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How to Clean Garden Furniture

Undoubtedly, outdoor furniture is much more exposed to external elements that are inherently hostile that can ruin them in a short time. And while we know this reality, many times we ask ourselves how to clean garden furniture correctly, should I just use water? Do I need a special product?

In our note today, we will talk about both the cleanliness and the maintenance of the garden furniture that we have in our patio, and we will do it depending on the different materials from which they can be made, does not require the same maintenance a wooden armchair that one of plastic or wicker.

How to maintain and clean the garden furniture

The accessories and garden furniture are available in a wide variety of materials: fabric, aluminum,steel, resin, wood, and wicker. Every material needs different maintenance methods and it is a good habit to clean them monthly especially in the season of use, which will help us to last a lot longer. The majority of the furniture we have outdoors can be cleaned simply with soap and water.

The best pressure washer surface cleaner is very useful to clean many types of garden furniture, yes, we must make sure to use the least pressure to prevent furniture from being damaged. In addition to the usual cleaning, there are some recommendations for maintenance that can be carried out, which will help us as I said before that our garden furniture lasts for many years.

How to clean wicker garden furniture

The wicker furniture that we have outdoors can be cleaned simply with water either with a hose or with a pressure washer at the lowest point. Simply remove the cushions or cushions and spray with water dragging all the dirt.

If the wicker is very dirty, we can use a sponge, cold water, and a mild soap to wash it. We should let it dry completely. Once dry, we will apply a paste of wax in the frame to keep it shiny and waterproof. Some types of wicker are weather resistant, which makes care easier. During the off-season, it is convenient to keep the cushions inside and keep the frames covered.

Cleaning of outdoor wood furniture

The wooden furniture that has been treated with an exterior varnish, can be cleaned simply with soap and water. The important thing here is to make sure that the waste is completely rinsed with clean water. 

Once a year, it is advisable to repeat the process of protection of the wood, be it varnish, lacquer or oils. Here you have more information on how to protect the wood outside. To finishes the surface of wood furniture you can use steel wool, wax, penetrating oil, drying oil, varnish and paint.

Properly cleaning metal furniture

Furniture of this type, whether made of aluminum, wrought iron or steel, should be cleaned with water and a mild soap. Much modern metal furniture is resistant to corrosion or has paints that protect them from rust. If this is not your case, you can use a paste wax or naval jelly (phosphoric acid in the form of a gel) to prevent it from corroding or oxidizing.

Clean resin outdoor furniture

The resin furniture is those that require the least amount of care and maintenance. To clean them, simply sprinkle with clean water and let them dry outdoors. If there are wear marks, such as scratches, we can apply a mild abrasive to remove them. If mold is present, it can be removed using a mixture of one cup of chlorine, two cups of detergent and one gallon (4.5 l) of water. Finally, rinse and let dry.

Clean garden furniture and accessories

Acrylic fabric cushions

The cushions of acrylic fabrics, leather or ecological leather must be removed from the frames before cleaning. We will only use a sponge, water, and mild soap to clean them using cleaning machine. Finally, rinse with plenty of clean water. It is important that we let them dry completely before reusing or storing them.

Some types of fabrics are resistant to mold, but others are not; If this is your case and you have a mold problem, you can use a solution mixing a chlorine rate, two cups of detergent and one gallon of water; We put this mixture in a spray and soak the entire cushion. We let it act for about 30 minutes and then rub with a sponge or clean cloth, to finish, rinse with clean water and let it dry completely. 

Fabric furniture

Both canvas covers and hammocks can be machine washed in a gentle cycle. If they are white, we can add bleach for white clothes and then hang them to dry. One way to prevent the fabric from shrinking is to extend it back onto the furniture frame before the fabric is fully dry. Frames and fasteners of this type of furniture should be treated based on the material in which they are built, be it wood, iron, etc.
This type of fabric furniture should be stored indoors during the winter.


The umbrellas require maintenance after being stored. Usually, we must wash the covers and lubricate the joints of the frame of the umbrella. To wash the fabric, we will simply use a soft bristle brush, a mild soap, and cold water. If the joints of the umbrella are wire, we will apply a spray lubricant, if on the contrary, the frame is made of wood, we can use a paste wax to recover the shine.

When it comes to maintaining and knowing how to clean garden furniture, it is important to always follow the guideline of the manufacturer's. Many times, we have the bad habit of throwing these instructions in the trash once we read them while it would be more convenient to keep them in a place where we can consult them if necessary.


  • Updated October 27, 2018
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