How to Improve Productivity at Workplace

The productivity, defined as the relationship between the resources that your company invests in its operation and the benefits you get from it, is a key indicator when analyzing the state of your company and the quality of its administration.

To avoid problems in every workplace we must take into account the work performance of employees of any company, so I will provide an important issue that benefits all workers to increase productivity in the office. I will give you some useful tips so you can better perform your office tasks and thus significantly improve your job performance.

Follow these tips to get organized and improve your performance.

How To Improve Productivity at Workplace: 10 Important Tips

Organize your priorities

If you have important tasks to do, get organized so that they are the first thing to carry out during the day. Reject any interruption or call and focus on finishing them so you can breathe easier when you finish with them. So you will have the satisfaction of finishing something crucial and the peace of mind of not having so much pressure during the rest of the day, even when you return home. A proper organization of working desk can dramatically increase the productivity at work.

Pauses between tasks

Each time you finish a task, take a short break of about 5 minutes to disconnect a bit. This method serves to make a psychological separation between one work and another and do not have that feeling of continuous work, with the stress that entails. Take advantage of that little moment to have a coffee, think about your things or just disconnect.

How To Improve Productivity At Workplace

Take care of your work environment

We are what we eat, and what we work with. Make sure that your office desk is as low as possible and always orderly. Have that indispensable for your trade and some small decorative touch that serves for those breaks of disconnection. Here, the Kaiser Kraft material can be very useful.

Comfortable furniture

If the position when working is uncomfortable, you can spend a long time trying to adapt to a convenient position. According to an investigation carried out by Yahoo, almost seven out of 10 workers spend an average of 67 minutes a day moving and reorganizing their work space to find a comfortable position, this means that they are 5.6 hours a day. Week of productive time.

Having a great office chair with a backrest for the upper back and neck, if you have a firearm will be a greater advantage. The best and soft cushioned office chair is essential for ensuring maximum comforts. A high and wide desk where documents can be extended and written about without any problem.

Start With Complicated task

When we kick things that we do not want to face for later, it is harder to face them. As soon as you arrive at the office, start by performing the most complicated tasks, the ones you like the least or the ones that you think will take the most time.

Organize your schedule

Sometimes, an untimely call or a mail at odd hours can end your work rhythm easily. Try that your customers or those who work with you stick to a specific time to send emails or call you, so you know what hours you should be attentive and focus the rest of the day on what you have to do.

Order your workplace and your computer

Your work space, most likely, has two faces: a real one (your office, the plant, etc.) and a virtual one (your computer). And it is impossible to be efficient if this environment is so messy that you can waste tens of minutes looking for a file or that important document that someone left on your computer desk.

It is not about "forgetting" everything in drawers or electronic folders so that it looks beautiful. The sole purpose of working in an orderly space is to facilitate your performance and, if possible, stimulate your creativity.

Be careful what you eat

Try to take something to take mid-morning or mid-afternoon, depending on the shift you have. A piece of fruit, a snack, something that is healthy, are a good fuel to recharge your batteries and resume the work with strength and desire. You know, take advantage of some of those small breaks to eat and everything will go better. 

Learn to take advantage of what you work with

When you are in an office, the most common is that you work with a computer and with a certain software series. Learn and learn to take advantage of these tools to the fullest, functions you did not know, keyboard shortcuts ... There are many ways to learn and learn procedures that can greatly speed up your work.

Connect with your colleague

You share a roof for many hours, share experiences, worries, and tasks, why not share something nice. Those good times to disconnect, stop for lunch or rest mid-morning are good to strengthen ties with your co-workers. Leave room for talks about anything, not everything is an obligation.

Disconnect from your work

At the end of your workday, leave your worries, your tasks and your work obligations in the office. Make your head focus on enjoying and taking advantage of free time, away from that report to be prepared or that meeting is pending. If you do not disconnect, you cannot relax, and if you do not relax, your great enemy comes to stress.

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