How to Sit Properly at a Desk to Avoid Back Pain

Every day there are more people who work in offices and, therefore, spend many hours sitting. But sitting all day is a terrible thing for you and your health. A study by Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise affirms that regular exercise is not enough to counteract its damages.

Spending many hours sitting slows metabolism, causes body aches, causes you to lose concentration, degenerates muscles and causes damage to your organs. But when it comes to your work, you can not help but be in this situation. Proper sitting posture at computer can easily reduce those problem.

Luckily, there are some ways of correct sitting posture to reduce and counteract the damage caused . It will not be as good as if we were active all day, but it can help our body improve.

Awareness of the adopted positions

You do not always have full awareness of how you are sitting, unless there is some pain that ends up sending a warning signal. The same happens at the time of going to bed or sleeping. Although it is true that we all move without being conscious while we sleep, we must take into account some habits to try to adopt a correct position to sleep, especially if your back hurts.

The height of your budget gaming desk should not be too high or too low. You know that correct sitting posture can easily increase your productivity when working or playing PC games

Once you are aware of all the bad computer posture that can be made when sitting down, the next thing is to correct the mistakes, for that you must know how to sit correctly at a desk.

How to Sit Properly at a Desk

Proper sitting posture at computer is very essential to overcome all the possible dangers.The body weight should be distributed between the ground beneath our feet and the chair.

The feet must be fully supported at all times. They should never be hanging. To vary the position, you can resort to footrests, which also keep your legs a little higher, which will also be beneficial for circulation.

At least two thirds of the thighs should rest on the chair for lower back pain, in addition to placing them parallel to the floor.

The knees must be at the same level as the hips or above them.

Should avoid crossing your feet or knees, as this will affect proper blood circulation.

With regard to the back itself, it is recommended that it remain as much time as possible fully supported on the chair or, failing that, on good lumbar support. Separating the back from the backrest from time to time can serve to keep it upright and active. 

how to sit in a chair with good posture

Regarding the backrest of the chair, it must reach at least up to the shoulder blades and preferably be straight.

The chair can't be very high , because otherwise, the back loses the lumbar curvature. Use soft cushioned office chair to maintain right posture.

The armrests are very useful to rest the wrists when they are not being used. You may visit our another article on how to relieve back pain while sitting.

How to Sit Properly at a Desk

For those who work with laptops , it is recommended to place them on a stand, so that the monitor is at the proper height of the eyes and use a wireless keyboard.

The recommended position with respect to the screen: place it in such a way that the distance to the face is between 500 to 850 mm, slightly below the eyes.

As for the keyboard, it must be low enough to prevent the shoulders from rising and remaining relaxed at all times. Similarly, the forearms should be parallel to the ground and the elbows, drawing an angle of between 90 and 110 degrees, located very close to the body.

The posture does not always have to be static or forced. It is important to keep in mind that the human being is not a robot, and sometimes staying in the same position, even if it is "the right one", can be as counterproductive as sitting down badly.

The above implies making small breaks every certain time. You have to get up from your favorite chair and walk, do some relaxation exercises, take water and a cup of coffee, or simply go to the bathroom. Regardless of why, you have to stand up and take a few steps or arch your back.

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