How to Clean Your Dishwasher – You Should Know

The dishwasher leaves our dishes, glasses, cutlery and glassware unpolluted, but this appliance also needs us to clean its interior from time to time so that its operation is always like that of the first day. 

Due to leftover food, grease and lime and impurities in the water itself, it also gets dirty, starts to smell bad and can even fail. Therefore, regular cleaning of this appliance is very important.

How to clean the dishwasher

This is how to clean the dishwasher step by step:

Clean the filter
It is located in the lower area of the inner bowl of the dishwasher. Something goes unnoticed but we guarantee that you will find it easily.

Before removing and cleaning, we recommend removing the trolley or bottom tray for convenience.

You just have to grab the top of the filter, turn slightly and pull up to remove it. It is very important to clean the dishwasher filter because this is where most of the dirt and food debris accumulates.

To do this, mix water and a few drops of dish soap . If you want a greater cleaning, dilute in this mixture a pinch of baking soda. Rub the mixture with a brush throughout the filter, thus removing dirt and debris that have become embedded. Then you just have to rinse it well and return it to its place.

If it is very dirty, you can soak the piece for about 30 minutes in hot water before rubbing it to soften and descale the dirt.

We should do this at least once a month if we use the dishwasher every day.

Fill the compartment for special dishwasher salt
This step does not have to be done regularly, but the dishwasher will notify us when we must replace the special salt . The vast majority of models have a pilot light that lights up when finished.

It is then when we will have to look at the bottom of the bucket for this compartment, which is usually closed with a screw cap. Surely with your dishwasher came a special funnel through which to pour the salt into this compartment.

You just have to unscrew, insert the funnel and add the salt . Do not worry if water comes out of the interior, it is normal. And if salt falls out, nothing happens either, although it is better to remove it in that case.

You must introduce as much salt as the manufacturer indicates in the manual of the appliance. It is sold in packages ranging from 2 kilos to 4 kilos.

Clean the trays
To carry out the two previous steps, it is recommended that you remove at least the lower tray, but since they must also be cleaned from time to time, we encourage you to remove both and take the opportunity to check that they are clean, without any food remains that may have become embedded.

It also reviews the lanes for easier running. You can do it simply using a damp cloth and then kitchen paper to dry it.

Clean the door gasket
With a damp cloth, review the rubber on the door of the dishwasher because here, food residues that we do not see can also accumulate and even mold can appear due to humidity, so do not forget to dry it with kitchen paper to finish cleaning. If you have trouble accessing a fold, use a small brush.

Check the detergent dispenser and rinse aid
The compartment where we put the dishwasher detergent and rinse aid can also get dirty and product residues can accumulate if it has not been dissolved well. Although it is the place we see most often, it is worth checking that it is clean.

Take out the blades and clean them
The blades or arms inside the dishwasher also accumulate grease and dirt, so it is recommended to clean them. As it is a somewhat cumbersome step but it is more complicated for this element to get dirty, we can do it every six months .

Some blades can be opened and some cannot. In case your model has the first ones, clean its interior with soap and water, vinegar diluted in water or a degreaser. If they cannot be disassembled, put them in a basin with very hot water and then put them under running water from the tap so that the dirt comes out of them, causing the water to enter through the holes.

In both cases it is very important that you let them dry before putting them back in the dishwasher.

Clean the internal ducts of the dishwasher
We can't do this part by hand, obviously. You have to resort to special products designed for it. You will find them in any supermarket as "machine cleaners" next to the pills.

Each product comes with its own instructions but generally you just have to unscrew the pot and place it upside down inside the dishwasher, on the top or bottom tray. Then close the door and program the washing cycle recommended by the manufacturer of the machine cleaner, although it is usually a long one. And important: the dishwasher must be empty .

It is recommended to do this cleaning once a month or every two months if you use this appliance a lot and, especially, if you use low quality detergents or tablets. And also after long periods in which we have not used the dishwasher.

A natural trick to clean the dishwasher

If there is a natural product that has been used in household cleaning for years and years, it is vinegar. In the case of the dishwasher, it was not going to be any different.

To clean the dishwasher with vinegar , it is recommended to have cleaned the filter first. Once this is done, a long wash cycle must be programmed at the highest possible temperature. When it takes 10-15 minutes, interrupt the cycle by opening the door and pouring a glass of white vinegar directly into the dishwasher .

Activate the wash again and let it finish. Ready! That way you save the machine cleaner and pollute less.

Tips for keeping the dishwasher clean

Every time a wash is finished it is important that we leave the door of the dishwasher open until all the moisture comes out of it. In this way we avoid the formation of mold that can occur inside.

It is also important to remove food scraps before inserting dirty dishes. We all remove the larger ones but even the smallest bits should go in the trash, without needing to rinse the dishes in the sink first. We will thus prevent them from accumulating, causing jams and bad odors.

As you can see, it is not necessary to clean the dishwasher exhaustively every week but it is advisable to do a complete cleaning when we detect that its interior begins to smell bad and even if we see that the dishes are no longer as clean as before. What is important is paying attention to filter care more often. This will extend the life of our dishwasher.

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