Standing or Sitting Desk at Work – Which Is the Best?

While a traditional office emphasizes employees who are housed in small cabins or sitting around the islands of desks, a new trend has emerged. A trend that got health-minded staff to start working on a standing desk for a large part of the working day. If you weigh against the disadvantages of investing in such desks, there are more tired feet to think about. In this article, we will share our experience about standing or sitting desk at work.

Standing or Sitting Desk

Standing or Sitting Desk - Which Is The Right Decision?

We must all have used to kidding over our desk to meet a deadline, despite everything we heard from our healthcare representatives. There is a major reason for stiffness in muscles and backache, and it is responsible for severe diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

However, there is an advantage of sitting. When you return to the office, you will probably want to rest in a seated position. Rest and recovery after exercise is an important benefit from sitting. It holds physical stress at a low level and keeps you fresh. Sitting is especially very important if you are pregnant, have superficial blood vessels or other physical conditions.

It's worth investing in an office chair - it's great for both comfort and support. In addition, it can help prevent, and even improve, any back or neck problems caused by poor posture.



We are not all bumped in the same shape, so do not choose a chair that's either. The perfect chair can be adjusted to your height and reach, with tilt function and raised and lower armrests. You should be able to place your arms at a 90-degree angle on your keyboard. If your budget does not allow the chairs to be replaced, you can instead consider a lantern or angled seat cushion for your current chair.


Standing Desk

When you sit at your gaming desk all day - and even when you stay there during lunch breaks - it can feel like a mental as well as a physical burden. So how can relocation to a stand-desk feel more liberating?

The physical benefits of working at a stand-desk are as many as the mental ones. Those who are working for long hours in a seated position fell less comfortable than standing desk worker.

An immediate benefit is that you feel more concentrated and focused when you are working at a standing desk. When you suffer from typhoid pain, a standing position helps to bring the blood to the brain. There is also a benefit in standing instead of sitting because your body burns more fat as you stand.

However, There are Some Disadvantages

If you suffer from the effects of bad posture, it is better for you to work in a standing chair. Longer periods of the bad back can cause even more stress on your backbone, leading to more long-term problems. You also need a pair of comfortable shoes to reduce discomfort while standing. You may try to work without shoes, though it may not be practical at an office with a lot of people.



An adjustable stand-desk should be set to your computer screen is approximately 50 cm from your eyes. In order to easily see what's on the screen, you should be able to look straight or slightly downwards. Your desk should be at a height so your elbows can rest at ninety degrees. Laptop users should consider using an external keyboard and mouse rather than reaching the screen to write.


The Best of Both Worlds

From one position to the other, it's obviously a bit of a challenge at first, starting from sitting and working to get up. But there are advantages to using them both during the day. Try to find your perfect balance by switching between the two positions to see what suits you best. Begin with 20 minutes sitting, followed by 20 minutes standing, and 15 minutes break after two hours of work.

If you are in a fast meeting, with a single thing on the agenda, you can avoid feeling stolen by standing. It helps the blood to pump around, minimizes retardation and can help creativity flow. It may be good to have a standing stand desk and one to sit by, but when there is room for space, it may not be possible. An adjustable desk and a wall mounting system can be the solution in this case.


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