How to Clean a Faux Leather Sofa

The synthetic leather is a good choice to substitute leather, being a more economical material and both have the similarity, which can generate that may go unnoticed physical difference. However, the dissimilarity lies in the maintenance, being the leatherette a material more prone to cracking; Some say that leatherette is easier to clean than leather, others vice versa. However, you will continuously know the options to carry out this process, leaving your sofa as new.

Recommendations to clean your faux leather sofa

  • If the sofa is stained, it is advisable to clean it immediately and do not wait for it to adhere.
  • Do not dry, or place the sofa where it receives sunlight, can unleash the rapid degeneration of the material.
  • In no way use solvents with chlorine or alcohol
  • Do not apply crystals or aerosols
  • Refrain from using chemical products
  • Avoid any contact with moisture, such as lying on the back with soaked hair or products such as foam or gel that damage the fabric sofa or furniture.
  • Do not use waxes or polishes.
  • Remove any remaining moisture after cleaning, with a dry cloth.
  • Make sure you remove excess water from the cloths, you need them wet not wet.
  • Wait for the drying time to end before using it.
  • Do not use scouring pads

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Regular maintenance of the leather sofa

How to keep the leatherette sofa

  • Maintain your sofa by simply passing a cloth or a wipe over the surface without rubbing, if required, you can moisten the cloth with warm water, you must be careful of the water you are going to use, so that it does not have external agents that can affect the material, use distilled water; and finally a dry cloth passes.
  • You can also use a very soft bristle brush to sweep the dust
  • When to do the usual cleaning
  • I advise you to carry out this process once a week, this will give the constant shine to the material properly care of your sofa.
  • Another option may be a vacuum with a soft bristle brush, so it does not scratch the surface.
  • The process of removing the dust with the dry cloth or the brush will also be done before carrying out the deep cleaning if this is your case.
  • Deep cleaning and stain removal

If your sofa needs more than a washcloth with water or has a stain, use:

Neutral soap

Which is not composed of chemicals. Rub the soap on the cloth with warm water and delicately apply it, pass it several times, use a damp cloth to remove the soap and finally dry it with a dry cloth.

Cleansing milk

Pass a cotton ball with the product and then remove it with a damp cloth with neutral soap. Dry well with a dry cloth. It serves, for example, for ink stains.

Snowy blue can cream

Apply with a cloth and remove it with a damp cloth as many times as necessary, then dry.

Clay Stone

Pass the stone through the places where there is dirt impregnated in the leatherette, without exerting force or scrubbing.


Moisten a cloth with this product and pass it to the place where you have the stain.

Distilled or white vinegar

Apply this liquid with cotton, it serves mostly for spots.

Difficult spots

For more difficult stains, use a neutral detergent, applying the product with a damp cloth and removing it with towels moistened in warm water. Afterward, dry it with a dry cloth.

If the above method does not work, use a little toothpaste for the spot, wait about 5 minutes. Approx. And remove with a damp cloth and then a dry one.

The glitter of the leather sofa

To give the shine you want to the leatherette of your sofa, you can apply a little cream of blue tin, as it serves both for spots and to give that final touch of brightness to the material. Do not exceed the amount and pass a cloth after the application, in case you do not have a dry rag that is a soft material so you can give a polishing effect.

Take the time that is necessary while you achieve the finish you want and leave your leatherette sofa gleaming and new.

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