4 Important Ideas to Decorate Dining Table

One of the questions you often ask me is how you can decorate the dining table. I admit that sometimes it is difficult to decide what and how to put it, but with these tips that we are going to see today, you will surely get a lot of inspiring ideas.

A few months ago I told you how to decorate the coffee table with 5 simple elements, so take a look at it because it can help you to get ideas.

Above all, don't worry about the size or shape of the table, the main thing is to choose the pieces that best suit the space. Always remember that "less is more" .

The key is to create a composition with various pieces and decorative elements

To make the selection easier, these are some things that are usually placed and that you surely have at home.

  • An element that serves as a base: a tray, table runner, placemat, etc.
  • Natural decorations: a plant, a vase with flowers or branches, a bowl with fruits or vegetables.
  • A set of candles, sailboats or candelabra
  • A ceramic or glass piece (bowls, vases, etc.)
  • Magazines and books
  • A design piece or sculptural figure

Once we have defined these elements, it is time to place them individually or in combination with each other .

4 Ideas to Decorate Dining Table


If you are one of those who likes simple things and in a minimalist style, place a single piece to decorate the dining table. Sometimes it is enough and no more is needed.

To give it a little color if this alternative seems too bland, opt for a center with natural flowers, a plant or a selection of seasonal fruits.


Another combination that is very good is to place two equal objects, creating a symmetrical set.

If you prefer to mix two different pieces try to make them of different heights and volumes, in this way you will be able to give more movement to the composition.


As I have told you on several occasions I am a big fan of the odd rule. It is a rule that I have been using for a long time and it never fails. So you can also apply it to decorate the dining table.

Don't be afraid to mix disparate objects of different shapes, colors, heights, and textures. The important thing is to create a harmonious whole that fills the surface of the table. What is great?

Ideas to Decorate Dining Table


To finish we are going to see a selection that is ideal for decorating large tables where space is not a problem.

In this case, and as in the other proposals, you can use different elements or create several compositions of the same objects.

As a useful tip, I would tell you to always try to find a balance between the pieces that you place. Also, take into account the height and size of the dining room lamps, if it is a very large or striking light, try to ensure that the objects that decorate the table are not too ostentatious.

Above all, be true to your style and it will surely be much easier for you to find the perfect decorations.

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