Types of Folding Tables For Small Spaces

In terms of decoration, we are always looking for ways to save space but still be able to enjoy comforts, something that when your house is small is usually not very easy to achieve. Anyway, even if you have a small apartment there are many tricks to make it look bigger and also to be able to use furniture that helps you save space when you are not going to use it.

One of those elements is the folding tables , ideal to put them only when you are going to need them and thus be able to occupy that space with other elements the rest of the time, or simply leave it empty to make the room seem more spacious. They are also very useful in the garden since they will not always have to be in sight and you can only remove them when you need them. Take note of the types of folding tables :

  1. Garden tables: They are the most commonly seen in this open space unless you have a picnic area or a terrace with a table, benches, etc. Plastic or wooden tables are ideal for the garden as they better withstand weather conditions whether it is hot, cold, or rainy.
  2. Kitchen tables: They are also valid for the dining room and are ideal if either of the two rooms is small since they will not be “messing around” when it is not lunchtime. They can be in different materials and also with more elaborate designs than if they are in the garden so that the final appearance is much more beautiful, something that is always needed in a dining room or kitchen.
  3. Study tables: In this case, they will serve you to study or work when necessary, especially in cases where you need an additional table to carry out certain jobs from time to time since if it is for every day it does not compensate you much for having to be opening and closing the table daily.

How to choose an ideal folding table?

To begin with, we must take into account that although buying a folding table seems easy, there are several factors that you must take into account in order for you to make the best purchase decision .

We must understand that the quality of a table is not defined due to the fact that it is a structure pleasing to the eye with a surface and four legs.

There are so many folding table options for the kitchen or outdoors on the market that it can be difficult to choose. Luckily, here we are going to help you with some recommendations so that you can acquire your ideal folding table.


If you are going to use the table outdoors, you must take into account that the table is protected against damage from erosion and water, which has been designed with a strong and solid plastic material with great resistance. On the other hand, it is important that the legs are made of galvanized or painted metal, this prevents them from rusting when exposed to the open air.


The weight of the table, as well as its design, are essential so that the table can be easily transported. There are folding suitcase tables, which are really comfortable and portable.


When selecting the ideal type of table for you, you should consider the type of plastic from which it is made and feel the surface of the table. Plastic should be 100% strong, polyethylene is a great option. But, the surface must be free of calcium as it is otherwise brittle and can crack. The grooves under the table make them stiff and strong, the deeper and deeper the better.


Safety is a very important aspect for your table to be fully functional. Therefore, we advise you to look for a table that has a secure locking mechanism on the legs, in this way you will prevent this functional product from folding, keeping it in place while you are using it.

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