The Importance of Music in Video Games

Video game is the most attractive for most of the hardcore gamer. People of all ages like video games for passing their leisure time. Some of them like music when gaming and some dislike music. But it is true that, to give full concentration on gaming music is must. Excessive sound of music may damages your hearing. So, be careful about it. In this article we describe my personal experience about music when gaming as a hardcore gamer. 

Importance of Music in Video Games: Personal Experience

Most people judge a video game only by what they see, but almost never by what they hear. Music in video games is a component that many overlook or simply does not pay attention to. I do not blame them, because at the beginning when I started playing with the NES, I did not pay attention either. I only cared to play games that are now classics like Super Mario Bros, Zelda, and Ninja Gaiden, just to mention a few.

At that age I was just captivated by being able to play and nothing else. As I grew older and technology progressed, I began to appreciate sounds and, more importantly, music in video games. I could not enjoy the video games I had if I did not listen to them. Playing Final Fantasy VII with the volume completely low so that your parents did not discover you at three o'clock in the morning on school day playing, it was no fun anymore. The music that video game had was 50% of my fun at that time. And the same thing happened with many other video games.

And maybe it's not the fault of the gamer as such, but of the advertising companies that only want to sell appearance and not the essence. Everything has to look beautiful and realistic, it does not matter if what they are selling is rubbish as long as it looks beautiful. However, music is not seen, it is felt and that is something that can not be sold in a magazine.

Music in a video game, in my opinion, can be the difference between a great game or a game of the bunch. An example of this is Super Mario Galaxy for the Nintendo Wii. This video game is an excellent title and one of my favorites of all time just for the music. The music of this video game was recorded in a studio by an orchestra. 

In the past and also in the present, most of the music of video games is created with computer programs and if you know what you are doing you can create good quality music. But nothing beats an orchestra of professionals playing live, you just can not beat it. Maybe Super Mario Galaxy, if it did not have the music it has, was not the great success it was at the time. This is how important music is in video games.

In the history of video games, there are great titles that are recognized both for their game play and history and their music. Some examples are Chrono Trigger, The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy (basically all games in the series), Metal Gear Solid and Kingdom Heart. 

These video games or series of video games stand out for having melodies that transcend generations and are capable of bringing good memories just by listening to them.

To have an idea of what I'm talking about, listen to part of the recording of the Mario Galaxy video game for the Wii.

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