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How to Paint a Rocking Chair | 6 Simple Steps – From Expert

Painting furniture can be a rewarding experience for anyone who likes to work with their hands. Whether you're painting a newly refurbished chair or reconditioning an old classic, just a few simple steps will give you a striking and comfortable piece of furniture. This article helps you to know how to paint a rocking chair that is very simple also for inexperienced people.

How to Paint a Rocking Chair: 6 Simple Steps

Painting a wooden rocking chair is not only simple mater but also funny. Here, we will discuss 6 simple steps that are very easy to follow and the materials you need are easy to manage. Follow the steps and gives a professional look for your home office furniture.

Step 1. You'll Need

Firstly, you have to manage the essentials. a) Wooden rocking chair, b) Bucket of soapy water, c) Cleaning cloth, d) Fine sandpaper, e) Flat interior latex paint, f) 2 or 3-inch brush, and g) Small ceramic brushes.

Step 2. Remove the Moisture

Wipe the chair with a cloth moistened with soapy water, carefully so as not to get the wood too damp. Remove all dirt and dust. Allow the chair to air dry until you feel no moisture at all, this may take up to an hour. Use a fan to speed up drying if you want.

Step 3. Rubbing the Wood

Rub wood with fine sandpaper, grinding easily, in a circular motion, from top to bottom. Be careful, and get into the smallest corners and folds by folding sandpaper in half and using the folded edge to sand. Once you have sanded all surfaces, wipe off all dust with a clean dry towel.

Step 4. Coloring

Color from top to bottom of the chair with long, up-and-down stroke. For the smaller folds, use the small ceramic brushes. Cover all surfaces in the chair with a thin layer of paint.

How to Paint a Rocking Chair

Step 5. Drying

Allow the chair to dry completely, which may take up to one hour. When the first layer is dry at a touch, paint a second time and let it dry completely.

Step 6. Add stenciling or Paint

Add stenciling or paint in any design you wish. Classic alpine flower pattern for an old-fashioned chair, blocky animal motif for a child chair, a geometric pattern for a modern chair. Paint directly inside or around templates, but a pen in the pattern first if you paint on your hand.

Tips and warnings

Sand in a well-ventilated place. Paint in a well-ventilated place, separated from dust and debris that can stick to the painted chair.

Before painting, touch your paint well, to see the color even throughout the can. Even painting, load brushes properly: dip the brush head only halfway into the paint and make sure the brush does not drop color when removing it. This will help lay a smoother surface and will prevent uneven, thick paint and drops on the finished seat.

Masks when grinding and painting, to protect you from dust and paint smoke. Abrasive dust may aggravate respiratory problems and paint vapors may cause a headache and respiratory problems.

Do not allow children around your painting project until it's done.



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