Merax Gaming Chair Review 2020 | Cheap & Ergonomic

We know that spending more time in front of a computer for gaming may cause a various health risk. To maximize your gaming session you must need the best gaming chair which is comfortable and ergonomic. Unfortunately, most of them are very expensive. You will notice that millions of chair on the marketplace that claim to be the best, but how you define what is really the best? Well, never mind, we have found one that is very ergonomic and comfortable but not expensive. Today we are talking about the Merax gaming chair that offers you all the smart features. To choose the perfect and affordable gaming chair you may read this article.

Merax Gaming Chair:  Most Important Features

  1. Modern, sturdy and stylish
  2. Stylish black steel frame
  3. Easy assembly
  4. Comfortable to use
  5. Adjustable lumbar support and headrest pillows
  6. Adjustable tilt and armrest
  7. Comes in various colors
  8. High back ergonomic style
  9. 360° swivel functionality

Merax gaming chair review

Merax Gaming Chair Review: Why Choose Merax?

The cost of these chairs is less than most of its competitor. Additionally, it comes in various eye-catching colors. The modern and innovative style of these gaming chairs gives more popularity among the gamers. It is also popular as adult gaming chair on the market. These are the most comfortable gaming chair which is very affordable and ergonomic.

While Merax manufactures a chair, they don’t give specific names for these chairs like DXRacer, AKRcing or others will. However, you’ll find some best computer chair from them if you think Merax is that the right brand for you. As this gaming chair is not so expensive you might think that it will be fairly basic. Absolutely, you are not totally wrong. This gaming chair features adjustable lumbar support and headrest pillows, lock function, adjustable armrest, tilt functionality, and even 360° swivel.  Not bad, am I right?

Like different gaming chairs, it's an awesome luxury racing style which boosts the comfort level of the gaming chair. Low-cost gaming chairs aren't enough sturdy? Wrong. This comfy gaming chair is very sturdy and the high back of the chair provides a sensible body part support so as to stay your spine healthy.

Merax gaming chair review

Merax gaming chairs are very popular because of its ergonomic design within low budget. These are a rather low cost in the market with various smart features which are designed to boost your gaming session. These gaming chairs are perfect for playing long-term and also for workplace use.

Merax racing gaming chair is fashionable in its style. It’s designed like a luxury sports automobile together with a thick soft arm. The seat and support are leather coated and are terribly soft. The ergonomic style of the chair is good for those who pay an extended period of time enjoying a movie, playing games or working in front of their pc.

Merax racing style gaming chair


The material used as a canopy for the chair is Pu leather and mesh fabric that is simple on your skin and hazel free cleansing. The big backrest of the gaming chair easily supports your back with adjustable features. It is the best computer chair for back and neck pain removing. The construction and the materials used in this chair are very study and innovative. If you think low-cost gaming chairs break simply, this is the right solution.


merax ergonomic gaming chair

Its distinctive style makes it terribly comfortable to use and has gained popularity among all customers. Longer gaming performance throughout the summer? No hesitation. The executive office chair features a 360-degree swivel rotation system that is incredibly innovative.

For those who are searching for low-cost gaming chairs which is durable, and ergonomic. This is very adjustable gaming chair that gives you comfort and relaxation. Merax will be the right choice. Thick soft armrests of the chair add further comfort to the chair and additionally gives professional looking.

merax chair review

The ergonomic style offers super comfort and also a perfect choice for those who wish to astonish others with a professional looking home and office furniture. The mesh cloth and soft leather seat cushion makes the chair simple to wash and breathable that is very comfortable for your skin – even once sweating a lot. 360-degree swivel rotation of the chair additionally gives more comfort and makes it simple to play and work with.

merax high back gaming chair


Merax Gaming Chair: Cons & Conclusion

Compared to the market leaders from DXRacer or Arozzi its overall performance is fairly good – though you've got to lower your sights relating to the padding on seats that is kind of thin so it may be uncomfortable at times. Particularly when continuous usage the seat becomes a little exhausting.

Another problem is that hence it's a high back chair, it puts your back in terribly straight up position which might be a little uncomfortable generally. But If you don’t want to spend more but you would like to induce yourself with smart quality and lots of features, the Merax High-Back ergonomic gaming chair may be a good selection.

  • 8/10
    Design - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Comfort - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Durability - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Quality - 7/10
  • 9/10
    Strength - 9/10


In fact, you might not get everything. The ergonomic and comfortable gaming chairs are slightly restricted compared to other best-branded gaming chairs in the market. However, in respect to the value, you simply cannot expect a lot. Thanks for being with us.


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