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Office Chair Material – Pros & Cons Of Leather Fabric & Mesh

Choosing the perfect materials for the office chair is now a big challenge. To solve these doubts we analyze the different types of materials and fabrics in which an office chair can be upholstered, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of its use.

Currently, there is a wide variety of materials and fabrics for the office chair: natural leather, synthetic leather or imitation leather, fabrics of different compositions and polypropylene meshes and plastic materials. We will analyze each type of office chair material:

Natural Leather Chair

It is a natural and elegant material, at the same time modern, practical and sophisticated. Ideal for any office environment, especially used in management areas.

Office Chair Material


Being a natural material, the leather does not give heat, favoring perspiration.

Another advantage of natural leather is resistance. Among all the materials, it is the most durable and easy to maintain and clean. A leather office chair ensure perfect working experience and increase productivity when working in your favorite desk.


The main drawback of the leather is the initial price, higher than the same chair upholstered in another fabric. If we consider that it will last much longer and that it is easier to maintain it, in the end, it can be more profitable.

Another disadvantage that is usually associated with this type of material is the thermal sensation in the different seasons of the year, although in reality, this is typical of fake leather or synthetic leather, since being natural, the leather does not heat and transpires.


The natural leather, for its quality, resistance, and appearance, is a highly recommended office chairs, armchairs and sofas.

Synthetic Leather Chair


Its appearance and feel are very similar to those of natural leather. In addition, it cleans easily and does not stain when it is practically waterproof.

Another positive aspect is that the price of leather furniture is much more affordable than that of natural leather, and even that some quality fabrics.


It does not stop being an artificial material, and over time it tends to crack without any other possible solution than to re-upholster the piece or replace it, while if the natural leather dries up and flakes begin to appear, it is enough to hydrate it. In addition and as we have said, it is cold in winter and summer, as it is not porous, does not perspire and adheres to the leather, which makes it somewhat uncomfortable.

It should be noted, however, that both its strength and durability as its finish and texture vary depending on the manufacturer and quality. So we can find some leathers on the market very similar in appearance to the natural leather.


This type of material gives good results for office chairs and sofas, where we do not want to spend too much money, but keeping a natural leather appearance.

Fabric Office Chairs


Fabric Office Chair

One of the advantages of this fabric compared to other materials is usually the price, although this will depend on the quality and characteristics of each fabric.

A good fabric transpires avoiding sweating by spending many hours sitting in the workplace.

The main advantage of upholstering an office chair with fabric is the wide range of colors, textures, patterns, and types that are on the market.

Another advantage of the fabric is that depending on the group has specific characteristics such as resistance to wear, heat to chemicals...


The fabric stains more easily and is more complicated to clean. While with a damp cloth any of the other two options are perfect, the fabric picks up dust and depending on the environment of our office we will have to pass the vacuum from time to time.


The variety of fabrics makes the use of fabric to upholster chairs and office chairs the preferred option. Its versatile use makes it optimal for use in any environment and use, such as operating offices, reception areas, and more modern management offices.

Mesh Office Chairs

The application of this type of mesh fabrics in office chairs is fashionable, being able to be used combined with other fabrics in office chairs as well as armchairs and sofas.

Mesh Office Chair


This type of fabric allows breathable seats, easy to clean, and that do not accumulate dust or dirt.

The chairs with mesh are lighter and malleable, allowing adaptation to each user and their movements. Fundamentally they respect the ergonomic principles, and the user feels comfortable since it adapts perfectly to the forms of the human body.

Aesthetically lighten and temporize spaces and corporate image.


Meshes are usually offered in a more limited range of colors than upholstery in general.

Mesh backrests can offer less brake to the back and lumbar support in the work chairs.


The use of mesh is extended both for chairs of intensive operational use and for multipurpose areas and waiting rooms. The easy combination with other fabrics extends the possibilities of use.

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