Benefits of Humidifier For Allergies and Asthma

The relationship between allergies and humidity is not a linear or simple relationship; however, some useful indications can be given on the safest levels of environmental humidity and the healthy use of different kinds of humidifiers.

We are already in full spring, one of the most beautiful times of the year but also feared by all those who suffer allergies, and not only abroad. These days the World Week of Allergy is celebrated, an international initiative with which to become aware of the importance of taking care of the air that we breathe also in the home. Are there allergies at home? Discover all the benefits of having a humidifier.

In World Allergy Week, let's take care of the air we breathe

Although we know that cities have the disadvantage of pollution, sometimes we are not really aware of the quality of the air we live in. Air is essential for life and plays a fundamental role in our health, but it is so common that we often forget it. Why do we pay close attention to, for example, food, and not so much to air quality?

Humidifier For Allergies and Asthma

The World Allergy Organization estimates that 20% of the population suffers from allergic diseases related to breathing, and it is estimated that, with the living conditions that we have, in 2040 it could increase up to 40%. Almost half of the inhabitants of the whole world could suffer from allergy problems if we do not take care of the air in which we live, and we should not only pay attention to the street.

Everything the humidifier can do for you

Our home is like a shelter in which we protect ourselves from everything that happens outside, but we do not realize that allergens also sneak inside the house. Dust, germs, pollution, mites, pollen ... there are many substances that can’t be seen but enter with us home and into the workplace, thus affecting the quality of the air we breathe, and consequently, our health.

That is why it is so important to take control of the air inside the house, because after all it is where we spend most of our daily life. Who suffers an allergy knows that having the guarantee of a clean air is basic to the quality of life, because when the symptoms are triggered they can directly affect the daily routine. With a humidifier at home we will be able to reduce exposure to airborne allergens, creating the best environment for allergy sufferers and for the whole family, since to breathe clean and quality air is to invest in long-term health.

The new Philips desk air humidifier is the perfect ally to enjoy a healthy environment at home or in the workplace, in a comfortable and simple way. One of its great advantages is that, thanks to Nano-Cloud technology, it has a filter that absorbs air by trapping particles in suspension and humidifies it by adding water particles, expelling a constant humid air. This way the dryness is combated and the propagation of allergens such as bacteria or dirt is avoided, avoiding the formation of white powder or water spots.

With the humidifier you can adjust the optimum level of humidity to your liking and not worry, since he is in charge of keeping it always constant, controlling the air at all times. Breathing dry air not only dries out nose, throat and eyes, it also makes it more difficult to sleep and can increase allergy by triggering respiratory problems such as asthma. A space with the right level of humidity is healthier, more comfortable and also cleaner, avoiding viruses and bacteria.

And you, are you aware of the quality of the air you breathe at home?

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