Tips For Small Living Room with Dining Room

In a small house or apartment, it is not uncommon to find the living room sharing the space with the dining room. Indeed, in modern spaces, this open plan configuration is the most common. This integration of spaces generates, of course, decoration challenges. There must be fluidity and aesthetic harmony in the environment, and there are ways to achieve it. 

First of all, it is important to know how to choose furniture and organize it to save space. Then, you have to take into account the choice of color palette and textures. To inspire you, we have chosen 8 living rooms that share the space with the dining room… Come see them and take note!

1. Reflect your personality with accessories

White is often the color of choice for furniture in living rooms and small dining rooms. Their reflective power tends to make spaces larger. However, to avoid creating a sterile and lifeless space, it is important to introduce elements that reflect your personality.

The best way to do this is through accessories. Whether it is the works you choose for the walls, a carpet ... Choose pieces that give life and atmosphere and reflect your lifestyle. 

2. Neutral colors for decoration

Small spaces often benefit from a simple decorating style: smooth walls, light wood floors, and sleek furniture. Neutral colors like white, beige, or gray are ideal for tight spaces, as they give them light and the feeling of being larger.

Try to put details of interest in the decoration through original lamps, personal photographs, flowers, or plants.

3. Scandinavian style for delicate elegance

The Scandinavian style is increasingly popular worldwide for its accessibility and elegance. It is remarkable for its use of soft colors and for its mixture with natural materials such as wood.

When the living room and the dining room share the same space, it is advisable to try to create a division between the spaces. You can do this by arranging the furniture: the carpet in the living room, for example, delimits this environment from what is adjacent to it.

4. Don't forget the details

Comfort is essential, whatever the size of the room… So don't forget the details, which contribute to this comfort. If you only have one sofa, make sure it is as comfortable as possible. If you need more places to sit, choose chairs rather than armchairs, but be sure to put a cushion on them. 

Do not forget to put a mirror on one of the walls to give dimension to space! 

5. Corner sofa

One of the pieces of furniture best suited to a small living room that shares space with a dining room is a corner sofa. The room is a social space where, as a rule, we receive people. The sofa should, therefore, be comfortable and spacious. 

However, be sure to take space measurements before you go to buy a sofa to choose the perfect size. Also, remember to lie on the couch for 10 to 15 minutes to determine if it is comfortable. Ask in the store what care the sofa requires if the cushions are machine washable and make sure the color is easy to match with cushions and an ottoman.

6. Good furniture

To maximize the space in a small room it is important to know how to choose the furniture. They must be in the right proportions in order to best adapt to the dimensions of the area in which they are inserted. The furniture on legs, for example, is lighter and therefore makes the space larger and more ventilated.

7. Harmony

When two environments with different objectives share the space, the decoration must-have elements that create harmony between them. You can, for example, use the same type of materials - dark wood and glass - for your living room coffee table and your dining table

8. Choose colors carefully

Another way to achieve this balance between the two spaces is through colors. In our example, the gray tones of the sofa are repeated on the carpet, the dining room chairs, and the curtains, which gives harmony to the whole room.

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