Modern Bedroom Renovation Ideas

As one season fades and a new one approaches, it’s always nice to think about making changes to some of the rooms in your home. Not only does this give the place a renewed look, it also gives you an opportunity to incorporate some of the many fantastic new styles (or time-tested old ones) that start popping up in magazines.

Modern decor is an industry all by itself. Arising at the turn of the 20th Century courtesy of a famous art school, the many styles that it encompasses are tailor-made to enhance the preexisting architecture of your home. Among the most popular rooms to receive upgrades is the bedroom, since you spend at least one-third of your day there on average. In the following, you’ll see different ways to successfully implement modern bedroom renovation ideas into your sleeping space.

The Principles of the Modern Bedroom Style

If there is a short way to state what the modern style is all about, it’s the need for the design to prioritize function over form. This means that, no matter how beautiful a piece of furniture or addendum, if it isn’t useful (in a utility kind of way), then you should leave it out.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the functional amendments to your bedroom should be staid or uninspiring in style! It just means that, before you focus on aesthetics, make sure it’s useful.

1. Color Schemes for Modern Styles

In keeping with the above, the modern style color scheme can almost said to be muted; an assortment of earth tones dominates the spectrum. This means that if you add color to your room, these should (generally) be restricted to grays, beiges, blacks, cream and brown colors – with egg-shell white in choice spots as a border or as a solid color. The modern color scheme has a distinctly neutral hue. Think of your bed with a darker brown base, and beige sheets and pillowcases on top, with wine-red accents such a throw rug at the feet of the bed.

2. The Modern Bedroom Style is Partial to Natural Hues

No just neutral hues; the modern bedroom renovation style often finds a way to incorporate natural elements into the materials used. For example, instead of a metal frame for your bed, you may slant towards a pine wood base; however – there’s no need to be too picky about this, as plastics, hybrid metals and chrome are avowed parts of modern decor, as well.

Along with the natural colors, geometric patterns work very well to exude a modern appeal. There are many different ways to mix-and-match such shapes. To create islands of modern architecture throughout your bedroom. The bed, itself, is the centerpiece; to complete this style, consider a new mattress from your local Sleepworld location; with the different materials that are available today, you can get something that suits your physical preferences.

3. Blue Makes the Grade

Although we spoke of natural hues that slanted more towards brown and beiges earlier, there’s something about the right kind of blue that screams “modernist detail.” Perhaps its the proximity that middle and deep blues have to the oceans and lakes of white sand beaches. Especially if you have concrete walls; blue curtains and blue window borders can really make your bedroom pop. The color also enhances the wood furniture…probably because of the same beautifying effect that blue-green seawater has when it crawls up beige beachhead.

4. Monochromatic Modernism

Don’t think that varying colors is central to the modernist look – it’s not. In fact, the form over function criterion means that a single solid-color theme running throughout the room can give it a decidedly modern appeal. For example, an all-white bedroom, with a few (very few) dark colors uch as a wall painting or tablecloth on a chair, can make your bedroom very appealing visually. It also combines an unmistakable minimalist tenor with the modernist theme.

5. Unhinged, Floating Furniture for Modern Bedroom Renovation

Out of all the styles out there, from traditional, contemporary, modern, art deco and others, nothing says “modern” more than floating furniture. It adds a minimalist appeal to the bedroom, as well, since it creates extra space. For example, a nightstand that’s embedded in the wall instead of rooted to the ground can go a long way in decluttering your space. It works for both smaller rooms and larger rooms, too.

The elements of a modern bedroom are many; the trick is to make it al look seamless and uncluttered. This lends itself easily to having set pieces that perform a function, first and foremost, and form, second. If you think of your space as limited, then it makes renovating your bedroom in the modern form all the easier.

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