How to Replace Sliding Door Wheels – Simple Tips

Sliding glass doors allow light to enter and function as a door at the same time. Over time, the small wheels at the base of the door tend to crack or corrode due to moisture and dirt. Once they can not roll anymore, the door becomes too heavy to open and usually only someone can do it with enough force to lift the door and move it. Replacing the wheels solves the problem and makes opening the door an easy task.

Find an assistant to lift the door up from the base and then out of the rail. Loosen the adjustment screws with a screwdriver on the base of the door if it is on the outer rail, so you do not need to remove it from inside your house. Lower the door to the top of the rail and then lift the door to the frame, off the bottom rail and then the top rail.

How to Replace Sliding Door Wheels

Place the door on a safe work surface so that the glass is not scratched.

Look at the base of the door where the wheel assembly is located on each side. Find the screw that holds it in place and unscrew it.

Force lever or press the wheel assembly out of the door. Use it to find the exact replacement of the manufacturer of the sliding glass door.

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Slide the new wheel assembly in the same position as the previous one that you just removed. Secure it in place with the saved screws of the old wheel.

Lift the door and slide the top part into the top rail of the door frame. Turn the lower part in its position in the lower frame.

Tighten the screws on both sides of the door to leave the wheels facing down on the rail, holding the sliding glass door in position

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