What is an orthopedic dog bed? Why you use?

Orthopedic dog beds are made up of mattresses and rest beds, specially designed to provide adequate support for your dog's joints, bones, and muscles, which suffer from wear problems associated with age or race.

The main mission of orthopedic dog beds is to offer a restful rest that relieves their pains and reduce, as far as possible, the physical deterioration of the dog.

When to buy an orthopedic bed

The most obvious answer would be "when you need it.” But when can my dog ​​need an orthopedic bed?

An orthopedic mattress for dogs is a good rest, regardless of whether your dog needs it or not, but there are different occasions in which we must seriously consider improving the rest of our dog:

Joint injuries

Most joint problems have some trauma, which must be treated by a veterinarian, in addition to obviously having a good rest:

  • Joint cartilage injury, which can degenerate for your dog into osteoarthritis if it is not treated in time.
  • Sprains they are soft tissue injuries that support the joints, such as ligaments. They cause enough pain and need adequate treatment and rest.
  • Dislocations or dislocations. Its origin is diverse, they can be caused by trauma or developmental problems.

Development problems

It is usually found in dogs that grow too quickly, very typical of large or giant breeds, so orthopedic beds for large dogs are the most sold.

The problems originate because the blood supply to the bones is insufficient for their development. Sometimes it is complicated with bone necrosis and new developments or bone birth.

They are especially painful pathologies.


Other joint problems that may occur, that need veterinary treatment and special rest are:

  • Hip dysplasia, which is a malformation of the joint.
  • Elbow dysplasia usually begins with arthritis and ends up being osteochondrosis. It is usually a problem of genetic origin, although diet and overweight can have a negative influence.
  • Other arthropathies can be of genetic origin or produced by tumors, wounds attacked by bacteria.

Types of orthopedic dog beds

Medical beds for dogs do not always respond to a specific need for an ailment, although some are ergonomic beds specially designed to improve rest in the hip or joint problems, which are the most common.

We can find different types of beds for sale:

Cool mat mattresses and beds, or refrigerators

Refrigerating beds fulfill a very specific mission, regulate your dog's body temperature, especially in the hottest summer months.

They manage to lower the ambient temperature between 5º and 10º, improving their rest.

This type of mattress does not need a specific treatment to maintain its freshness, only when the dog stops using it for a period of time (usually an hour is enough), the material is cooled again.

Viscoelastic dog bed

Fortunately, many pet owners no longer let their dog sleep only on the floor using a simple blanket, but provide a rest bed.

The viscoelastic or viscoelastic foam is a polyurethane foam with high resilience, which has the property of having body memory, so it is also well known as Memory Foam.

Its main property, and for which it is widely used for the manufacture of viscoelastic mattresses for dogs and obviously, for people, is its ability to dissipate body pressure evenly across its surface.

When you lie down, like your pet, depending on the area of ​​the body that weighs more, the mattress exerts more pressure. With viscoelastic, what is achieved is to relieve pressure on those points of more weight of the body.

Profiled polyurethane foams

The polyurethane foams, PU foam or foam rubber, is a very flexible porous plastic material, widely used in the manufacture of rest products such as sofas and in the padding of chairs.

Its density and resilience are variable, creating very firm rest products and others that being firm, are very pleasant.

The profiled foam, which is usually used in some dog mattresses, mitigates the pressure exerted on a specific point of the anatomy, to distribute the pressure more evenly, while promoting blood flow because there is no totally uniform pressure.

How to choose orthopedic dog beds

Once we have detected the need to acquire an orthopedic bed for our dog because he has back, joint problems or we simply want to improve his rest, we must take into account different aspects to choose the best option:

Bed, mattress or padding material

As we have seen, there are different types of materials from which the mattresses, cushions or orthopedic wedges will be made.

Each of them will offer different firmness. Depending on our pet and its problem, we must decide what type of mattress we need:

Very firm mattress for dogs

If we are looking for a very firm mattress, the ideal is to go directly to a bed or mattress for viscoelastic dogs, currently, it is the best rest because it evenly distributes the pressure of the dog's weight.

Medium firmness

The mattresses with medium firmness are those that have a polyurethane foam base, combined with other products, such as a viscoelastic mat or that the foam rubber itself is profiled.

Firm but comfortable mattresses

They are in what I consider the limit of firmness to be considered orthopedic dog beds.

Its filling can be of all kinds, although it is usual to be flakes of different fibers: hollow, polyurethane, etc.

They are designed for dogs with mild muscle problems, or simply as a good bed for dogs.

Bed tissues

Tissues are an important point, especially when we talk about long-term maintenance.

Ideally, we should look for a removable dog bed, in which we can put aside what the fillings would be independent of the tissues that cover it.

Many fabrics are easy to clean, we even have dog hair repellent fabrics, but not all of them can be washed with water and much less by machine.

It is important to look at the manufacturer's specifications, regarding the cleaning and maintenance of the fabric.

Bed size, according to our pet

Although it is evident that the size of the bed is very important, it is no less important to realize a detail that is rarely taken into account: if we are going to buy a sofa bed for dogs, we have to observe if the measures that the manufacturer offers they are interior or exterior.

It is not the same to measure a bed on the outside than on the inside, which would be a useful mattress space.

Obviously, the rest space has to be enough for our pet to adopt its usual resting position, either rolled upon itself or stretched.

And with this we are done, if you have any questions about the bed your dog needs, you can always count on our advice.

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