Ideas for turning a bedroom into a dining room

One surface, two spaces. At a time when the interiors are getting smaller and smaller, the living room and the dining room seem forced to coexist. If on one side the living room promotes tranquility, this is not the case with the dining area which seeks conviviality. So how can these two pieces with opposite uses be brought together? A partition that plays on transparency, neutral colors, well-thought-out accessories, and even compact furniture, Maison Créative has pinned 12 ideas on Pinterest to create an optimized dining room in a small room.

Ideas for turning a bedroom into a dining room

When the square meters run out, organizing a dining room requires a good dose of ingenuity. In theory, nothing too complicated, the relaxation corner and the reception space are installed on each side of the room. But things get tough in practice: keeping the light, facilitating circulation, increasing functionality, taking care of style ... There are many constraints when it comes to investing in a narrow area with a double function living room. Composed of decorative tips and advice of all kinds, the following selection reveals the ideas for turning a bedroom into a dining room

Modular furniture to create a small living room into a dining room

Never neglect traffic in a small living room! This is why it is necessary to reduce the number of pieces of furniture as much as possible, the dining room table can be used as an office as the living room tables can replace an overly large coffee table. Compact, on wheels or simply foldable, modular furniture is the first ally of small surfaces. Exit the XXL dining table, we choose a console with a flap that closes at the end of each meal. And to optimize the space as much as possible, we swap the large armchairs for stackable metal chairs.

A piece of furniture to separate the living room and the dining room

In order to delimit the living room space from the dining area, the most common solution remains the separation unit. Multifunction, it acts as storage and partition. Low sideboard, openwork bookcase, shelf on legs, the important thing is to turn to light models that let the light of the place circulate. The detail that changes everything? Opt for characterful supplies - vintage curves, a graphic cutout or an old patina - that will set the tone for the decor of the small living room.

Invest the walls and the height of the living room

When the floor space is scarce, why not invest the walls and the ceiling? The small parts can benefit from a dining area unexpected setting a single tablet between two windows. Two stools and cushions for comfort, and the dining area appears in the living room. The interiors with dizzying ceilings can even glean a few square centimeters on the height: thanks to a system of slides, the dining room table descends into the middle of the living room and disappears from the ceiling when the meal is finished. An inventive tip for an optimized small living room.

A homogeneous decor in the dining room

Small spaces also like marked atmospheres … On the condition of adopting a strict course of action! The living room and the dining room seek to merge: if the black and white look appeals to you, decline the palette of its two colors from the table to the sofa via the linen. And make a cross on the flashy shades that may break the harmony. A few indoor plants will then be enough to bring a note of freshness to your small living room.

Arrange a small lounge dining room in length

To reconcile living room and dining room in a small long room, we avoid aligning all the furniture against the walls. Installed at the back of the living room, the dining table can be spread out in width and create a real dining area. The lounge area must follow a millimeter organization. There is no question of making the space heavier with a coffee table, an openwork end of the sofa will bring a more airy touch to the atmosphere. As for the sofa , it is discreet and takes on a shade similar to the paint in the room.

The kitchen opens onto the living-dining room

Yes, it is possible to push the walls to enlarge a living room dining riquiqui. The trend of American kitchens has gone through this and today encourages us to break down the partitions. A central island or a simple serving hatch, the once isolated kitchen opens onto the living and dining room. And to gain a few extra square meters, you can even try out the whitewashed parquet. A daring bias that gives a purely Scandinavian look to the living room.

Accessorize to delimit the dining room

Say no to the partitions that darken the space, prefer to accessorize small areas. Decorative objects are an excellent technical - and economical - way of delimiting the living room and the dining room. Two mismatched rugs, a series of frames fixed to the wall, and a vintage floor lamp, the living room asserts its presence in the small living room. The dining area is therefore more discreet with a simple hanging lamp and a bouquet. Proof that a few accessories are enough to reinvent a short stay from head to toe.

Organize a small square stay in style

Furnishing a square room is a breeze, but often lacks fantasy. To breathe a little daring into the living room dining room without losing functionality, we favor furniture with rounded lines. The curves not only soften the atmosphere but also break the classic symmetry of these small square spaces. Pedestal tables, tables, frames, and even a fabric sofa, round furniture imposes itself in the small living room. What transforms the living room dining room into a bubble of serenity.

A dining room in less than 10m2

Do you live in a pocket square? Do not panic, it is possible to create a dining room in less than 10m2. Forget the coffee table and the bulky seats: the dining area merges with the relaxation area. So the sofa acts as a bench seat for lunch and the dining table becomes an additional piece of furniture once the meals are finished. Small space is not necessarily synonymous with shy decor, dare to mix pink and mustard shades in your living room.

Invest in furniture suitable for the small living room

The size of your furniture plays a decisive role in the layout of the living room dining room. The narrower the living area, the more your furniture should play it mini! The large buffet inherited from your grandmother will not find a place of choice in this kind of space, think rather of the wall shelves to store your books and other utensils. The seat to be avoided: a corner sofa that blocks traffic and narrows the dining area even more. A convertible bench, a compact daybed, or simply two bunk mattresses, there are many ways to create a sofa in a small living room.

The small dining room is adorned with white

Contrary to popular belief, white is not necessarily going to cool your stay. This bright shade is even ideal for enlarging a small living room dining room. By mixing the materials - Please fur, wool carpets, linen cushions, paper suspensions, wooden chairs - the total white look is warm. An immaculate atmosphere that infuses a cocooning spirit in the small living room dining room.

Transparency to enlarge a small living room dining room

Glass or plexiglass, whatever material you like as long as it lets the gaze circulate between the living room and the dining room. Transparent furniture finds its place in small spaces because it can be forgotten. Thus a translucent table imposes its offbeat touch to the dining area and highlights designer seats like these Eames chairs.

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