Types of Mountain Bikes | How To Choose A Mountain Bike

A few days ago we wrote an article about the different types of road bicycles that are on the market. Well, the time has come to do the same but with the mountain bikes. These bicycles have evolved remarkably in the last two decades. Although there was only one type of mountain bike in the 90s, today we have a wide variety of products that will surely adapt to our tastes and needs. We will describe one by one the different types of mountain bikes that exist today.

Different Types of Mountain Bikes:

Rally or cross country bicycles (XC)

This group of bicycles belongs to what we know as a mountain bike of a lifetime, that is, they are rigid bicycles. They are also the most widespread among bikers today. Although they are very versatile bicycles and that we can put them practically anywhere, they will stand out above all in terrains that are not very complicated.

Types of Mountain Bikes | How To Choose A Mountain Bike

The cross country bicycles are usually made of aluminum or carbon, and as they do not carry a rear suspension, they are lighter bicycles than those intended for enduro or trail riding.

If the first mountain bikes were totally rigid, the current ones have a front suspension, whose route is usually 100 mm. Regarding developments, it will depend on the range of bicycles. Those of higher range will mount a monoplane with 11 speeds, and those of lower range will mount three plates with 8 or 9 pinions.

Enduro bicycles

The Enduro bikes are those that are designed specifically for the complicated descents. In fact, your front fork can have a range of up to 180 mm, which will allow us to overcome virtually any obstacle that gets in the way.
Enduro bikes are heavier than rally or hybrid bikes, although weight is not a fundamental factor in this type of bike since being designed for descents would be a factor to not take it into account. It is also used perfectly as the best exercise bike among the cyclers. 

The size of the disc brakes will also be higher than that of the rally bikes.

Recumbent Bikes

Recumbent bicycles are configured as perfect gym machines for the elderly or with back problems, since the seat allows the back to rest and does not put pressure on this area.

This class of recumbent bike for seniors has a seat that surrounds the lower back of the user and pedals located in front of it, which means that the action of pedaling takes place in more open circles and outwards.

Trail bikes

Trail bikes are double suspension and would be halfway between rally bikes and enduro bikes. His suspensions could reach up to 140 mm at the most.

Being bicycles that are halfway between the enduro and really could say that they are very versatile and suitable for any type of use.

Downhill bicycles

These Downhill bikes are even more aggressive than enduro bikes. They are the ones used to perform extreme descents. It also has double suspension, and the travel of the rear suspension can reach a length of up to 200 mm. They are not bicycles that are designed to give pedals but to throw themselves by impossible places.

To climb a mountain you must require food, smartphone, map and many other essentials. You may easily keep them safe by using a handlebar bags with the bike.

The people who practice this modality are protected with an integral helmet and protections throughout the body.

Fat Bikes

These bicycles are characterized by the large ball that has the tires that ride. They are very simple bicycles, and many of them do not have front suspension since the own tire to have so much ball and to be able to take it to a very low pressure makes of suspension. They are designed to roll by snow, sand or mud since its traction is unmatched.


Finally, we have electric bicycles, which assist us when we go pedaling. They are ideal for people who have some kind of physical limitation and do not want to stop practicing this sport. The limitation that this type of bicycle has is the duration of the batteries, so if we want to make an excessively long route with them we will end up running out.

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