9 tips on maintenance & cleaning of your hybrid bicycle

Riding your bike regularly on the different trail, path & bumpy roads causes erosion. Generally, we spend thousands of dollars then get a top featured hybrid bike, we need to take care of it regularly. We know, match the gems in the care. You need to make a schedule to clean & take care of your bike every week. Many cyclists clean & maintenance their bikes after a ride. But it is very painful. You can take care of your bike twice every week. If you go biking shop to clean & maintain your bike properly, it cost a good amount. You need to spend a big amount on servicing your bikes. Here we discuss 9 tips about the maintenance of a hybrid bike. Let’s dive into how you maintain & keep clean a hybrid bike.


  1. Examining Your Bike

At first, you need to Inspecting Your Bike. For inspection, you may find some problems with your bike. I always inspecting my hybrid bike before cleaning & maintaining. For this, I get a great result. I found many issues on my bike. I split the problem & solve it gradually. Not only you, but it should also do every cyclist. This will help you to find out the problem & you can decide what you do.


  1. Check your wheels & tires 

A most important part of the cycle is wheels. A bicycle stands with two wheels. It lifts our weight and can take us from one place to another. We should clean it properly & inflated the tire accurately. To clean a wheel/tire, you don’t need rich cleaning tools. You need a bucket of soapy water, a sponge, a brush, a wood stick & freshwater. At first, you put the soapy water on the tire & rub it with the sponge. After that, you can use a brush to clean the stain on the tire. Now you can remove the stone from the tire with wood-stick. After doing all of that now clean the tire properly with fresh water. That’s it.


  1. Check the brakes & lubing

You must ensure that your braking system is worked properly. If you face the problem you need to repair it. Assure that both brake pads reach the rim well and make improvements if required. Squeeze the front & rear brake lever to make sure the brakes work properly. If you find a problem you can tight the cable & can replace the lever. After this, you now put some lube on the brake pad & the cables.


  1. The gears

Gears are the most essential parts of cycling. The hybrid bike also has gears. Gear helps your bike move forward. Your gear should shift smoothly. If your gear has a problem, you should replace it or you can change the cable if need. If you clean your bike at the repair store you must check your gear system work properly.

  1. Check the pedals

The pedal is one of the most crucial parts of the bicycle. Without pedal, you can’t ride your bike. Sometimes we ride our bike roughly, it causes the pedal bolts to become loose. It causes accidents & can harm your feet. To keep secure your feet you need to tighten your pedal bolt. If this impossible, you can replace it with a new one.


  1. Check the nuts & bolts tight

We ride our bike roughly with bumpy roads & trails. It causes bike bots & screws to become loose. Check your handlebar, stem, mudguard, pedals screw & bolts. If they are loose, you should tighten them. Sometimes the bolts broke by a heavy load. You can buy a new set of nuts & bolts for safety.


  1. Check the chain

The chain becomes loose for riding heavily. Sometimes it can break for negligence. You must clean & lube your chain every twice a week. You should tighten the chain if it loses. You also check the sprocket teeth. If teeth are blunt and leaned you need to change it immediately. In a bike shop, you can find the full set of chains with the sprocket.


  1. Lubing

Lubing is my favorite. I love to lube my cycle chain, brakes, sprockets. Cyclists should check their chain, sprocket, brake pad or lever every day. If they lubing on this component, it can give you the best service forever. So every day before riding you can be lubing them, if possible.


  1. Clean the frame/body

The hybrid bike frame is very costly than other parts. You should take care of the bike frame regularly. Use some foamy water & handkerchief to clean the bike frame. If you rub it roughly, the color of the body can be removed. So be alert, rub it softly with foamy water. You can buy some frame cleaner & polish for frame cleaning. After cleaning, you can polish your frame for shiny looks.


Final verdict

Cleaning & maintaining a hybrid bike is easy if you know the proper criteria to do. We rider, ride our bike regularly but don’t take care of this. It causes erosion of your bike. So you need to maintain it properly. Every twice a week you can clean your bike. Before traveling you must check your bike handlebar, stem, tire, chain, gear, brake pad, pedal, etc. You must ensure that they work properly. If no you should clean, tighten the bolts & you can change the component. Above we discussed briefly how you can maintenance & clean your hybrid bike. I hope you haven’t any doubts about cleaning a hybrid bike after reading this article.


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