How to Relieve Back Pain While Sitting

Hours and hours in front of the computer, without moving, without stretching the legs, without walking. Many are those who have to work days with this rhythm or rather, with this lack of pace and spend the day subject to a computer chair, almost without getting up all day, which can lead to back pain.

Those who work long hours sit, worry about how they should sit correctly, to reduce the risk of back pain. You are one of them? If so, follow some tips that will go great.

Common causes of back pain

Among the factors that can be the origin of a back pain, are the following: a deficient or inadequate food, bumps and trauma, overweight, vitamin insufficiency, inability to assimilate calcium or even genetic predispositions. Bad postures when sitting and sleeping, are other causes that also play against body health.

How to Relieve Back Pain While Sitting

For those who must spend long periods of time sitting in front of your computer desk for their daily tasks, there are a series of guidelines to minimize the risks of being part of the negative statistics. There are data that ensure that up to 90% of the population of Spain suffer or will suffer in the future of some kind of back pain, and at least 25% of Spaniards are prone to lumbar problems.

Before the appearance of these pains, you should always consult a specialist doctor. In order to know its origin to treat it, it is useful to take food supplement for back pain, with components such as collagen, plasma proteins and hyaluronic acid.

How To Remove Back Pain While Sitting

The ergonomic chairs, the footrests, wrist supports mouse and keyboard are some of the accessories that are worth considering if you are working long hours on your office chair.

1- Change position

Keeping the same position throughout the day can cause tensions in several muscles. To avoid this, change your posture from time to time. Sit up straight, later lean on the backrest and continue like this, modifying the position for the rest of the day. Use swivel chair to change the position easily.

2- Practice exercise

There are some exercises that can help you decrease the damage caused even if they do not counteract it at all. There are three:

Oscillations of legs: Swing the leg back and forth as high as possible. Perform 20 repetitions before switching to the other leg. It will relieve your muscles.

Bridge: Elevate the hip and the ass and lower again. Make 3 sets of ten repetitions. If you find it easy, add weight.

Squat: It is very similar to the posture of the baseball receiver. Sit down on your haunches with your feet well supported without your knees protruding from the balls of your feet. You must have your back straight and hold in position for 30-60 seconds.

3- Stretch regularly

Although it seems to have no effect, stretching can activate your blood flow when you are inactive for a long time. If you are too busy to leave your chair and walk around the office, stretch often. Stretch your arms, your torso, your neck and your legs. When possible, do it standing up instead of sitting.

4- Use the stairs

Even if you live on a high floor and it is easier to take the elevator, do not do it. Go up and down the stairs. It will help you stretch and exercise your legs and gluts.

5- Walk

Try to walk 2 or 3 minutes every hour while you are in the office. Go for water, to a friend's job, or just walk around the office. Get up every time you have the chance. It could reduce the damage caused.

These tips can help you greatly alleviate the damage caused by sitting all day, but you must do them periodically to make them work.

Will you practice all these tips from now on?

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Other guidelines to avoid back pain

Caring for the diet:

Being overweight generates strong extra pressure on the muscles of the back, while the lack of some vitamins and minerals may be related to problems for the correct absorption of calcium, for example. Taking vitamin supplements, in all these cases, can help compensate for these deficiencies.


It is not about becoming a high performance athlete, but the human body needs a minimum of physical activity to function properly.

Use ergonomics

We usually hear this term whenever we talk about the ideal working conditions, but we rarely notice its meaning. Ergonomics is the science that designs work environments that match the physiological, anatomical and even psychological characteristics of each worker.

The products designed under this principle, seek that the interaction between human and machine, be as harmonious as possible, to minimize the possible negative effects so it is worthwhile to use them in addition to knowing how to sit correctly.

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