How to install a Showerhead with Handheld

How to install a Showerhead with Handheld

All of us would love to own an adaptable and handy shower head in our washroom. What would be better than having a shower head that rests on a frame mounted on the wall? Also, there are the ones that can stay attached to the bath pipe! If this is what you have in thoughts, then you should mull over buying a handheld shower. As the name proposes, you can hold this machine in your hand and enjoy the lukewarm water run all over your body. They install very quickly and also quite fast. You can also have certain modified attachments. For example massage tops besides full body spray. Here is the complete guide on how to install a showerhead with handheld all by yourself.

How to install a showerhead with handheld: Preparation Phase

Before you start any work, make sure the shower head have tightly shut off. Now we would need to detach the existing shower head by twisting counter clock-wise. Use a pull on the flat spots set at the base of the shower fitting. The smooth corners are placed on the pipe nipple.

This is where the head bolts into the goose neck pipe. Mostly this part sticks out of the wall. As soon as removed, carefully clean the threads on the goose neck as dirt may have developed up. The shower head must be installed at tallness that is three-hundred mm higher than the user.

If there are more than one users with very different height, then you might have to install an adaptable holder. The water compression is vital, too. Typically speaking, pressure around one and a half kg is the best. Pressure too high would harm the tap, while compression too low cannot make things function properly.

How to install a Showerhead with Handheld

The things you need to take care of before starting the installation:-

•    Switch wall with moisture defiance drywall as a center for wall concealing.

•    Test the supply pipe for leakages.

•    Flow hot and cold water lines to shower mingling valve enclosed.

•    Think for a trap door in the wall.

•    Every time clean the pipe thread as well as apply a new pipe joint mixture.

Getting the Threads Ready

Next is the handling process for the goose-neck threads. As soon as the threads are clean, cover them in a Teflon adhesive tape. When the new shower head is set, the Teflon will avert any leakage. You must include the threads about four to five turns in a clockwise track. To prevent the tape from showing, do not spread the tape above the looped area. To end this step, softly flatten the tape into the threads.

Screwing the Head

As soon as the threads are ready, screw the new shower head onto the goose-neck.  If your showerhead comes with a washer, you'll then continue by inserting the rubber ring into the head. Take the showerhead, then screw it onto the goose-neck as well as stiffen with your hands. Make sure it's as tight as conceivable. Go on and check for leaks again and thicken again if there are any leakages. Do not use a jerk if you're using a washer as you might force the machine within the shower arm.

Inserting the Filter

Your shower water comes from the similar supply as your tap water. All through a typical shower, you take in approximately one cup of unfiltered water. And mostly, every surface of your body is heated in tap water. Any grime, lime, elements, or impurities existing in your fresh water would also be living in your shower. If there's chlorine in the water, it would both dry out as well as change the color of your nails, skin, and hair.

Chlorine would also shed the natural oils from your skin. This things eventually will cause slight skin and eye annoyance. Heavy minerals would weigh down hair, and a diversity of other health and beauty connected effects can take place. Fitting a proper shower filter could eliminate up to ninety-eight percent of these resources. This filters only need replacement every six months or ten thousand gallons; they need minimal personal preservation. While installing your shower head make sure to insert a filter inside.


Now you know how to install a showerhead with the handheld. It's quite a natural process, and anybody can do it. Do not try to leave out any of these action steps as it will only cause difficulties down the road. Always make specific the shower is dry inside when doing this work to avoid falling. Good Luck!

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  • Updated May 5, 2019
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