How To Clean Wooden Furniture At Home

The furniture, along with other decorative accessories of the home gives an awesome looks of your home and office. Unfortunately, a messy furniture destroys the outlook of your home and office. Cleaning is the best solution to to restore the outlook. You must know the right way about how to clean wooden furniture at home. To take good care of your furniture, we advise you to follow these tips. Go to the next page to meet them, do not miss any!

Some Important Tips To Clean Wooden Furniture

Use ammonia-free products

Read the labels on the furniture cleaning products and make sure they do not contain ammonia. Although it is a product suitable for furniture, ammonia will eventually deteriorate the furniture. In addition, it gradually remove the brightness and color. Whenever you can, choose natural non-abrasive products. 

How To Clean Wooden Furniture At Home

Clean your furniture every day

Although it seems obvious, not everyone removes dust from their furniture every day. It does not require great efforts, just pass a dry cloth on your furniture to remove the dust that accumulates in each day.

Ideas for polishing wood

The problem of removing stubborn stains from wood surfaces is that some products are effective but dry, create white fences or turn off the shine of the wax and varnish. That's why you have to complete the cleaning by nourishing, protecting and polishing. There are several ways to do it:

Dark woods can be rubbed with a paste made with olive oil or vegetable oil and cigarette ash. After removing this paste, rub it well with a wool cloth.

The oak and mahogany are perfect by passing them a cloth moistened in warm beer. Let it dry and rub it vigorously with a dust cloth.

To the old furniture, they are dried shine applying wax, but it must be applied very little by little, uniformly and rubbing with energy. If too much wax is put on, it is more likely that it will dry out before it is extended and there are very bad marks left.

Protects furniture from light and air

The surface of you wooden desk or furniture can deteriorate easily if they get direct sunlight or are exposed to drafts of air conditioning. Protect your furniture by placing curtains in the windows and away from the direct exposure of the air conditioning.

Clean the stains as soon as possible

It is very important to polish the furniture to preserve its original color and shine, but it is also important to take care of the spills that may occur on them. If it happens, you should clean them immediately with a dry cloth, if you let them dry, you run the risk of the surface absorbing the substance and getting stained.

Don’t support hot containers

It is necessary to place clothes or accessories to support pots or hot elements on the furniture, otherwise, they will be marked. Unless you sand the damaged surface and repaint the furniture, there will be no way to remove the stains.

Cover the furniture base when moving it from place

To take care of the base of the furniture in an appropriate way when moving them from the place. In this way, you will prevent them from being damaged or scratched by moving them in case you have to do it you want to change them.

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How to repair the wood

Conceal blows

The varnish layer is removed with turpentine. Then a lightly dampened cloth is placed over the blow and a hot iron is passed until the wood absorbs the steam and swells. Let it dry and re-varnish.

Remove scratches 

If they are superficial, they are disguised by applying a little cod liver oil. It is spread with a cotton wool over the damaged area and it is polished with a wool cloth. If the scratches are deeper, it is best to melt beeswax and insert it into the groove with a spatula. If the wood is dark, the wax should be dyed with aniline or bitumen.

Danish oil

It is a special blend of vegetable oils that, like Chinese oil, is used to nourish, shine and protect the wood. In addition, among the vegetables, flaxseed oil is used, effective for any type of wood, and that of teak that is used only for much more porous tropical woods. All can be purchased at drugstores and DIY stores and, applied periodically, act as a dust repellent preventing the wood from drying out.

Flaxseed oil

It is a natural oil, or vegetable origin which is used to nourish the wood. It can be purchased in drugstores and in two versions: crude, with a color almost transparent, or cooked, with a darker color, and used, in addition, to nourish, to darken the wood dried by moisture. This is applied by spreading it with a cloth or cotton and it should be left to dry several hours because its absorption is very slow.

What is plywood?

It is a very thin coating of wood that is usually put on furniture covering a structure of poor quality wood or some other material. When plywood is used in kitchen or bathroom furniture, it usually happens that the humidity ends up bulging.

When this happens, it is best to place a damp cloth over the raised area and pass over the hot plate. The remains of glue that remain inside the plywood will melt and hold the piece again. Allow cooling with a weight on top.

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