How to Connect APC UPS to Computer

The work of a UPS is to provide power stability. But along with this, if you are having power issues like load shedding or power cut off, this will help you in that.

Among the users, the APC UPS is very famous because of the state-of-art quality and performance. It will keep your computer running without shutting off the computer, ruining all your work!

If you have a severe utility power failure in your home or office, you must get an APC UPS. And if you don’t know how to connect APC UPS top computer, we will tell you the process!

Step by Step APC UPS Connection and Installation

Step 1:

If you do not understand the proper process of connecting the APC UPS to the PC properly, you can also help the user manual CD provided by the manufacturer.

It is always better to rely on the actual manufacturer for installing such devices to get the optimum result.

Step 2:

The best part of using an intelligent home UPS is you can provide battery backup when there is a blackout, voltage sag, or voltage surge.

When you open this UPS kit, you will get to see the UPS and the UPS literature kit. This includes the product documentation along with the safety and warranty information.

With the documentation CD, you will also see PowerChute CHD of both 120v and 230v models.

The Serial and USB communication tables and two different jumper cables are also included there.

Step 3:

Now, all you have to do is connect it to your PC following the right method we are mentioning.

First of all, your work is to connect the battery to the UPS. You have to find the battery connector first.

Go through the rear panel, and you will find it. Now, check the tethered jumper plug and push it inside the corresponding port. You are done!

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Step 4:

After this, you have to connect the other equipment to the UPS before connecting it to the computer.

In the first place, you have to check and recheck the gears that come with the device. You have to connect equipment to your APC UPS in this position.

Here, keep in mind that if you are settling for a laser printer, keep in mind that it will draw more power than any other equipment. This might be a reason for overloading the UPS and damaging it eventually.

Step 5:

Now that you are done with the equipment, you have to add the accessories to the SmartSlot.

This step is entirely optional. Do it if you feel necessary. Then, you have to go through the ground leads. Make sure you connect it to the TVSS screw first.

Step 6:

In this situation, you have to make the connection. For this, your first job is to loosen the screw.

After loosening it, connect the surge suppression device ground lead carefully. When you are done, hold the screw and tighten it. Make sure you secure the lead properly by tightening it in the right manner.

Step 7:

When you are done, plug the UPS into the grounded receptacle. Make sure it is a two-pole and three-wire receptacle.

It is always better if you do not use any extension cords. If you are using the 100v/120v models, you will see that the power cord is added to your UPS.

The NEMA 5-15P is the input plug here. However, if you are using the 230v models, you have to check the UPS literature kit for getting the power cord.

Step 8:

For the 12v modes, first, you need to check the site wiring fault LED button. You will find it on the rear panel. Now, turn the connected equipment on one by one.

Here, you must use the UPS as a master switch for switching it on and off. For this, you have to certify that the hears are already added to the UPS.

Step 9:

Now, check the front panel and search for the TEST button. When you find it, press it. Your UPS will get turned on.

If you want the utmost computer system security, we recommend installing UPS monitor software named PowerChute Smart-UPS.

Step 10:

If there is any electricity cut off, the UPS will now run automatically. When the utility power fails, the UPS will be switched to the battery operation to keep your computer running.

If you are running the UPS on battery, you will listen to an alarm after an interval of every 30 seconds.

If you don’t like the alarm to buzz, you can press the TESt button again to stop it. Until the UPS has charge, it will provide the full computer support of the battery.

Wrap Up

So, you already know how to connect APC UPS to a computer alone! You don’t need to invest in professionals for this anymore! Connect the UPS and start working. There will be no electricity failure from now on!

Which UPS do you use for your computer? How do you install it? Please share it with us in our comment section!

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