How to Remove Wheels From Bed Frame

The wheels are accessories that fit on or over the legs of a bed frame. The launcher looks like a small metal bar several inches long that ends in a wheel. Basic wheels have a unique wheel, while more advanced wheels have wheels that can be locked in place.

The wheel itself also comes in different sizes, from a few centimeters to several inches wide. Wheels allow you to move the bed frame around the room without scratching the floor or having to remove the mattress. You may want to remove them to lower the bed or create more stability of home or office furniture.

How to Remove Wheels From Bed Frame

How To remove Wheels From Bed Frame: 5 Simple Steps

1 Remove the mattress and box spring from the bed frame and set aside.

2 Turn the bed frame over or prop a corner high enough to allow access to the casting machine. Determine if the launcher is inserted into the bed frame by itself or a pin or button held in place.

3 Hold the casting machine firmly in your hand and pull directly on the bed frame if you do not have a pin or a button to hold it. Turn the wheel gently to release if it will not move.

4 Pull the pin or press the button if any of these features secure the launcher to the frame. Pull the straight casting machine from the frame to remove.

5 Spray a lubricant, such as WD-40, around the seal of the casting machine to help loosen if the launcher is stuck. Allow the lubricant to soak well for several minutes and remove the casting machine as described above.

Tips and warnings

Consider replacing the removed wheels with gliders, which look like wheels, but have flat feet instead of a wheel. These can help protect the soil and keep your bed stable.

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  • Updated February 7, 2019
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