How to Clean a Leather Chair at Home

The upholstery we choose when buying some chairs marks the care we have to take with them over time. If we choose cloth chairs, we know that we expose ourselves to possible spills and stains that, with dedication and dedication, we can remove. If we choose natural leather as upholstery, we know that we have to have a series of specific treatments to make that skin look like the first day. But if we choose leatherette chairs, we do it because we know that both cleaning and care are really simple.

Therefore, before buying a chair you must have the material you want it to have since it will condition its duration and cleanliness. If you have little time we advise you to buy chairs for this material, since cleaning the leatherette is very quick and simple.

Using synthetic leather for the upholstery of dining chairs or other furniture presents a series of advantages such as the resistance to everyday use and scratches, its impermeability or the high elasticity of this fabric. But the main advantage of this material is its easy care and cleaning. In this post, we want to give you a series of tips for the care and cleaning of leatherette chairs.

What is the best way to clean leather chairs?

Sometimes the simplest is the most effective and in this case it is fulfilled. For example, to clean our LITAU model upholstered in synthetic leather simply wet cloth in hot water and a little soap. Rub with this cloth over the stain, without doing much pressure, and then dry it.

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We can also advise on how to clean leather chairs. If the stain that has been produced on your fake chair has been caused by a garment that fades, such as jeans, a good trick is to use a bit of cotton dipped in white vinegar and rub gently.

If the stain has been caused by the ink of a ballpoint pen, to clean white imitation leather moisten a cloth in hot water with a little alcohol of 90º, the same one that we use to heal wounds. 

And finally, if this stain has been caused by foods such as chocolate, tomatoes or drinks such as soft drinks, the best way to clean is to wet the cloth in hot water, use soap with neutral pH and rub.

We remember the importance of drying the area that has been cleaned with another cloth but never let it dry in the sun.

What products to avoid to clean leather chair?

If you do not want to get upset, avoid the use of waxes, polishes, and products with chemical contents on the skin or upholstered chairs. It also avoids the use of aerosols, solvents with chlorine or glass cleaner products.

Never rub hard on the synthetic leather, much less with abrasive sponges.

And finally, the best advice for good maintenance and cleaning of chairs or sofas is to moisten a cloth in hot soapy water and then dry.

If you do this every one or two weeks, your leatherette chairs will shine in your dining room like the first day. 

So we recommend you write down in your calendar when you have done it the last time and keep that date in mind for the next time.

It is important that you keep a check and maintenance of your cleaning so that your house is impeccable.

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