for bathrooms with more space. The built-in furniture is more suitable for small places as they have more space on the countertop and more storage space.

The Quality Of The Furniture:

The best bathroom furniture comes in four basic quality types. The ready to assemble, those that are in stock, semi-custom and made to measure. The ready to ride are the cheapest type and have a poor quality of materials and construction. Furniture in stock is affordable but has fewer options when it comes to door styles, size and materials used. Semi-custom furniture has a wide range of styles of doors and drawers. Custom-made furniture is designed to fit in a given space.

Capacity and distribution

If you want to have spacious drawers, I suggest a piece of furniture with one, two or three drawers. Those with three drawers, should always go to the ground, with legs, since they usually weigh too much. If you prefer small spaces, choose a piece of furniture with more compartments: you can lose storage capacity but you will have more possibilities to classify what you want. 


The materials with which the furniture is manufactured have a great influence on the final price of the chosen model. Some of the most used materials are agglomerate, MDF Furniture, and solid wood furniture.   

Drawers Of Furniture

Bathroom furniture should have drawers that are deep enough, especially in the lower part. The construction with staples should be avoided and we should make sure that the drawers are well adjusted in the furniture.

Furniture Doors

The bathroom cabinet doors can be flush with the floor or they can come with a raised or inserted central panel that can be arched, square or even rounded. The doors are also available in different styles from craftsmen to the most modern.


Bathroom furniture can have one or two sinks, depending on personal preferences, the size of the bathroom and the size of the family. This last point is very important when buying the best furniture for the bathroom, we must know to whom the bathroom is intended, and how many people are going to make use of it, to choose the best option that fits our needs.


Basically there are in the market three types of finishes for bathroom furniture, with their respective differences:

Melamine:  It is a leaf with a decorative pattern that imitates the grain of the wood. It sticks on the chipboard or MDF board giving it a more natural look. It is the most economical option and from which the vast majority of bathroom furniture is made.

Lacquers and varnishes:  They can be applied on any of the described materials, agglomerate, MDF or natural wood. They are of average price level and offer a comfortable maintenance because they are resistant to moisture.

Decorative laminate:  It is made of plastic materials such as polyester or PVC and is ideal for coloring the furniture and extending its durability. The decorative sheets can be of a single color or can incorporate drawings, shapes or any type of design that the manufacturer or designer wants to include in the bathroom furniture. 

Maintenance and cleaning of furniture according to its material

Solid wood: High resistance to shock, although vulnerable to moisture. The woods offer a warm and cozy feeling. With a cloth or sponge moistened in warm water and dry with a clean chamois in the direction of the wood grain.

Lacquered: They are furniture covered by lacquer, a hard and shiny varnish. That high brightness helps to visually expand the space and the possibility of being available in a multitude of colors. Cleaning with a cellulose wipe moistened with water and neutral soap. Dry with a soft cloth.

Melanin and MDF (agglomerate): The bathroom furniture made of agglomerate and finished in melanin are resistant to impacts and abrasion.

Some models of melamine and MDF incorporate waterproofed coatings. The best cloths for this type of furniture are cellulose, moistened with water and neutral soap. Then you have to dry the furniture with a clean cloth from top to bottom, and from right to left.

Ceramic: They stand out for their resistance to scratching and chemical cleaning products.

Tempered glass: High resistance to heat and humidity. Easy to clean and maintain, they are very safe because in case of breakage they break into very small pieces. It offers diversity of colors.

Acrylic resin: It stands out for its high resistance to bumps and scratches. Easy to clean.

Stone: 100% natural product. They offer great resistance to shock and heat. Use neutral soap for cleaning and not abrasive products.

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